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Miku hatsune

*3* it is miku. . .hihi. . .because everyone is submitting one hihi. . .next is Rin *w*
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Vocaloid and Hunger Games? Very nice taste...
PlatypusCrazy98's avatar
Vocaloid and you read Hunger Games? You have very nice taste!
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so cute! i really like your chibi style ♥
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my keychain version ka ba netoh?
yung parang piece of heart na binebenta mo sa con before?
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lol yes XD I has those mikus *3* I'll be selling these again at an upcoming con this wednesday and thursday!
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wat con?

haha. parang hinde aku informed about sa con na yun. hahaha.
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Baaaaww, so heaps cute! <3
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thank you !!
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no way . . .HATSUNE MIKU !!
such a CHIBI !!!! :D

ah i can't help my self watching cute stuffs !

*faved right away
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aww. . thank you very much >w< I'm so glad you liked it. . .
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This is amazing!! ^w^ I really like the way you coloured this! :D An all-round great piece! ^_^
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miku is so lovely :3
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thank you very much!!*3*
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thank you very much!*3*
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you're welcome :3
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This has been sort of confusing me, is her first name Hatsune or Miku? because I've seen her being called Hatsune Miku and Miku Hatsune. Just wondering X)
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her name's miku and her last name is hatsune xD but japanese usually calls their last name first before the first name :3
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Kya! This is so cute! ^^
I love how you did the colors, and that little sketchy feeling one gets when you see it full view. ^_^
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thank you!*3*
this is so cute! all of your artworks are! what do you use to make them?
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