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Do you like Terry Jones' TV show Blazing Dragons ? Do you like the video game of the same name ? Do you like both ? This group is made for you !
This hilarious parody of the Arthurian Legends featuring anthro dragons deserves more love, and we know it ! You can pay tribute to it by contributing to it here.
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I dispise how I can't write journals when I'm not on the computer which I rarely am on the first place. UGH.
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Chris And Scotty's Sleepover Part 1It is Night time, Scotty, Isabelle, And his father are watching the three aliens on TV, His father said to him “So Scotty, Did you guys get along?” Scotty Answered “Yep we did, I showed him my room and that’s it” “Well, He is a good fella, what else you guys do?” Asked Loungelot “Oh nothing, just a tour of my room, His mom pick him up” Answered Scotty “Ohh, well we have our first wolf, and... he seems pleasant, he appreciates the tea and our bickies,” said Loungelot and Scotty Agrees “yeah he does”, Loungelot would like to know what Chris’ family are like “I wonder what his family like,” Scotty said to his father “Well I saw his mom, and she’s great,” Loungelot thought that was lucky “Oh, You saw his mother, How Lucky”. Scotty’s mother was listening to the conversation “Were you boys talking about Chris today?” Scotty answered “Yeah mom” “Well he is a great friend that I can see” His mother agreed, Scotty wished that they can get in touch with each other “I wish we can be together and go hand out”; With a thoughtful hope, his little sister Isabelle gives out a suggestion “Well, how about calling him over for a sleepover” Melinda found it a great idea ”Ohhh, great idea Isabelle, the last time Scotty had a sleepover was Magnus” Loungelot Strongly Agrees “So, why don’t you have Chris come over and sleep here?” Scotty got excited “Alright!! Thanks, sis, mom, and dad” “our pleasure!” said Loungelot to his son. Meanwhile, At Chris’ house, Chris is on the computer talking to Magnus on the video chat “His Father talks about this movie about a crazy professor who blew up the classroom, with some chemical reaction” Magnus knows nostalgia “oh yes, That movie. That was from the 1960s, the actor who played the professor was quite comical” “Consider that classic” Chris added in “We watched it together, and it was humorous” Magnus enjoyed the movie “His father said that the actor who played the professor is a ludicrous” Chris said about the comedy actor “Yeah, he was shown to be a comedian”. At that moment, The text message appears on Chris’s phone, He looked at his phone and picks it up, and reads “Hey dude, wanna come over for a sleepover” Chris said “A sleepover” “A what?” Magnus Asked “Sleepover, Scotty asked if I want to go sleepover with him,” Chris Said to Magnus “Ohh pretty exciting, I went to Scotty’s house for a sleepover, it looks like it’s your turn,” Magnus said, Chris said “Yeah” Magnus might want to get Chris to ask his parents for a sleepover “Go Ask your parents!” Chris Agrees to ask them, He gets up from his chair and goes downstairs to the main floor to ask his parents. While Magnus is waiting for Chris, he has his mini figurines in his hands, playing with them and voices for them. After asking his parents, Chris Comes back to his room and gets back on the computer “They said yes, I can go sleepover at Scotty’s house” Magnus was surprised “Great, Tell Scotty you’re going!” Chris types down the message to Scotty “Yeah, Absolutely!” and tapped send. Chris is excited to go “Oh boy, Tomorrow is Friday, I’m going over to Scotty’s house for a sleepover” “Way to go!” Magnus cheers. Meanwhile back at Scotty’s house, Scotty is in his bedroom on his phone, he received a text message from Chris “Sweet! He’s coming! I need to get ready!” The Next day, the bell rings, Chris goes out the front door of the school with Scotty “Now I need to get my stuff from my house!” Scotty Agrees “Well Do, Let’s go”. Chris hops on Scotty’s back and holds on tight, Scotty Spreads his wings out, starts flying, and takes off. Chris And Scotty are flying across the sky, seeing the distance of houses “Just Like Last time”. When they got to Chris’s house, “Wow, Nice house” Said Scotty as he lands on the ground. Chris Hops off of Scotty’s back “Thanks, Now I’ll get my stuff” Chris And Scotty go