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I am working on several new pieces and, yes, I have finally posted one: "NO MAN IS AN ISLAND". This one is still technically unfinished as I plan to do a color version of it. I have a few others in my Gallery that I will be reworking in color. I promise a few new works are coming soon. They are works in progress, baby!!! Be sure to check out my redesigned website to see all of my graphic/web design work:
  • Listening to: Cage the Elephant, "Ain't No Rest For The Wic
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Let me know what you think of my most recent deviation: The New Advice, compliments, whatever. I value your input!
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I am new to this community and I already love it. I have only posted two works and they are already being added to people's favorites. I like that. There's plenty more where that came from...