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The many types of avian wings. part 1


This tutorial does not go over the basics of drawing avian wings, I would recommend being familiar with the basics before reading this tutorial.
Here are a few good tutorials if you're new to bird wings or are feeling rusty:
TheAntimonyElement Bird wing tutorial
Ciameth Ciameth's wing tutorial
Majnouna Drawing birds part 1

So, this took a while to create and is mostly based on information I collected for my thesis. I really love how birds have mastered the sky, and I also like analyzing things to death :3
I hope to continue with this project and create three parts in total, and I'm currently working on number three.

Most of the information in this tutorial comes from
-Cornell Lab of Ornithology Handbook of Bird Biology 2nd Edition
-Fåglarnas ekologi

The many types of avian wings
Part one, Standard wing types:
Part two, Aspect ratio and wing loading:
Part three, Wing types based on flight patters and foraging styles:

Creating winged creatures
Part one, Wingspan:
Part two, wing shape:
Part three, abilities:
Part four, extant and extinct animals:
Part five, mythological beasts:
Part six, creating your own creature:


All photographs found in this tutorial are stock images from the wonderful photographers of Deviantart.

SalsolaStock House sparrow

FrankAndCarySTOCK Western jackdaw

Momotte2stocks Carrion crow…

88-Lawstock Laughing kookaburra


Crystalsm Bald Eagle

Sophie-Y Black-necked crane

BetaDraconis Black-chested buzzard-eagle

EveLivesey White stork


happeningstock Horned puffin

Sikaris-Stock Mallard

Parides Saker falcon

galianogangster Barn swallow


FeatheredSamurai American kestrel

alisab-stock Arctic tern

SalsolaStock Laughing gull

BetaDraconis Northern gannet

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Thank you for these tutorials. It's always nice to see and brush up on these subjects.
camelpardia's avatar
You're very welcome, I love making them and sharing my knowledge on the subject with the artist community.
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A lot of useful information how to construct the wings, it will really help. Excellent tutorial! La love 
camelpardia's avatar
Thank you! It's good that you find it useful :3
anredera's avatar
you're welcome lesbian heart 
lyricalmime's avatar
This is absolutely amazing, thank you so much for providing this analysis!!
This is going to help me so much with harpies and other winged fantasy creatures I'm so HYPED  Temmie Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale excited  what a beautiful reference sheet (all four of themmm)
camelpardia's avatar
Thank you!!! :la:
Go out and create awesome winged beasts!
lyricalmime's avatar
This I shall do!! ^^
FelidaeFire's avatar
I never knew this about wings! thank you so much for this ^^
camelpardia's avatar
Glad you learnt something new from my tutorial ^w^
My pleasure~
Gryphondrake7991's avatar
Golden eagle wing is one of those I need for my fellow gryphondrake :)
camelpardia's avatar
Good choice, it's the one I'd personally recommend for gryphons and gryphon-like creatures.
By the way, I like the gryphondrake's design, very classic.
Gryphondrake7991's avatar
yeah thanks very much it took some ideas to do :)
Rahula87's avatar
Thank you again for this wonderful tutorial. I have no words to describe how helpful it is, great job!!!
camelpardia's avatar
You're welcome.
Thank you, I always try my best!
MaggiefromSpace's avatar
Awesome. This is really helpful.
camelpardia's avatar
Thanks :D
I'm glad you found it helpful 
Animalstamps's avatar
camelpardia's avatar
I hoped it would be ^w^
TopsyTriceratops's avatar
THIS IS AMAZING! I love it so much!
camelpardia's avatar
LeoDragonsWorks's avatar
I searched DA many time to find a tutorial like this, Thank you a lot!!! *-*
camelpardia's avatar
I did as well once upon a time, and now I've acquired enough knowledge to create it myself :D
I'm so glad you find it useful!
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