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The many types of avian wings. part 1



This tutorial does not go over the basics of drawing avian wings, I would recommend being familiar with the basics before reading this tutorial.
Here are a few good tutorials if you're new to bird wings or are feeling rusty:
TheAntimonyElement Bird wing tutorial
Ciameth Ciameth's wing tutorial
Majnouna Drawing birds part 1

So, this took a while to create and is mostly based on information I collected for my thesis. I really love how birds have mastered the sky, and I also like analyzing things to death :3
I hope to continue with this project and create three parts in total, and I'm currently working on number three.

Most of the information in this tutorial comes from
-Cornell Lab of Ornithology Handbook of Bird Biology 2nd Edition
-Fåglarnas ekologi

The many types of avian wings
Part one, Standard wing types:
Part two, Aspect ratio and wing loading:
Part three, Wing types based on flight patters and foraging styles:

Creating winged creatures
Part one, Wingspan:
Part two, wing shape:
Part three, abilities:
Part four, extant and extinct animals:
Part five, mythological beasts:
Part six, creating your own creature:


All photographs found in this tutorial are stock images from the wonderful photographers of Deviantart.

SalsolaStock House sparrow

FrankAndCarySTOCK Western jackdaw

Momotte2stocks Carrion crow…

88-Lawstock Laughing kookaburra


Crystalsm Bald Eagle

Sophie-Y Black-necked crane

BetaDraconis Black-chested buzzard-eagle

EveLivesey White stork


happeningstock Horned puffin

Sikaris-Stock Mallard

Parides Saker falcon

galianogangster Barn swallow


FeatheredSamurai American kestrel

alisab-stock Arctic tern

SalsolaStock Laughing gull

BetaDraconis Northern gannet

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Thank you for these tutorials. It's always nice to see and brush up on these subjects.