to the front door of Chris’s house, Chris Opens the door and the two comes in “I’m Home!” His mom is in the living room “Alrighty, get your stuff ready!” She went to the front door to see Scotty “Hello Scotty, Good to see you!” Scotty said back “Good to see you ma’am”, Chris’s mom was pleased “How wonderful of you to invite Chris over to your house!” Scotty blushes “Well, it was my parents’ idea!” “Oh how generous of them,” Said Chris’s Mom “Yeah they are” Scotty Agreed. Chris is finally ready to go, he came downstairs with his sleepover stuff on his back “I’m Ready” “Okay” Said Chris’s mom kissing him on the cheek “You go Found have fun okay?” “Okay,” Chris went out the door of his house “Bye, Chris!” His mom waving at him, Chris waving back at his mother. Chris hops on Scotty’s Back, Scotty Spreads his wings out, starts flapping, and takes off. They Fly in the sky again, They know how beautiful it was to see from the sky view. When they finally got to Scotty’s House, Scotty lands on the ground and Chris Hops off of Scotty’s Back “We’re Here Dude, Let’s go!”, Scotty And Chris went up to the front door, Scotty Opens the door, and the two animals comes in. Scotty’s Mom was at the front door “Hello Chris, Welcome Back! Put your stuff in Scotty’s Bedroom”. Chris And Scotty went upstairs to Scotty’s bedroom and tossed their bags in the room, and go back downstairs and walk down the hallway to the family room. “Thanks for inviting me here Scotty!” Chris Thanking Scotty “No Prob, it was my parents’ idea. Chris And Scotty went to the family room and sees Scotty father, Loungelot sitting and laying on a couch while watching TV, Loungelot took his eyes off the TV and looks at the boys, but not Scotty, Chris, “Oh Chris, We Meet Again, You must be here for a sleepover” “yes” Said Chris to Loungelot “Wonderful! Come sit if you must”. Chris And Scotty agree and goes sit on the couch. Loungelot Asks the boys “Now, How was School?” Scotty Answered “It was good” “Good to hear, care for a spot of tea?” Scotty’s father asked, Chris Answered “yeah, that’ll be great” “Great, Let’s try Hampshire Tea.” Loungelot gives out a suggestion for a good tea to drink and called his wife “Melinda! Make us Hampshire tea. After Making Hampshire tea, Melinda comes to the family room with a tray of teapot filled with tea, three teacups, a bowl of sugar cubes, and a plate with biscuits. She placed it on the table and goes back to the kitchen “You guys Enjoy” “So this is Hampshire tea?” Chris said curiously “Yes this is Hampshire tea” Said Loungelot, Chris asked, “How many do you guys own?” Loungelot answered “I’ll say three, the one last time was Notley’s, Oolong which Isabelle loves to drink, and Hampshire” “Your daughter likes Oolong?” Asked Chris again, Loungelot remembers when he had a tea party with his daughter “Yes she does, I thought her how to have a proper tea party while she is a princess” Chris Thought it was cute “How cute” He points at the biscuits on the plate “And are those bickies?” Scotty Corrected “Those are biscuits, but my dad calls them bickies,” Loungelot tells them about the tea in the moment “Now Let’s Drink up before it gets cold!”. They pour tea in their teacups and start drinking up and eat their biscuits, Chris enjoys their snacks “Wow, Great Tea!” “Yes, keep drinking it!” Loungelot said to Chris while drinking tea and eating biscuits. After tea time, “Well that was the good stuff” Chris likes the taste of the tea and biscuits, Loungelot was glad “I’m glad you like it!” Scotty said to Chris “Come on Chris, Let’s go to my bedroom!” Chris And Scotty got up from the couch and goes upstairs to Scotty’s Bedroom, Loungelot tells them "Yo boys have fun!” He yawns “Looks like it’s nap time” He now lays on the couch and snores. When Chris And Scotty Went to Scotty’s bedroom “Well, you’re here!” Scotty said to Chris “Yep, It’s great here!” Chris realizes that Scotty’s room is clean that there are no socks on the floor. Scotty asked Chris “Would you like to see what I have?” “Yeah” answered Chris. “Well,” Scotty pulls out a language book titled Speak Britain “I have this book” He gives it to Chris. Chris takes it from Scotty’s hand reads the title “Speak Britain, Do you speak British?” Asked Chris “Yeah I can, hear this” He speaks in a British accent “What lovely weather today, Let’s grab some food and drink and go!” Chris was impressed “Impressive Scotty, where did you get this