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Chris And Scotty's Sleepover Part 1 by FantasyBoyce2021, literature

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Im glad i just found this Group! I knew about the game and series when i was younger but never got to play or see it cause we didnt have toon disney or a sega saturn! But ive found the game recently and started playing it at home. Reminds me of all my old adventure games i played on PC. And the show has a fantasy theme with dragons AND it features early gay characters. Im planning on fanart to do of it soon!

Ah that's great to hear ! I had heard again about this show out of pure fate back in 2016 and remembered how much I love it, and that made me know about the game too !

I made a BD AMV! For all Flicker x Flame fans out there!

Ah there we go !

You know instead of comments you could make journals and submit them !

Oh no don't be sorry you can perfectly keep posting comments ! I just mean that way you would have more visibility

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If anyone's interested, I did another Blazing Dragons YTP: