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Heart Of Metal - Painting

You need to download this one if you want to see it's awesomeness. It's not very good regular size unfortunately. The title works alright at reg size though. But seriously I have uploaded the BIGGIE so everyone can see the hard work I put into this baby. This is my second serious digital painting (First being the butterfly people).

This picture/painting represents 20 or so hours of my life. It was finished in photoshop 7 with a wacom intuos2 tablet.

I used one set of special brushes. This is the first time I have ever tried using any brush besides the default that comes with photoshop. The brushes are :iconrwolf: fur brushes.

This is Tom (from my novel) playing his guitar. There are a couple of things don't quite match up to the story - the first being Tom's hair isn't quite right. I just can't get the curls to be... how I picture them. It was very hard to find any references for people with hair like I wanted him to have. On top of that since he's playing on the street (and I doubt he's carrying a hair brush with him) it should be a bit messy. Also, he's smiling which I don't really picture him doing at the time this painting is supposed to capture him. He'd be looking down at his guitar not posing for passers-by. However in the interest of wanting to paint his face he is looking up :)

Nothing here was traced. I did use some stock images for sidewalk and brick texture.

I tried tracing a guitar and failed epically. There is a learning lesson here: do your own work. It turned out way more awesome this way.

I forgot to do the rest of the wood burning decorations on his guitar. There should be one of a family.
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thanks for the fave! BTW your new picture is great, I love the character (and the cat), and I can see the work that has gone into it.
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Oh thank you! Tom makes me happy because he's an OC from my first novel which represents a milestone in writing as well as in my art (my first good job at a human and of my own design - made up of many references rather than just finding someone who looked like how I pictured the character and then copying from there). Now, though, I'm primarily painting people's pets because it pays real well though I'd like to go back to doing some more illustration jobs. I did get two book cover jobs but I'm not allowed to post them on dA yet :( :( Darn it! I'm doing a lot better lately and I really appreciate an artist as awesome as you are stopping to take the time to have a look at my stuff. :) And I already know you have good taste, so the compliment is only furthered :)
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Wow! I commend you for being brave enough to draw someone playing an instrument. I'm not a guitarist myself, but I find the hands believable. All the little details in this are crazy... the guitar strings (I can see how the metal is wound!!), the rips in the jeans, the drawings on the guitar... His hair is wonderfully realistic, too. I understand it isn't what you were going for, but it still turned out excellent. It's also a breath of fresh air to see a character with African features instead of just a white or anime-ish guy colored with a brown brush.

The kid in the window is intriguing...
Awesome picture. I love the hat and strangely, I really like the shoelaces. I know that sounds weird, I don't really care for the cat. It's something about his eyes and his mouth. It doesn't seem realistic. Also the front leg of the cat has some weirdness happening. I love, love, love the nose and the lips (although I agree that the smile is a bit strange), but maybe he sees some hot girl walking by or something so he wanted to give her a bit of a smile :P

I can't imagine how difficult this was to do. You must have an awesome computer to handle such a large painting. My freaks out at around 600x600 pixels.

Keep up the good work. I will definitely look for more! You're much more awesome than I could ever hope to be :D
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Hello! Hey, thanks for the compliment. And honestly, I think it's cool that you like the shoelaces. I spent time on them, too.

The kitty I probably should have done more realistically considering the rest of the image. (I normally tend towards this kind of odd cartoony-ness). In the story, the cat is quite old, skinny and generally ugly in appearance. That's partially why he looks so weird.

Believe it or not, my computer is six years old (almost seven). BUT I run photoshop 7 and flash 8 so they do not have the memory-sucking tenancies of the new software and they do everything I need.
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totally awesome.
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Thank you. It's still my favorite gallery piece :)
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it should be! it is absolutely epic xD
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i just crapped my pants. this is epic. all the detail, shading, hard work and love i see in this. i really dig the hair and idea. great stuff.
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Thank you... it's probably the most meaningful thing in my gallery to me. His story just got published on Amazon and I'm really really jazzed about it :)

