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Ok, this one is the worst folder in this group if you ask me...... when is a camera vintage??? Where do you put rangefinders of the sixties/seventies?

Not quite logical for many people, so i decided to split the group into some pieces.

The name "vintage" will disappear. I'l rename it to "Folding cameras". Obvious what should go in here then!
I will add another folder named "Rangefinders". In here i will move all rangefinders, also the ones that have been placed in the "Compact" folder.
I think we all know the difference between rangefinders and the ones that are not...

Second additional folder will be "TLR Cameras" , no need to explain that i guess..... ;)

The compact folder will be for all small cameras, regardless of their age. All viewfinders, 110, 126 and so on can go in here. Whenever the folder reaches it's maximum size i can always split it and filter on the different film formats, but that's nothing to worry about right now!

Final change (for now): i'll split the SLR folder. I think we need to make a difference between digital and film bodies. But i'll do that later, first i really want to clean the vintage section!!

Any thoughts?? Please let me know!!

Thanks all for adding so many cameras to this group!!

Keep on shooting! :camera:
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