book?” “Oh, my dad gave it to me, He was from England, but my mother is American. So I’m English American” “Fantastic!” Said Chris fascinated. Chris Gives back the book to Scotty, And Scotty puts it back on the shelf “Well, we’re gonna have a sleepover now” Chris agrees “yeah” Scotty said “You and I get to hang out together all the time” Chris agrees again “Yeah, that’ll be fun” “Let’s go see Magnus on my computer!” Said Scotty, “Alright!” Said Chris, Scotty turned his computer on. When it’s on, he opens the video chat and calls Magnus, And Magnus answered. “Hey, dude! Chris is with me now!” Scotty said to Magnus “Cool, what a knockout!” Said Magnus on the computer, Scotty Agrees “I know right! We can play and hang out together all the time!” Magnus thought it will be fun “That will be fun, wanna play a game?” Scotty Answered “Yeah” They grab their controllers and boot up an online to play on tv. Two hours later, Scotty’s mother is calling the boys for dinner “Boys! Time for dinner!” She went to the family room and wake up her husband “Get up, Time to have your meal! Loungelot woke up and gets up from the couch and goes to the dining room “What are we having?”, His wife answered “Clam chowder soup”. Chris and Scotty come downstairs and to the dining room where Loungelot, Melinda, and isabella are. Scotty smells the clam chowder soup from the stair hall “It’s Clam Chowder Soup!” “Clam Chowder soup?” Chris didn’t know about the soup “It’s clam soup” Said Scotty. Chris And Scotty go to the dining room and sits at the table, Melinda pours soup on each of their bowls “Enjoy!” She passes soup to each of them. Loungelot Begins Slurping Soup from his large spoon. “I had clam chowder before” Said Chris, he slurps from his spoon “And it’s good”. Scotty also Slurping from his large spoon, “This soup was from England” Said Loungelot “Wow” Said Chris. Loungelot continues slurping and slurping his soup and Scotty does the same, Melinda drinking her soup with her spoon from a bowl, and Isabelle on her high chair, drinking her soup. After dinner, Loungelot Burps "Pardon Me", their bowls are empty and their spoons are left in it. "Did you like our soup, Chris?" Asked Melinda, Chris answered, "Yes I did". Loungelot thought about roasting outside at night "You want to go outside, we're gonna have marshmallows and S'mores out there" "I love marshmallows and S'mores" Said Scotty, "Me too!" Said Chris. "Let’s go then!" Said Loungelot to the boys. Melinda puts the bowls and spoons in the sink in the kitchen and washes them. The boys went outside, It’s night time and its dark outside, Loungelot sets up a campfire with firewood, “Now we need some marshmallows to make some for us and to make some S’more” Loungelot pours gas on the firewood and he’s about to breath fire “Stand back boys, no one wants to get burned” He takes a deep breath and blows a big fire, and the campfire is now on fire. “Now it’s nice and cozy, isn’t it?” Loungelot asked the boys, Melinda comes out of the house with Graham crackers, chocolate bars, and a bag of marshmallows, And Isabelle comes out too. The camping chairs are set up around the campfire with a Big size for Loungelot to sit on, a medium size for Melinda, a small one for Isabelle, And a big size for Scotty and Chris to sit on. The dragons and the wolf are sitting on their camping chairs, Loungelot Asked Chris “Have you went camping before?” “yes, I did, it was fun, we went to eat and go to stores” Answered Chris “Well, that sounds like fun” Loungelot picks up a marshmallow from the bag, sticks it on his metal stick, and roast it by blowing fire on it “Wow, that quick?” Chris asked “Yes, Dragons have the power to breathe fire, like us,” Loungelot said to Chris eating his marshmallow that his mouth is gooed up. “Mommy, I Burnt My Marshmallow!!” Cried Isabelle that she Accidently Burnt her marshmallow that it melts to the ground “Here let me make you one!” Melinda helped Isabelle. Loungelot Chuckled “She’ll get there”. Chris’s Marshmallow caught on fire and he blows on it “You guys are quick” He peels the burnt skin off and eats it. Scotty eating his S’mores and his mouth is gooey “Man, those stuff are sticky!”