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Creating winged creatures part 2: Wing shape


luxbee poked me, and thus, this tutorial was made!

This right here, is my thesis, I've taken everything and squeezed it down into one long page instead of 100+ pages of dense writing.
If you can speak/read Swedish and want to take a look at my thesis you can read it at this link…

Something to think about when deciding a winged creature's function is what its tail looks like. If you give it a long tail it'll be good at maneuvering but very slow, conversely if you give it a short tail it'll be really fast but rather clumsy.

By the way, don't look too much into this tutorial when it comes to how humans perceive a creature's/character's size and shape, instead google/bing/duck "shape language" you'll get a much better explanation from artists that have actually studied the subject.

The many types of avian wings
Part one, Standard wing types:
Part two, Aspect ratio and wing loading:
Part three, Wing types based on flight patters and foraging styles:

Creating winged creatures
Part one, Wingspan:
Part two, wing shape:
Part three, abilities:
Part four, extant and extinct animals:
Part five, mythological beasts:
Part six, creating your own creature:


Most photographs found in this tutorial belong to the contributors of Wikimedia.
Some stock images come from the wonderful photographers of Deviantart.

Peregrin falson, by Juan Lacruz (2012)…

Northern Goshawk, by Iosto Doneddu (2014)…

Arctic Tern, by Dirk Ingo Franke (2007)…

Crowned eagle, by Derek Keats (2016)…

BELOST Great tit…

netbandit Andean condor

FeatheredSamurai American kestrel

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Which wing type do u think is the *overall* best?

camelpardia's avatar
Ooooh, that's a tough question, I'd say that" short and broad" is probably the best of the bunch since it gives you access to forests which (before humans) is the largest terrestrial Biome.
But don't put too much weight on that statement ^__^;
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Wow you put a lot of time into this! Super useful honestly, I think most artists that design winged creatures forget that there are differences between winged creatures.

camelpardia's avatar
Yes, people must leeeeaaaarrrnnnn!!!
Mmm, I've noticed that as well, there's just so much more you can do with wings than you first think. That really does apply to anything, but at least if we make tutorials then newer artists don't have to find all of this out the hard way.
Inkserval's avatar

True true. KNOWLEDGE must be shared.

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Hey! this looks like an awesome series of tutorials :0 the detail is amazing and it's so clear. COuld I be cheecky and ask for a tiny bit of advice/help?
camelpardia's avatar
Thanks mate!
Sure thing, what do you need help with?
TragicMoppet's avatar
No problem! I'm having trouble drawing peacock/pheasant wings folded (broad short wings in general really) since the primaries are pretty much completely hidden by the rest of the wing. Can't find any tutorials that specific haha, I've tried looking at photos and some videos but nothing's clicked yet :')  Thanks for offering some help
camelpardia's avatar
Well, now that ain't easy. (Hot damn I love peacocks, they're like bird dragons, so boss).
Something I do when I need to figure a wing out is to watch High-Speed footage of it to get a sense of how it moves and folds. When you're having a really hard time understanding what's going on you can try to do something like this.…
Burd by camelpardia

Does that help or do you need something more in depth?
TragicMoppet's avatar
(yes they're so very boss)

funny thing is i watched that exact video to try and see X) The diagram helps though!
My main beef is how it looks folded, like when they're walking around, I can never seem to get it right because not many of the primaries stick out 
camelpardia's avatar
(I have a folder on my computer dedicated to peacocks)

I figured you had ^__^;

Uh, I'm not super good at folded wings, but I'd suggest you do what I've done here. Just trace the hell out of the wings to try to figure them out, I usually just end up glaring at them for several minutes.
Burd2 by camelpardia
Burd3 by camelpardia
TragicMoppet's avatar
>:0 those are so helpful thank youuuu!
(om yes i need that, diskspace whyy)
camelpardia's avatar
You're welcome, I'm glad I've been able to help you c:
If you need anything else in the future, just send me a message and I'll se what I can do!
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Wow this was incredibly informative! Thank you so much for taking the time to make all of these fantastic tutorials C:
camelpardia's avatar
Good to hear I reached that goal c:
No problem, I love making these!
lychnusmiir's avatar

This is just awesome! Thank you so much for making it, it is really helpful :heart:
Hug I just hope it didn't give you much trouble ^^; 
camelpardia's avatar
No problem, I'm glad that you find it useful c:
Pff, no problem, you really just gave me the motivation to do it. Sometimes you just need to hear that someone needs you, and it becomes much easier to do.
Purple-Daydreams's avatar
This is wonderfully helpful! Thank you so much for making this!
camelpardia's avatar
I'm so glad you like it ^w^
Anna-IgnisDraconis's avatar
Wow, this really helps, thank you for making this dude!
camelpardia's avatar
AloeDreams's avatar
This is a really cool, interesting, informative tutorial and it covers some topics I'd never considered before! Awesome work, thanks for making this! ^^
camelpardia's avatar
Thank you! It's always been my goal to open peoples eyes to the wonders of wings, I'm so glad that I could give you some new insight into them ^w^
And, no problem, I love making these!
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