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It's late at night and I'm just sat comfortable in front of the idiot box when I hear a commotion outside. I duck my head out to see and before I know it, I'm watching a young bogan crash into a pole, flipping six, seven times. The noise is horrific - grind! Bang! Crash! The stink of smoke and fire. People are sticking their heads out all over the joint, trying to get a squizz of the action, but I'm the only bugger prepared with a camera, so I guess it's up to me.

I'm out there like a shot, ready for the bloke to scupper, but me luck's holding and he's just sat there behind the wheel. The car's smoking, no, it's actually on fire, and the bloke's just sat there, like cor blimey, mate.

I'm ready to interview him when the coppers come on scene. It's Senior Constable Ash Bowden and he's as straight lace as they come. He's cautious as he heads over, like the smoking car might explode and the bogan at the wheel's just sat there still. I'm startin' to think he's a  dummy, 'stead of a real bloke, but SC Ash's first question rouses him.

"Whatcha doin'?" Ash wants to know, and the bloke's calm and collected with his reply, "just waitin' for a mate".

Y'all heard it here, blokes and sheilas. It ain’t gonna get any more simple than that. Those are words to make history right there, best rep to a copper this reporter's ever heard. Now, don't mind me, I'm for the bar. You'll find me inside, 'just waiting for a mate'.
Fallen behind due to a busy couple of days, I'll probably be a day behind until Mondayish because the next few are just as busy.
FFM Day: 6
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Word Count: 271
Original Waiting For A Mate:…

Challenge elements:
ELEMENT ONE: The Rum Diary
Your challenge today is to take a real event (big or small) from any point in time, and write a story about it in the style of Gonzo Journalism. Not familiar with the ingredients for the anti-freeze cocktail that is Gonzo? Lucky for you we're an inveterate writer. 
    • First, you'll need a healthy dose of FIRST PERSON NARRATION, preferably oozing with personal observations and characterisation. Gonzo is all about the subjective experience of the protagonist/author.
    • Seventeethyou'll need to lose your antiquated notions about journalism being all about the facts, in Gonzo, FACTS CAN BE FLUID, as can reality itself. It might be the mind altering drugs, or it might just be that an occasional lie makes for a better story. Honestly though, it's probably the drugs.
    • Pineappleyou will require BATS, no, wait, DETAILS! Pretend its a novel, describe stuff, imbibe stuff, and include all the passing details and dialogue vernacular that you can stomach. 
    • Still uncertain? We strongly suggest that you try reading a paragraph or two of this article, to see exactly what we're on about. 

 Bullet; Red ELEMENT TWO: No Cigar
Your final wordcount must be a Cuban Prime - so with the existing flash fiction restrictions your story can be either 61, 127, 271, 331, 397, 547, 631, or 919 words long.

vigour-mortis Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
This was so fun to read!
KiriHearts Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2017
This is fantastic. My favorite of this challenge so far.
GDeyke Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2017   Writer
Nice voice in this - I like the second paragraph particularly.
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