. Chris agrees “Well, it was the marshmallow and the chocolate bar that melted” Chris Roasted a marshmallow at a campfire, blows it, puts it on the chocolate bar on top and graham cracker on the bottom and a top part with a graham cracker, and takes a bite of it, and his mouth is gooey as well. After having S’mores, Loungelot felt tired that he yawn “I’m Tired” Melinda is tired too “Me too, Our little princess is also tired”. “Well, it’s been a great day, we can go and head to bed,” Scotty said “Right, I’ll put the fire out” Loungelot puts out the campfire by pouring water on it. Melinda puts away the Camping chairs, Chris, Scotty, and Isabelle went inside the house and to their bedrooms. When Chris and Scotty got to Scotty’s bedroom, Chris opens his Sleepover bag to get his pajamas out, Scotty said to Chris “Go get changed while I change” Chris Went to the bathroom and change, Scotty puts on his Sky blue pajama pant and his t-shirt. Chris is now wearing a white T-shirt and blue pajama pants. When Chris went into Scotty’s Bedroom, He opens and spread the Royal blue sleeping bag on the floor and put a sky blue pillow on it “Nice Sleeping bag” Scotty said “Thank you” Chris said. Melinda Tucked Isabelle in and kissed her Goodnight “Goodnight, Isabelle” Isabelle to her mother “Goodnight Mommy” And Loungelot Kissed her goodnight “Goodnight Little Princess,” Isabelle Said to her father “Goodnight Daddy”. Loungelot Turned her lights off and her night light is still on and isabella went to sleep, Melinda kissed Scotty goodnight “Goodnight Scotty” Scotty said to his mother “Goodnight Mom”. Loungelot kissed Scotty “Goodnight Scotty” Scotty said to his father “Goodnight Dad”. “Goodnight Boys” Chris and Scotty said “Goodnight,” Chris said, “Goodnight, Mrs. Melinda, and Mr. Loungelot,” Loungelot said to Chris And Scotty “Goodnight boys, I’ll see you tomorrow morning. Loungelot And Melinda are changed into pajamas and they’re in their bedroom. “that went well, right?” Melinda Said to her husband “Yes, it went well. Scotty got just what he wanted, as long as they’re having a great time” Loungelot said to his wife “Yeah, you’re right, well let’s go to sleep” Melinda said to her husband. Loungelot sleeps on the left of the bed and Melinda sleeps on the right, Loungelot turns the lamp off and went to sleep. Loungelot fell asleep And Melinda sleeps while wearing eye masks. Chris sitting in his sleeping bag on the floor, getting his legs covered up “Well, thanks for having me here to sleepover Scotty” “No Problem, It’s thanks to my parent’s who brought you here” Said Scotty sitting on his bed “And You were pretty great on that game while playing with Magnus online” Chris was pretty good on an online game “Well, it was pretty fun though”. Scotty yawns “I’m Sleepy, why don’t we get some sleep” Chris Agrees “Yeah” Scotty gets up from the bed, turns the light off, and go lays on his bed covering himself up “Goodnight Chris” “Goodnight Scotty,” Chris said as he’s covering himself in his sleeping bag. They both went to sleep, It went out great. Tomorrow, Chris will head back home in the afternoon....
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Meeting Scotty's ParentsIt was a pleasant school day that Chris And Scotty become friends since on Tuesday that they are in the same class, They have been partners for their chemistry class, Even Dragons breathes fire and they know the safety. The Bell rings reminding the students that it is time to go home, A lot of Furry Anthro Animal students leaving the school with backpacks on their backs going home. Magnus And Scotty got out first before Chris gets out of the building, When Chris gets out of his building he gets called out by Scotty to meet him in the parking “Chris, Over Here!” Chris Goes to Scotty And Magnus at a parking lot. “So Are you ready to visit my house?” Scotty Asked, Chris Answered “Yes” Magnus Offered “You guys have fun. Oh, and Chris, you can visit my house anytime” “Thanks Magnus” Chris thanks, Magnus. Scotty suggested going together, and Chris Agreed. Scotty said “Alright, now... wait I have my backpack on my back! How Are we gonna get to my house?” Magnus Answered “Have him hold your backpack while you are flying” Scotty agrees with him “Good Idea” So he took his backpack off his back and gives it to Chris, leading Chris to a smart idea that he puts his in Scotty’s backpack. After he closes Scotty’s backpack “Here you can carry one” Scotty was surprised “Wow, That is Brilliant. Ready?” Chris Answered “Yeah” “Hop On” Scotty said as Chris got on his back, “Here we go!” He spread his wings out “Hold On Tight!” As he started to fly in the air and fly off, Magnus Waving “See