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Looking out for one another


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Burn it. Burn it all.


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Krystal sketches


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Devil May Cry

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Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper

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Red Riding Fox

Disney's Robin Hood

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Dare To Challenge Us

Brutal-Paws Of Fury

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Looking out for one another

Anthro Art

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Other Art

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Mother and Child

Neon Genesis Evangelion

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Foxy is coming

Five Nights At Freddy's

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Blue Salvo

Webcomics Related

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Mad Paz

Mad Max

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We will always be together!


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Blaze the Cat

Sonic The Hedgehog

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Tigress sketch sheet

Kung Fu Panda

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Gentle Biting


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Briggs (2)

Swat Kats

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Team Work by Elimmc

Road Rovers

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Arkham Knight 4


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Wonder Woman

Other DC Stuff

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Capcom vs. Nintendo: Sub-Zero

Real Name: Kuai Liang Gender: Male Place of Origin: Earthrealm, China Eyes: White (with an icy blue glow) Hair: Black Debut: Mortal Kombat [Bi-Han] (1992)/Mortal Kombat II [Kuai Liang] (1993) Voice Actor: Steve Blum Bio: Descended from a race of cryomancers, Kuai Liang grew up alongside his brother, Bi-Han, as members of the Lin Kuei assassins. Bi-Han originally took up the title of "Sub-Zero" and crushed the majority of the rival clan, the Shirai Ryu, but did not count on one such assassin rising from the depths of Hell to avenge the clan. Scorpion, the last Shirai Ryu, killed Bi-Han and Kuai Liang, desiring justice, took up his brother's f

Mortal Kombat

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Brigitte Lindholm


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Oliver And Company

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[The Fox and the Hound] Vixey

The Fox The Hound

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AOFW - Scarface and Fox

Animals Of Farthing Wood

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Ginga Series

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Day 31 Ganon

Legend Of Zelda

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[SGDQ 2020] Wedding Bowser


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Morrigan Aensland


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Rivals (Tekken 2)


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Faye Red Bikini

Cowboy Bebop

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Moonless Night

Music Video Stuff

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waltz (ft. Spyro)


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No risk of infection

Architecture Photography

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People Photography

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Cat hug

Animal Photography

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Purple and white flowers 4

Nature Photography

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Twitter Sucks!


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The Xhe99 and Artloverpop

Warning: Any cretins tried to tell me to took it down, I will kept it forever. If anyone reading this, hope you guys have a mercy to prepares for your sanity. This journal is about the problem of those two users are all the worst thing need to be aware of it. As I said, block and report them. Before you are about to block them, read this info. I has had been dealt with them many times. For more info about him: How it was begin? Xhe doesn't understand about the autism card that was abused by many excuses. Nonsense words:


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Sanga As a Megaman X Maverick Boss


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Beatrice Santello Fan Art

Night In The Woods

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Sir Vulpes

Gift Pieces

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Lion King

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Lemme Hug You

Lady And The Tramp

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A Guiding Hand

“I’m so hungry!” A child by the name of Fyrik whimpered. A young dragon with red and black coloring, a frill that ran down from the top of his head, to the base of his neck, a rather crude robotic left arm, and scars that coved the entire left side of his face, neck, and chest. Along with his left wing having multiple holes in it. It had been one year since he left the rather abusive life of the orphanage he lived at. Having traveled almost the entire length of the continent by himself, doing his best by himself in the wild. Avoiding dangerous creatures, people who’d wish him harm, and just trying not to starve. Lately though, he was having a hard time finding or catching anything that would state his hunger. He had managed to find food that kept him alive, but he’s become rather skinny during that time. For now though, night was fast approaching, with one sun fully set, and the other not far behind. So he traveled along the base of the mountain range known as the Hidden Valley

Original Fiction

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