I appreciate all your comments!
MarkP0rter's avatar
yeh the whole amazon book thing sounds really interesting to me. like i read about some person - like i think a 23 years old american female who made like 6 million or something with her book sales on amazon. that still wows me and sounds like so much money im gonna bring it down to 1 million (which it was at least).
thats an amazing story to me and the concept of everyone being able to sell their books is some kind of revolution to me.

the internet is awesome.

like think of musicians: they needed to make demo tapes and find a publisher and blah. with stuff like myspace and then selling their work on itunes people don't need a publisher anymore- it works out for some people.

and now for books there is amazon. people don't need a publisher or anyone who will ruin their story. there is no middle man. there is just them- their work and then the customer. its amazing!

so can i read a bit of your story on amazon - like sample pages because I am curious to see how you write. i assume you sell this as a kindle download or how exactly does it work?

i have thought of writing stories myself but i dont know. i used to be great at it as a kid and people loved my stories like everyone in class was excited about my stuff and i was skilled in it but then that was when i was a kid and i have never written anything back since then. also i guess i don't even know how to write books. i mean i dont even READ books so i don't know what books are like. i know its weird and probably also sad but im just not able to read books. i dont have the motivation and attention span and its really hard for me.

i know what movies are like. if you watch a shit movie you know it will be over after 2 hours and you have just wasted 2 hours of your life but a book- thats always a risk to take. if there are slow parts in a movie you know they will be over in a few minutes but if a book got sucky parts your reading will get even slower and you will just get tired and hate it and eventually give up because you just dont have the power anymore to keep on reading- thats at least how i feel.
cameoanderson's avatar
I completely understand your hesitation when it comes to investing your time in a long book only to be disappointed. o.0
That stinks.

I don't read a lot of fiction myself (though that's what I write). I read a LOT of how to and self improvement books (not like - lift your soul but more like - fixing your finances, herbal healing, the art of barter) i like to learn and those books never disappoint me. I feel a little more educated and interesting with each one. :)

You can read the first four chapters of my book for free on Amazon. Yes it is for the kindle as a digital download. I think what you get to preview is proportionate to the length of the book and mine is 30 some chapters so yeah you get the first four free :) It's really cool becuase I can check and see how many copies were downloaded and I'm so excited everytime one more goes out :)

It's easier if you find an author you like becuase you can be reasonably sure they'll like other books in that series but it's hard to recommend becuase which ones you'll enjoy are of course a matter of personal taste. :)

I wrote a lot when I was little but abandoned it for a few years. Now I'm back at it :) If you are inspired and if you have a story that means a lot to you - you will not have a problem telling it.
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OMG I freakin love how you painted and colored them !!!
cameoanderson's avatar
It too me... the better part of a month to finish that painting. I am very glad you like it!
Aurinya's avatar
wow, great job! I really love the lighting and the colours. It has a very nice ambience. :)
cameoanderson's avatar
Thank you :) I'm really proud of this one so every comment on it makes my day. I'm going to keep tweaking it until it's perfect :)
Aurinya's avatar
Haha np, hoping to see more from you soon! :D
VegasDay's avatar
i see here a lot of work!! looks great
cameoanderson's avatar
Thanks. Many hours of my life and I am in the middle of re-working that one to fix some anatomy issues I didn't notice the first time around :) It'll be even cooler! I'm glad you stopped to check it out.
Gunmetalblack's avatar
Nice work! I like that you created a more realistic picture but didn't lose elements of your style that makes your work so distinctive. I really like this! :) Very well done!
cameoanderson's avatar
Nobody noticed I accidentally uploaded a foot-less version of this lol. I just fixed it as he was kinda hovering there on the sidewalk :)

I had to add the kitty cause yeah you know how much I love animals :)

And thank you. This sucker took me 14 hours and I'm really annoyed that DA won't show it at full size without download because there might be three people who'll care enough to look that closely o.0
Gunmetalblack's avatar
I once missed that I'd put the fingers on a hand the wrong way round and it was only weeks later after I'd posted it on DA that I noticed it. *L*

I really did like it! It's quite a different spin on your usual work!
cameoanderson's avatar
Thank you :) It made me very happy- and ouch it's harder for you to fix that kind of mistake working in traditional media as you do :)
Gunmetalblack's avatar
Yeah. My face was quite red when I found out. :blush:
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