you Guys Tomorrow!” Chris Riding on Scotty’s back as they fly high in the air, what they see in the beautiful view is the houses, students walking home chattering, seeing other dragons flying in the air, Chris is having a beautiful view from Scotty’s back “This is beautiful, It’s the most fantastic thing I have ever seen” Scotty even agrees “Flying is so much fun, Having a beautiful view like this having a perspective view” When they’re almost getting to Scotty’s house “There it is” He starts flying down to the ground and makes his landing “We’re Here!” “Wow, Thanks for giving me a ride,” Chris said as he got off Scotty’s Back “No Problem,” Said Scotty. Chris Takes Scotty’s backpack off of his back, takes his backpack out from Scotty’s backpack, and gives Scotty back his backpack “Here You Go” “Thank you” Scotty said as he takes his backpack from Chris’s paw “Now Let’s Go. They went in front of Scotty’s house where it appears to have two floors, where the car on the left is cobalt blue and on the right is Sky blue, when they go to the front door of Scotty’s house, Chris admires his house “Huh, Nice home” When they got inside Scotty’s house, he calls out his mom “Mom I’m home, I brought my friend with me!” A voice came from nowhere said “Oh, You did? the room on the right is the living room, on the left are the stairs that go to the second floor, in the middle is the hallway. Then A Female dragon with a black bubble flip hairstyle with a blue headband on, wearing a steel blue circle dress came to the front door and sees Chris in joy “Oh Hello!” Chris replied “Hi!” Scotty IntroducesChris to his mother “Mom, This is my new friend Chris” Chris Adds in “I’m a new student” Scotty’s mom is pleased to meet Chris “Well, Nice to meet you Chris” Chris was pleased to meet Scotty’s mom “Nice To Meet you too, Wow you looked stylish!” Scotty’s mom was surprised “Thank you. My name is Melinda and welcome. Come on” Melinda goes down the hall to the Family room and Chris and Scotty followed her. When they get to the end of the hall, Chris looked at the kitchen on the right “Wow, You dig the oldies in your kitchen? Melinda Answered Melinda “Yep” The kitchen has teacups and a teapot, A vintage radio that you can play CD to play music, and black and white tile mats. Chris said “it’s beautiful” Melinda “Thank you”. the room on the left is the family room, Melinda shows it to them “So, Here’s our family room, where we watch movie movies and tv shows”. There was a flat-screen TV on the left, and couches in the middle and the right, Melinda Introduces her husband who is napping on the couch in the middle “Oh and over there sleeping on the couch is my husband, Loungelot” When Chris sees loungelot sleeping on a couch, he was shocked. Her husband is big, he has the same hairstyle as Scotty’s and a king of rock and roll, a pair of mustache, a big belly that is fatter then Scotty’s, wearing a light blue and a red collar polo shirt, and a light brown shorts, Snoring in his sleep. Chris said to Melinda “Loungelot?” Melinda answered, “Yes, Loungelot. He sleeps on the couch, being lazy, but he loves to relax and lounge a lot”. When loungelot yawns, opens his eyes, and sits up on the couch “Scotty, How was School?” Scotty Answered “Good, Dad” Melinda goes to the kitchen “You Kids have fun” When Loungelot looks at Chris “Who is this wolf?” Scotty answered “Ohh, This is my new friend!” Loungelot asked about Chris’s name “What’s his name?” Scotty answered again “Chris” when loungelot gets up from the couch, and goes towards the blue and gray wolf, Chris was shivering “Oh god” Loungelot is staring at him closely to his face with one close eye and wide eye open “hmmm...” Chris felt scared as his sweat runs down his side of his face, but loungelot puts hishand on Chris’s shoulder in a delightful mood “You seem like a goodfella” Chris was relieved that he thought he has to go home. Loungelot says to the boy “Let’s have a seat, shall we?” Chris replies “yes, please” Chris and Scotty sit on the couch on the right, and Loungelot sits on the middle couch, Loungelot asked “So, tell me about yourself. Did you move here?” Chris Answered “Yes, we did. Looking for a new home to live” Loungelot said, “oh, did you move here?” Chris Answered “ yes, we did. Looking for a new home to live” “Ohh, do you like it here?” Asked Loungelot “Yes” Answered Chris. “Well that’s good to hear, are you thirsty?” Asked Loungelot “Yes, I’d like to have a drink” Answered Chris, Loungelot said and calls his wife “As you wish, Melinda, bring us the tea and those bickies!” Melinda came into the living room with a tray with three teacups, a teapot filled with tea, a bowl of sugar, and a plate of bickies, and placed it on the table “Enjoy your tea and the bickies” She leaves the family room, Loungelot thanks his wife “Thank you, Sweetheart” He offers Chris a spot of tea “How about a spot of tea, Chris?” Chris Said “yes, Please” The Three grabs their teacups and loungelot pours on him, Scotty’s, And Chris’s cups “Thanks dad” Said Scotty to loungelot “Thank you so much” said Chris “My Pleasure” Said Loungelot as he puts two cubes of sugar in his tea, Scotty puts him in his tea. Chris does the same, sniffs, takes a drink “Wow, it’s English tea” Chris likes it “That’s right, the tea is from England” said loungelot “Thank you for the tea!” Said Chris “Your welcome, Have you ever had this tea?” Said and asked Loungelot, Chris answered “No, I haven’t. What I had was peppermint.” “Peppermint?” Loungelot said “That thing is sweet as candy. So” He asked, “are you in the same grade as Scotty?” Chris said “Yeah, in a senior year,” Loungelot said, “Well, You made a friend with my son hmm?” Chris Answered “Yeah, we were partners” Loungelot gets on point and asked “Oh, I see. Which class were you in parters?” Scotty Answered “Chemistry” “Chemistry hmm?” Said Loungelot “Well, I say chemistry is a dangerous class since I watched a movie where this nutty professor Mixed those chemical liquids that them to explode in front of his students, One Big Accident!! Loungelot may be talking about a classic movie that he watched with his wife, Chris was shocked “Wow!” Loungelot continues “They say that teachers do not... like blowing up students!! That happened at that one university in Arizona” Chris asked Loungelot while he drinks his tea “have you or your wife attended college or university?” Loungelot Answered “No, We never attended college or university, those students are not nice people, and they’re a bunch of hard works” Loungelot criticizes the students that are not nice people. Chris Asked as he takes a bite of his bickies “Oh, You know about it?” Loungelot Answered ”Yes, I saw a college football player shoved that crazy professor into a closet of chemical liquids” Scotty drinking his tea “Must be toxic” and takes a bite of his bickies”. Loungelot agreed “Indeed. And that’s why chemistry is dangerous, you want to do it? You have to follow safety at your own risk.” Loungelot asked curiously “You guys didn’t get hurt today, did you” Scotty Answered “Nope,” Loungelot said “Good, anyways I hope you enjoy the tea and the bickies,” Chris Said Kindly “I Did, thank you Mr. Loungelot” “My Pleasure, thanks for sticking around” Said Loungelot kindly. A young female dragon with black long hair and a cyan circle dress and light blue pants enters the family room seeing what’s going on “Daddy What’s going on here” Loungelot answered “Oh Isabelle, your brother has a new friend” Loungelot introduces Isabelle to Chris “this wolf’s name is Chris, Chris this here is our daughter, Isabelle” Chris says hi to Isabelle in a cute voice “Hii” Isabelle said asked “Hii, So your my brother’s new friend huh?” Chris answered “why yes, I am,” Isabella said “Well that’s great to hear” When she leaves the family room to her bedroom “Stay out of trouble now,” Loungelot said “Go back to what you’re doing, princess,” Scotty said “Welp, that’s my little sister, Come On Chris let’s go to my room,” Chris said “ Okay”, They both got up fromthe couch, grabs their backpacks and head to Scotty’s bedroom “You kids have fun!” Said loungelot as he grabs the magazine and read it. Chris and Scotty go upstairs, passed by Isabelle’s bedroom and to his bedroom. When they got to Scotty’s bedroom, Scotty welcomes Chris his bedroom “Welcome to my bedroom” when Chris realized that his room is a bit messy that they are clothes laying on the floor, bed not fixed, and a messy desktop on the left and a closet on the right “...It looks nice” he placed his backpack on the floor. Scotty said “Yeah, Clothes on the floor, Socks!!” “Ewww...” Chris was disgusted, Scotty agrees “I know, stinky! Never got to clean them up” Chris tells Scotty “well, clean them up” Scotty “I’ll do it soon”, When Chris looks at Scotty’s bed “That’s pretty big,” Scotty said “I know, it’s a dragon size bed, Chris asked, “Woah, so what do you do?” Scotty answered “Oh relaxing, chilling, talking to friends, playing video games, and eat”, Speaking of relaxing, chilling, and eating, he may seem to be a lazy dragon comparing to his father. Chris said “Wow, An Active Gamer huh?” Scotty answered “yep, I communicate on the internet talking to Magnus” Chris was amazed “Wow, I must say, thanks for inviting me here Scotty” Scotty Replied “No Prob” “I can visit you anytime I want,” said Chris “That’s right,” Said Scotty “ We can talk to each other and play online,” Said Chris “That’s right, we can play and talk” Said Scotty. Melinda is calling for Chris that it’s time for him to go home “Chris, Your moms here!” Scotty said, “Time to go!” Chris said “Yeah, I gotta” as he grabs his backpack from the floor. Scotty And Chris Leave the bedroom, passed by Isabelle’s bedroom again, then go downstairs to the front door where Melinda and Chris’s mom, Judy is. When Chris gets to the front door “Hey Mom!” His mom said “Hey Chris, ready to go home” Chris answered “yeah”, Melinda was happy to have Chris over “He’s so sweet”, Judy agrees “yeah”. When Scotty went to the front door “Hi Chris’s Mom”, Judy said to Scotty “oh hello” Melinda Introduces to her son “This is my son, Scotty” Judy was pleased to meet Scotty “Scotty, Nice to meet you!” Scotty said “Nice to meet you too ma’am” as they both shake hands “Well we have to get going, we have to go home” Said Judy “Okay, you guys have a nice day” Melinda said, “Thanks, you too” Replied Judy as she and Chris go to her car while Melinda and Scotty waving at them goodbye. When Melinda closed the door “They seem to be nice animals” Then she went to the kitchen, Scotty Replied “Yeah they are” and then goes back to his bedroom “Well, you can hit me up online bud, I’ll see you later....
Don't Touch the Carrot, Dragon!!In the noon of Camelhot, where the Knights of the Square Table, Sir Lounge-alot the brave but lazy, Sir Blaze the Seriously Vain, Smartly Dressed, and Fashionably Late, Sir Burnivere the Overly Educated of Scotland, Sir Gasflame the Fierce but Visionally Impaired, Sir Galahot the Proper, and Sir Hotbreath the Not-so-Proper, and the squire Flicker the Smart, lead by King All-Fire plan to find in the quest... …of the Holy Quail!! The quail goes gobble-gobble while the choir offscreen singing in melodies.Days later after the dragons feast on the quail, like a turkey on Thanksgiving Day in USA, they're still on war against The Evil Count Geoffrey and his evil knights, #1, #2, and #3. Huh? #1 is like Rule #1 is always be afraid, fear heightens your senses, fear keeps you alive, but arrogance gets you killed, #2 is like Rule #2 is always finish the fight to the death, and #3 is like Rule #3 is when in doubt, always kicked your enemy in the gronk-nuks, unless you can find the weak spot that's a substitute of the gronk-nuks.Uh? Let's move on about the rules of hunting evil trolls, but don't be feared by the goblins(because the goblins will attract your sense of fear), if your a human, a good troll, a centaur, a gryphon, or a dragon. Let's still move on! The goblins are trying to swarm me as I, Patchi1995, fly away from the goblins, as the goblins yelled, -"WAKA CHAKA!!!!"One day, in the stroll of the temperate grasslands surrounded by beech, oak, ash, and conifer trees, Sir Hotbreath, the fat but short dragon knight singing this annoying song out-loud about himself, -"I was walking down middle of the path..." he burped fire, but he continuously sing, -"...With a fiery burp that's like a fire-beath..." he burped fire again, but as he continuously sang, -"Got a flower in my helmet..." he stopped singing, but this time, he's not yet burping fire, but he rather sticks his tongue like a lizard or a snake, to sense something more of a root vegetable that's stereotypically food for rabbits, but with much sugar like genetically modified carrots, it's a single carrot on the ground. As he sniffs air with his tongue he sticks, he was remarked by an aforementioned carrot, and holler in awe gruffly, -"WoW!! Would you look at that? It's a..." he stopped as he burped fire, but he continued, -"...carrot! I will now bend over, to proceed to..." he has stopped as he have burped fire, but he's going to finish his sentence, "...pick up the carrot!"Sir Hotbreath puts himself on all fours, so he can use one of his wings as extra set of arms, as he use his wing-thumb to grab the carrot, but the giant rabbit gently grabs Hotbreath's wings with his pinky, Hotbreath gasped in awe and confused. "HuUuUuHhH???" gasped Sir Hotbreath, as he looked up to Sir Hare.Sir Hare, sniffed with his nostrils, as he started speaking, as he angrily question him, -"Eh.... what's up dragon?" Sir Hotbreath roared, -"Rabbit! I have to blast you..." he burped fire, but he calmly continued, "... with this Arcadia Oaks High School dodgeball*, which never allow to accidentally hurt anyone again in the lips, including the girl who use to be Morgana LeFay's handmaiden, and had shadow magic!" He laughed, but he burped fire.