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July 5, 2009
Energy - Film Long Exposure by ~onesadlittleboy Now generally as a rule of thumb, I don't like shots that have telephone pole's in them much, by any means, however when Drew suggested this to me, I about had my mouth drop open on the floor. Besides the fact it is shot in a 22 minute long exposure on film, it just has a really unique look and feel about it...almost an odd statement about technology...if one can say. Truly a very skilled shot!
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Energy - Film Long Exposure



Makes me wanna go do it some more....

**resubmitting with correct colour profile (i hope)

Long exposure on Film, Tamborine Mountain.

- Olympus OM-1n
- 100ASA FujiFilm
- F4 Aperture
- 28mm Focal Length
- 22 minutes (+/- 1 min) Exposure time
- 1AM AEST approx.

Little bit of reciprocity failure and colour shift but im not complaining. I love how this turned out.

** the colouring in this picture is, to the best of my knowledge, caused by a number of factors - firstly, film has a tenancy to produce some odd results when it is exposed for more than a couple of seconds, caused by a failure in the film's colour responsive chemicals. The red colour is a dominant colour in our galaxy, which can be seen stretching diagonally across the image. The blue is of course an over saturation of the night sky (not by me - in my experience fuji film is weighted pretty heavily to blues and greens making it awesome for tropical images), and the yellow i believe is light pollution from a nearby city. One thing i love (and often hate) about long exposure photography, particularly at night, is that it shows a lot of things which cannot be seen by the naked eye. this kind of colouration is a perfect example :D

If this is wrong, correct me please.
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Absolutely stunning. Great work!