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So! What happened to all the art?

Due to the recent changes in Deviantart that are absolutely disregarding and predatory towards artists, even though they have rolled back the severity and stupidity of it after the justified uproar over on Twitter, it's still my opinion, that Deviantart, has immensely mishandled artists for years and profited enough from us. And, to allow AI "Artists" is not only an insult, it is near as bad as to allow NFTs because of their impact to a community that is already being mistreated, abused, overworked, and underpaid like ours is.

For this reason I have deleted my entire gallery. If you can, I advice you to jump ship as well, even though it's an easier choice for me because I haven't used DA in 4 years, please know you don't have to endure this and have the power by picking where to go and where to leave from.

I post scarcely on social media but you can find me in the linked sites (for now) if you are interested in seeing any new art from me.

You art is worthy, you have a voice, you can make a difference and make change, you just have to. I wish you all a decent living wage and only good art days.


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Your AI argument is terrible. It's literally just that Deviantart allows it. You beat AI art by being better than it. NFTs? People have been stealing art before and after NFTs. These same people just suddenly discovered boomers, due to not understanding that Bitcoin's success as fiat is entirely due to its demand as drug/underworld money, were stupid enough to dump all their savings on them. NFTs are dead because they ran out of money. If the drug money thing is a misconception, good luck finding someone that will actually take Bitcoin.

Love it Well Done Art Work Galleries Excellent Work Details

Are you gonna post art anymore?

Oh not on deviantart nope, sorry I just see this comment I don't really use deviantart since about 3 years=/

...the happiest of (late) birthdays to you awesome artist....may this year be a joyful and prosperous one...X3

Thank you so much!!! Same for you James!

Happy B-day, dude.;)