*Fun Fact: A dodgeball is 3 times stronger than a pillow. Does this cause a person to have a fat lip, if received a headshot from the ball?Sir Hare questioned him more about the dodgeball and firebreath that Sir Hotbreath is gonna make a fireball, -"What were you about to do here, dragon?!" Sir Hotbreath shouted angrily to the rabbit about the carrot, -"This hare's carrot, was talking rubbish..." He looked at the carrot, but he burped fire, as he continued, -"...about the Queen Griddle!" Sir Hare was confused, lost his anger, as he said, -"You're planning to..." as he we was thinking of the carrot Sir Hotbreath talked about, -"...Uh? Ooh! The carrot? Were you, dragon??" Sir Hotbreath, now back to be on four limbs, as he use his wing to proceed to grab the carrot, -"Oh, I'm going to move that carrot." Sir Hare concerns the little fat dragon knight, -"Sir, I wouldn't touch the carrot, if I were you, so don't you do it." As Sir Hotbreath slowly proceed to reach the carrot, but he's anxiously groaned, "Uh? I'm gonna do it." But he burped fire. Sir Hare started fear that he's gonna touch the carrot, he stammered, -"No, don't! Don't touch the carrot!" Sir Hotbreath continuously slowly reach the carrot, but he's in the progress of nearly losing his sanity, -"I'm gonna touch the..." he burped fire, but continued, -"...carrot!!" Sir Hare yelled in fear, as he's afraid that he's seriously gonna do it, -"NO! No, don't!! Do not... …touch... …the CARROT!!!" The giant rabbit had similar reactions to elephants, whom stereotypically had reactions to mice and small critters by their trunks, as Sir Hotbreath almost lose his sanity to reach the carrot, -"I'm gonna..." he burped small fire, he insanely continued, -"...ToUcH the RaGiNg PlAgUiNg CaRrOt!!!" Sir Hare was so scared, that the little chubby dragon knight reach the carrot with his wing, yelled, -"DoN"t ToUcH ThE CaRrOt, DrAaAgOoOn!!!!" As someone who use the shadow magic portal and two hands grabbed Sir Hotbreath by the tail, and teleport him back to Camelhot, as he tried to reach the carrot. Like Hotbreath is swiftly away from the carrot and Sir Hare so fast, like he's quickly falling down away from the door he pushed from having his snout bashed by the dodgeball, but he's been warned, although he learn his lesson.As Sir Hotbreath woke up, back in Castle Camelhot, he DID realized that he's been warned by Sir Hare, not to touch his carrot. But he noticed someone who used the shadow magic. It was a human girl who has shadow magic, used to be Morgana's handmaiden, she was in the mauve turtleneck with a magenta Papa Skull picture, with a dark grey plaided skirt, black tights and white girly socks, with colorful hairpins, but she can even use shadow magic without the Shadow Staff, with brown eyes, dark-brown hair with a white streak with the blue middle streak on white, and fair-skin and from the 21st century. It was the Fair Lady Claire of Nuenz(aka Claire Maria Nuñez) who took Sir Hotbreath away from Sir Hare for his safety! Claire told him the reason why she came to Camelhot as she warned the dragons about Sir Hotbreath in danger, as she's gonna try to help him stay out of trouble from Sir Hare. Sir Hotbreath decided that he learn his lesson, but he must watch out for Sir Hare.The moral of this story: Do not touch some rabbits' food, unless you're gonna share!Meanwhile, back in the forest where Sir Hare was here, -"I warned that dragon, not to touch my carrot. That's all folks!"...
Sir Loungelot And Bowser by FantasyBoyce2021
Sir Loungelot And King K. Rool by FantasyBoyce2021
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20th anniversary of the game
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Terry Jones by TheRenegadeArtist


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