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July 5, 2009
Energy - Film Long Exposure by ~onesadlittleboy Now generally as a rule of thumb, I don't like shots that have telephone pole's in them much, by any means, however when Drew suggested this to me, I about had my mouth drop open on the floor. Besides the fact it is shot in a 22 minute long exposure on film, it just has a really unique look and feel about it...almost an odd statement about technology...if one can say. Truly a very skilled shot!
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Energy - Film Long Exposure

Makes me wanna go do it some more....

**resubmitting with correct colour profile (i hope)

Long exposure on Film, Tamborine Mountain.

- Olympus OM-1n
- 100ASA FujiFilm
- F4 Aperture
- 28mm Focal Length
- 22 minutes (+/- 1 min) Exposure time
- 1AM AEST approx.

Little bit of reciprocity failure and colour shift but im not complaining. I love how this turned out.

** the colouring in this picture is, to the best of my knowledge, caused by a number of factors - firstly, film has a tenancy to produce some odd results when it is exposed for more than a couple of seconds, caused by a failure in the film's colour responsive chemicals. The red colour is a dominant colour in our galaxy, which can be seen stretching diagonally across the image. The blue is of course an over saturation of the night sky (not by me - in my experience fuji film is weighted pretty heavily to blues and greens making it awesome for tropical images), and the yellow i believe is light pollution from a nearby city. One thing i love (and often hate) about long exposure photography, particularly at night, is that it shows a lot of things which cannot be seen by the naked eye. this kind of colouration is a perfect example :D

If this is wrong, correct me please.
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Absolutely stunning. Great work!
Cameron-Jung's avatar
I'm glad you like it, cheers! :ahoy:
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Cheers to you as well!
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This is beautiful! Great shot! 
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your Photography is so Precious by KmyGraphic and now featured by :iconclick4pic:

Beautiful DAy by KmyGraphic
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It looks like its an amazing energy exposure. :) . . Nice work done..
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My God that is beautiful.

:clap: :salute:
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What the heck happened to the sky?!
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Hi! This shot is AMAZING! If you don't mind me asking, how did you know how long to expose for? I tried reading back through the comments, but couldn't find anything. Sorry to bother! The colours in this are amazing! You might be interested in Hitoshi Nomura's work – he does a lot of astrophotography on film as well!
Cameron-Jung's avatar
Hi shinellie. To answer your question i guessed, but it was an educated guess. Whenever you add a stop of light to your aperture you basically double the exposure time. Same goes for ISO. If you halve the ISO you double the exposure time. I had a bit of prior experience with long exposures before this, and guessed that 20 minutes at f8 would do it. I was actually a bit off, but thankfully i could post process on the computer to slightly enhance my highlights and darken the rest to get to the final result. On a bright sunny day a few fractions of a second can mean a perfectly exposed image or a horrendous over exposure, but when available light is much lower you can be out by minutes and it still turn out ok. For example one stop of light over or under doesn't usually ruin a photo, but on a long exposure like this, it could be the difference between a 10 and 20 minute exposure and anything in between could  have yielded an acceptable image. I hope this answers your question :)
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this is sick !!!!
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Realy god job!
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Wrote a journal about shutter speed and aperture and used this as an example. the journal is here
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this is so beautiful.
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Cheers dizzy nicky!
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:wave: Hi there! Your wonderful picture has been featured!
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