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Ex-Muslim women are some of the most badass people you will ever meet. They have seen all the oppression of orthodox Islam and Sharia Law and why it is such a cancer on civilization.

Here is another great example of such a great woman, this is Pakistani Ex-Muslim Christian convert Sabatina…

This collection of quotes is from Sabatina's 2017 interview with German-language Austrian-based newspaper Kurier translated into English:…

From the summary of her autobiographical (…) testimony:
"Sabatina James has been sentenced to death by her family.

Sabatina spent half her childhood as an Islamic Pakistani living in Austria. Immersed in a westernized culture, she began to rebel against the stifling Islamic rules placed on women. Furious, her parents dragged her back to Pakistan under false pretenses and announced an arranged engagement to her disrespectful cousin. After Sabatina refused the union, her family sent her by force to a strict Koran school where she endured constant beatings and mental abuse. In defiance of her oppressive conditions, she fled her family and converted to Christianity, an act deemed punishable by death in Islamic culture.

Since then, her parents have pursued her to enact their retribution, causing Sabatina to live a lonely and reclusive life in hiding. But she has also persevered becoming an activist for women's rights and religious freedom.

In the vein of Ayaan Hirsi Ali's New York Times bestseller Infidel, Sabatina's memoir heartbreakingly illustrates the struggle of a young woman trapped between two incompatible cultures and her subsequent fight for freedom. This translation includes a new introduction in which Sabatina updates her readers on her life since the book's initial publication.

She has a summation of her story here:…

It is a riveting story and one that speaks to multitudes going through the same in Sharia ran households around the globe but especially in the Middle East and surrounding territories.

She is very much like her secular counterparts like Yasmine Mohammed and Ayann Hirsi Ali raises much the same great arguments:…

Once again, I will reiterate what I said in the past uploads here, with some revision, as it needs driving home as much as possible because some folk prefer to be willfully ignorant:
Women are arrested and jailed, if not worse, for long periods of time, even spanning decades all for refusing to wear hijabs, niqabs and burkas.
In spite of that, a growing trend of women removing this hideous garbage of cloth from them, which is forced on them to wear from childhood, is growing.

I highlighted this in an older deviation:…
These women standing up to a real misogynist regime are a TRUE FEMINISTS in the heroic sense and cannot be denied. This is objective FACT and REALITY.
And this is only ONE of the evils they face in under the heel of Islamist theocracy in the Middle East or even in the West in mainstream, usually Sunni, mosques:

Plus, as showcased here, it even happens in Islamic HOUSEHOLDS out of the public eye. It is sick, disgusting, and depraved evil.

And before anyone pulls any identity politics out here MUSLIM REFORMISTS and EX-MUSLIMS would like to have a word with you about this:
1.)… &…

And yet hijabs, niqabs and burkas are all EMBRACED by so called “progressives” as a symbol of “female empowerment” even though it is a symbol of enslavement as outlined here and elsewhere:

And these are just some examples.
Bottom line, you promote the hijabs, niqabs and burkas as “feminist” then you are not, by classical definition, a feminist. You are implicit in real organized theocratic misogyny:

People who really care for the rights of women would resist this. Also, to recognize the women who fight against this real oppression as the heroes that they truly are.

Tell me, who is more a champion for women's rights, people wearing CONCEALING coverings for meaningless "solidarity" or people actually FIGHTING and RESISTING a system that makes women out to be cattle and risk facing the most severe of punishments for said resistance?
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Hoo boy... This.

It's a whole mess of problems. On our side, imbeciles and retards are defending the hijab on the grounds of 'That's their culture, and it's a choice.' No. It isn't. Like I've mentioned, these people are just trying to stick it to The Man. Guess what, guys? You're actually making it worse. Saying Islam and its restrictions on women and all of the other things are empowering is like saying pedophilia in France is somehow empowering for the kid. I'm not changing the subject, but look up France's laws on touching kids. It's horrible.

And in the Middle East? Oy vey. It goes way beyond just viewing women as useless. It delves into how Islam doesn't believe in having any fun whatsoever. In the Middle East, the ultimate insult is to call something or somebody a woman. Because of how Islam expects everybody to be a neurotic who just sits around waiting for death, men associate sports, good food, fine clothing, tv shows and even learning a trade as 'womanly', believing that fun and necessities are cravings of the flesh. It's just a pathetic excuse for an existence where you have to suffer so much until you die, and if you defy that you get killed.

My point? It's absolutely inexcusable how women are treated, and it also ties into how fucking neurotic these idiots are. When you see drinking a glass of fresh milk instead of mud filled, disease ridden water as associated with women... Well, let me put it this way: I don't like Freud, but I can't deny that Freud would have had a field day with the muslims. It's the superego theory taken to its extreme.

Can this be stopped? Not in this lifetime, I fear. But that's all the more reason to try, isn't it? And at least we're working to make Americans aware of this, too, provided they aren't so obsessed with comparing Trump to Hitler that they... Nah. I already pointed that out several times.

Ciao for now.

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Well said on the bulk of this and it is on the internet to make the world aware of what the media chooses not to.

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Anything for the sake of logic and moderation. You have balls to say these things and I salute you for it. Keep on kicking ass with logic and facts.

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She’s really pretty
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And her activism is just as wonderful.
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I've seen a few students wearing hijabs in my college... Are they wearing it just for the sake of wearing it, or...?
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Depends on their background.
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The one I talked to, mentioning un-reformed Islam's oppression of women, seemed to acknowledge what I said.
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A TRUE hero to women.
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And in the fight against Sharia.
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I hope extremist Islamic countries will become more moderate in the future. Perhaps similar to Turkey would be okay. It's really sad what happens in certain countries such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, where religious and sexual minorities are harshly persecuted.
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Well, to how Turkey was before Erdogan began undoing that:  ERDOGAN is a COMPLETE IDIOT by Cambion-Hunter

Agreed on the rest, though.
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And this is why the Iranian regime will eventually fall. Not today, probably not tomorrow, but soon enough
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And when it does, the world will be better off.
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its a awsome women .

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Indeed she is, living in your neighboring country of Austria.

And since you are German, this badass Ex-Muslim who lives in your country you ought to support:  CRITICIZING ISLAM - HAMED ABDEL-SAMAD by Cambion-Hunter  &  ISLAMIC ENLIGHTENMENT EFFORTS - HAMED ABDEL-SAMAD by Cambion-Hunter
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Some say it's a sign of enpowerment, hehe they know nothing
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It is complete idiocy indeed.
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The problem I have most is with the dishonesty surrounding the whole thing. Why can't the Left just admit what Islam is really about? Well, because they would then owe apologies to conservative Christians.
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You are not wrong.
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This is a vital topic here.
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