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The Scavengers Assemble

TADAA!!! After 11 days (57 hours) it's finally done. This is going to be my last piece for Advanced Higher Art & Design so I thought I'd make it special :D Hope you all like it!

Featuring Captain Americat! ;D

Plenty more to come!
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Okay, to keep it simple and to the point, this is truly amazing. With bold shading and a strong background, not to mention using the box office hit that all have raved over for the past weeks/months, it is great.
But now it's time to go through the flaws. Mostly I'm a bit off with the awkwardly adjusted animal heads to the human bodies, especially iron Man/Bird. The heads seem abnormally large and just seem out of place. But I can understand that this is meant to be a spoof, hence the wackiness and humor of it all. It brings a smile to my face to see these well known super heros turned into semi-anthro, crime fighting bunch of fur/feather balls either way, even from this!
The background is not much over the top and gives more of an 'umph' to the main six shown here. You take notice in it, but not enough to give away whats of most importance in the picture.
Giving into originality, it really isn't as original as some could expect. Yes, with the animal heads does give it good creativity, but the character wasn't created from scratch, It was represented from a movie and to say, a comic.
Overall, this is great, strong, and definitely gives off impact for not just marvel fans, but even some out of the board of cute animal lovers and Lol cat fans. Very well done in my opinion.
Superdickery brought me here
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LOLOL!!! Great job:)
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Heh you forgot putting a bear LOL GREAT COLORING JOB!
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omg i peed my pants looking at this picture.....
I am not a being.
I am simply me.
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ah, ah, ah !!!!!!!
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oh god this is just too wrong to look at lol,
awesome work
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Haha Scavengers and all these animals scavenge for food...
MinecraftFanGirl's avatar
Haha! Love it!
How can iron man put his mask on when there's a beak in his way? O_o
JackunzelLuver's avatar point;)
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I just realized it said, "Scavengers Assemble" Haha, amazing! Keep it up!
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einfach nur geil...
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There are no words to truly describe how epic this image is.
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Cant stop laughing bout thor-rat, this is so adorable **
the idea, the paining, the chosen animals, verydamn funny, and just great!
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OMG THOR IS A MOUSE!!!! [you can see my excitement with this if you look at my icon xD] my friend sent this to me and this is the best thing ever I love you so much for this <3
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It's funny that you made Thor a mouse. I have a friend, :iconcheeziespaz: who's fursona is a mouse, and she happens to adore Thor!
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Oh my god this is amazing!
It cracked me up fairplay
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Wow, that's really bizarrely disturbing.
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