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Pennywise the Clown (on Crack)

Character  pennywise
Wanted to share with you all my take on Pennywise the Clown. :D Sculpted/textured in Zbrush & then Lighting and Rendering was done with Arnold + colour correction in Photoshop. Took around 7 days in total! Super creepy I know, but I wanted to make something as unsettling as the lore of Pennywise is. At each turn I asked myself, "does this creep me out?" Yes, yes, no, no, YES.. no, etc. Working on it gave me nightmares (literally, for at least 2 nights). I personally am highly creeped out by it as I hope you all are too :)
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Honestly if I had made IT chapter 2, I'd have had this face as IT's final form, all I'd have done is add whip-tail scorpion mandibles that sometimes emerge from the mouth, and slapped this face onto a more crabby, insectoid body and given it a woman's voice.

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This is what Pennywise(It) would look like without his human clown disguise I think. In fact this is what I believe his spider form should have looked like at the end of Chapter 2. 
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That’s not out of the realm of possibility given the other forms he’s taken.
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woah, that's a good point.

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