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Yes I'll make a kiriban for 1000 pageviews!:w00t: So you kiriban hunters, good luck to catch it! XD
(If someone want to have a kiriban from me at all...o_o") :XD:

Btw. I'm working now on a Final Fantasy AMV and it's still in progress^^; But I hope I'll finish it as soon as possible :eager:

Until then I hope I can make a kiriban for someone ^-^

Much love for you!:heart:
  • Listening to: pot hockets guitar solos <3
  • Reading: fanfictions (as always XD)
  • Playing: (still) Crisis Core
  • Eating: peaches
  • Drinking: coke
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RollingTomorrow Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2009   General Artist
*is stalking the kiriban* :w00t!:

How's the Genny AMV coming? :D You're on the WMM, right?

Here's a may be commong knowledge, but I didn't learn it for ages, so... if you go to timeline view, you can control how long the fade transition spans. :nod: It's a very handy tool and you might not notice it if you work under storyboard view, which is a lot easier for initially adding scenes, applying transitions, and effects.
Cameco Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2009
Ah no I use Nero 9 XD It moves slowly..XD
But don't worry, I have 3 AMV's already, but they are oldXDD The timeline is very good, I think I have no problems with it ^^ But Sony Vegas is very complicated XDDD I'm reading now the tutorials XD
One question! Is there a tool which can slow down the videos? I have no option for this >< Can Sony Vegas slow down the videos?
RollingTomorrow Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009   General Artist
XD WMM freezes up a lot if you aren't careful.

Actually, I don't know if you can slow things down on Vegas. :ohnoes: I've been trying to find out, but until I know for sure, I'm staying with WMM...^^;

I've heard Unreal Studio or whatever it's called is also good. I might try that one since Vegas is proving so difficult to find AND use. :faint:
Cameco Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009
Yeah, Nero 9 too ^^; I used the trial version's awful with the freezing:faint: I had to save the project a lot, almost after every work step XD

It's okay, I didn't need to slow down a video :D I finnished the AMV and I only have to do the end credits XD

Unreal Studio? *notes* I'll google it ^^ Is it freeware? Vegas is too difficult for our brains :faint: XDDD
RollingTomorrow Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009   General Artist
XD I never do end credits....:confused: Perhaps I should start. XD

Hmm, maybe all video programs are like that...the WMM acts up sometimes, but I have a really good XP Media Center, so it's pretty docile.

I can't fathom using it on Vistie though. O_O

I'll doube check the name...I think it's a search-for-a-good-crack sort of program. :XD:
Cameco Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2009
Hm, yesXD But it's not necessary I think ^-^ It just looks better and more professional at the end :XD:

Oh yes XD PSP 8 has that problem too sometimes>_> It freezes and it's dangerous and annoying if you don't save the file before the crash X__X XD I had so many crashes in Nero 9 when I worked on my Gen-AMV ><

Ok, thank you!:hug:

XD I had a random question XD I want to draw Gen in a bath tub and I finished the sketch alreadyXD And he said some loveless crap to the goddess when she washes him XD I don't know what's right or not, I'm sure you can help XD
Is it 'There is no hate, only joy. For you are being washed by the goddess' or is it 'There is no hate, only joy. For you are washed by the goddess'? XD Or something else?O_O I would use the first one, but I'm not sure...:XD:
RollingTomorrow Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2009   General Artist
XDDD "There is no hate, only joy, for I am being washed by the goddess..."

Minerva: *whacks him with shampoo bootle*

How's that? :XD: :giggle:
Cameco Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2009
Yaa, that's perfect :giggle: Thank you so much!:hug: It'll be a little doujinshi, I finished the first page already XDD

But I think I will ask you for the text before I submit the work :XD:
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August 1, 2009