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The many types of avian wings. part 2

The calculations presented here are simplified, and will only give you a rough estimate.
Also, sorry to the people that use imperial units, I have no idea how to convert the tutorial's calculations to work with them (if anyone can help me, please do).

When I started to learn about wings I was very interested in the math behind behind them. But I found no resource that explained it in a way that I could understand, so many years later I created this tutorial to help other artists better understand the wonder that is bird wings.

Most of the information in this tutorial comes from
-Fåglarnas ekologi
-Science Learning Hub

The many types of avian wings
Part one, Standard wing types:
Part two, Aspect ratio and wing loading:
Part three, Wing types based on flight patters and foraging styles:

Creating winged creatures
Part one, Wingspan:
Part two, wing shape:
Part three, abilities:
Part four, extant and extinct animals:
Part five, mythological beasts:
Part six, creating your own creature:


All photographs found in this tutorial are stock images from the wonderful photographers of Deviantart.

A1Z2E3R Magnificent frigatebird

NefaroStock Barn owl

DrachenVarg-stock Sharp tailed grouse

happeningstock Horned puffin

SamuelDesigns Wild turkey

netbandit Andean condor

SalsolaStock American white ibis

stock-mon Wandering albatross

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Dude you are insane

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Always have been ;3

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Very useful tutorial, there are a lot of how to draw wings. Thank you so much! :squee-love: - PLZ 
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Glad I stand out from the crowd :D
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Your work is truly useful and amazing, i love birds and seeing these gems is pure eye-candy. Too bad i can fave this work once because it's very useful and i agree whit user below when he talks about the importance of wing dimensions. Thank you!
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Oh gosh, thank you!
I agree with both of you when it comes to the importance of understanding wing dimensions, it's a rather critical piece of knowledge when drawing wings.
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Thank you so much to use my stock for your presentation of differents types of avian wings ! Your work is useful and instructive. Thank you for your sharing. You're welcome !

Flying Pelican of Guadeloupe by A1Z2E3R  Have a vnice week-end !   ;o)
camelpardia's avatar
It was a great resource!
Thank you :3
Hope you have a good one too ^w^b
A1Z2E3R's avatar
Thank you so much ! In some time, I will expose some photos of brown guadeloupian pelican  flying !

Swans flying in the fog 2 by A1Z2E3R   Have a nice day !   ;o)
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Thanks for posting this! I've never seen a reference for artists that actually bothers to explain WHY the dimensions of wings are important- which has always bugged me given that I'm studying engineering. Looks like you solved that problem though! Thanks very much!
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No problem!
Agreed, and trying to find anything that talked about this in regards to birds was a bit of a nightmare.
Seems that there's a general lack of material that caters to the more analytical artist :/
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Analytical art? Sometimes that's called engineering! For some reason most people see art and engineering as different things. I would disagree, since a well engineered object can be just as much a piece of art as a painting. 
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Hmmm, I've seen what engineers create, it can certainly be called art.
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