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I think I will do another Kiriban for 2000 Pageviews :XD: I need something to draw in my last few days of summer vacationXD

On 17th august is my first school day:faint: It's sad, I like vacation XD But I'm looking forward to my birthday! I want to have 358/2 days!:boogie: I'll ask my dad for this special present:D Aw, I love kingdom hearts:love:

Well, but I have to wait until october>__>...But I can't wait! XD
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Yes I'll make a kiriban for 1000 pageviews!:w00t: So you kiriban hunters, good luck to catch it! XD
(If someone want to have a kiriban from me at all...o_o") :XD:

Btw. I'm working now on a Final Fantasy AMV and it's still in progress^^; But I hope I'll finish it as soon as possible :eager:

Until then I hope I can make a kiriban for someone ^-^

Much love for you!:heart:
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>>Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days<<

Awww, I want it so bad!;__; xDD ...but I have to wait until autumn>_> It's no fun to play that game in japanese because I can't use this language._.
And I want to listen to Roxas with german voice^^ It's a nice one and much better then the english and japanese voice. Geez...but I have to wait so looongX__X xD
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Yep, my scanner was broken. It must not happen again! I tried to scan a picture again with a new software and now...^^ My scanner is oneself againXD
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I drew some pictures of final fantasy vii and I wanted to publish them...but today my stupid scanner pegged out and I have to buy a new one...*sigh*
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