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Beyond the earth, Giraffe roams
between Queen and Bear--
Ursa Major dips her shaggy head

and somewhere in Sweden,
a man docks his boat.

The riverbank embraces the gift
and crickets sing as mist
settles; Mattias knots his ropes,

beckons to dusk; a distant daughter
whistles through the phone line
a requiem of family,

a flowered branch twining
between the man he was and the one
beside the night waters.

Mattias and his wife
grow older by the moment

and with the world twisting
beneath her, Giraffe
silently watches.
When I saw the prompt on the official NaPoWriMo website was about constellations and the stars, it seemed pretty appropriate to write about the one in my own username. I got a little distracted because there's not a lot of mythology around the Camelopardalis constellation, but I'm happy with it. There's a Sweden setting because a) the constellation's not visible where I live, and b) it is visible in Sweden, and I've been there (and it suited the dusk-mood perfectly).

Anyway, this is day 3's poem for NaPoWriMo, and I'm actually really quite pleased with this one, though it took a long time to come together properly.

**I'm not sure on where this one best fits, so if you can think of a better category than "general poetry", please do speak up!
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I really like this one! For no reason that stands out, just the poem as a whole. :)