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Lazy River

A long time ago for one of those month-long art challenge things, I sketched some pictures of a boy riding on his pet crocodile. Since I was coming up empty on ideas for new illustrations, I decided to revive the character. And that is the entirety of my exciting story.
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Glory!  Now that's a hunting partner!  ;)
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lol, so does this boy keep the crocodile? :D

...but not for you. by Camelid

Beautiful imagery in all of your paintings!
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Interesting perspective; I like the shadows on the water. :)
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I want to ride a crocodile now! lol The blurring of the water and leaves is very well done.
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some people in Thailand actually keep crocodiles as pets, though their more of a guard dog than means of getting around
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It would be awesome if people could actually ride a crocodile. Best fishing trip evar~
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Yes, though they might scare away the fish X3
KreepingSpawn's avatar
Splendid.  Rich colours and great lighting. 
But I think not a tremendously successful hunting expedition!  ;)
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oooh nice job!!! I love the bird's-eye perspective
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awesome croc buddy!!
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I love the perspective and the colors. You should do a digital art tutorial.
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Thanks! Ha ha, I feel like I'm still learning digital art myself X3
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