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Creating winged creatures part 1: Wingspan


Regarding creatures with more legs than two (dogs, dragons, horses, griffins etc). I don't have any clear cut answers for this one, but one method is to measure from crown to ankle just as with birds, another is to also include the forelimb in the body's length. The most important thing though is that the creature you're creating looks good and believable within the setting you have created and the style you have chosen.
Also check out Blue-Hearts' tutorial on winged humans, it contains a good wingspan calculation for humans and humanoids

This might not be the most interesting reading material, but I think it's a good thing to know the basics before tackling more advanced topics.
The original plan was to do this and the other parts in the series as one large tutorial and tack it onto the previous series "The many types of avian wings", but I decided that it was probably better to split it up into its own multi-part series.
If you have any questions regarding wings or winged creatures, just ask me, I'll do my best to provide a good answer :3

The many types of avian wings
Part one, Standard wing types:
Part two, Aspect ratio and wing loading:
Part three, Wing types based on flight patters and foraging styles:

Creating winged creatures
Part one, Wingspan:
Part two, wing shape:
Part three, abilities:
Part four, extant and extinct animals:
Part five, mythological beasts:
Part six, creating your own creature:


All photographs found in this tutorial are stock images from the wonderful photographers of Deviantart.



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I hope it's okay to ask, do you have plans to make a part two? Can't wait for it ^^
camelpardia's avatar
Gosh, I should just really get of my ass and make part two ^___^;
Sorry, it's kind of fallen to the side, I just have so much that I want to do (which is a good problem), but now that I know someone actually wants a part two of this I'll try to make it a reality.
lychnusmiir's avatar

It's okay! Just take your time, no need to rush anything qvq and sorry if I am giving you too much trouble for it ^^;
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Beautiful wings. Everything is clear, it is very helpful. Wonderful tutorial. Thank you so much! Heart bum 
camelpardia's avatar
Thank you!
I tried my best to make it easy to read and understand, glad that it shows ^u^
anredera's avatar
love-love-love  you're welcome
Shanglon's avatar
Thank you for making this, it's truly helpful :D
camelpardia's avatar
I aim to please :D
Regolith247's avatar
So much fun to read- I would honestly look at these all day if I could! Thanks so much for making them!
camelpardia's avatar
Such flattery ^///^
I hope I can continiue to live up to your expectations
Phrixi's avatar
Thank you for making this! I usually just copy and paste a picture of a bird into a drawing program and sketch the dragon over it and then use that sketch as a reference for the character's wingspan and wing shape :p But at least I'm not the only one who uses bird wings for dragon creating
camelpardia's avatar
No problem :D
Ah, a tried and true beginners tactic, I hope I've given you a better way of tackling wings.
And bird winged dragons are :heart:
Phrixi's avatar
yeah lol
You're welcome! :3
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extremely insightful!
camelpardia's avatar
I'm happy it is 0u0
lyricalmime's avatar
This is so crazy helpful, thank you for writing this all up, it's going to be a great reference!!!
camelpardia's avatar
I'm so glad it is, I was a bit uncertain if it was too basic ^__^;
No problem, and thank you!
lyricalmime's avatar
Nah, it's not too basic, plus you have it split up so that people who have a problem with a specific aspect of wings can focus on that, like wingspan or shape, etc.  Really well done.  :)
camelpardia's avatar
Ah, that's nice to hear ^w^
I hope you'll find future parts just as useful
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This is incredibly helpful! Thank you for making this!
camelpardia's avatar
Thank you!
I love lending a helping hand, so no problem :3
starfruit-anon's avatar
I've tried now and again to figure out proper measurements for a dragon character I have, this is a great start to not only drawing him more proportioned but to figuring out length, wingspan and height.
Equations aren't accurate since he is a four legged creature with wings and not a wyrm or bird, but it's a start!
camelpardia's avatar
Ah, yes, dragons are quite tricky.
One way could be to add the length of the forelimb to the overall body length, but perhaps that'd be a bit too much. (Maybe half forelimb length?)
I'm very uncertain myself, so that's why I haven't included it in the tutorial ^^;
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