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Looks like another website has now landed itself in hot water these days and it is none other than cinematic review website Rotten Tomatoes.

Now I have had mixed feelings on the website over the years and can say the best thing about it is it can show the disparity between audiences and critics, but overall not minded it, until now.

With the current Captain Marvel marketing debacle, among other factors, Rotten Tomatoes has been BUSTED for outside tampering and review + ratings FRAUD and it is pretty bad, not helped by the fact the site doubled down on it recently.
For a lowdown, see these videos:
1.)… - TL;DR
2.)… - TheQuartering
3.)… - The Amazing Lucas
4.)…… - ComicArtistProSecrets
5.)… - Midnight's Edge
6.)…… - Geeks + Gamers

Well, as stated here, Rotten Tomatoes reflects itself with its name. Rotten like a bad tomato.

I can't see a bright future for them at this rate of them refusing to listen to the critical feedback. If they refuse to man up, they will collapse and become nothing more than a memory.
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Currently working on a university project where I need to design a completely new brand for Rotten Tomatoes. Any information I can get on its brand reputation and allegations will help tremendously.

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Well, check out the links I have for starters. Hope they help some.

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Those of us who have been around long enough have seen this coming. A fraction of the population is incapable of responsible thought and therefore went straight to making reviews just sucking a company's dick to get more approval and money from that company, and as well to get quick content out to their audiences. But fortunately this makes it really easy to see which content creators out there are sell-outs and which ones actually have merit as responsible, functional adults you could actually feel comfortable placing your trust in the hands of... to varying degrees, of course.
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An astute analysis, and IMDB was always better at this stuff anyway.
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RT will go out of their way to find all the positive reviews they can for liberal films and do the opposite for conservative films.
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You know it, man. LOL
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I lost faith in Rotton Tomatoes when they went out of their way to protect that disgusting Captain Marvel movie. Also I am already subscribed to all of those awesome YouTube channels and would recommend another one called overlord DVD. 
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I ought to check him out sometime.
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I lost trust in them when the documentary The Problem With Apu got an 89% and it is just an Indian American "comedian" whining about a cartoon character.   
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It's high time that RT drowns in lawsuits!  Plus, if KOTM utterly flops on it's total financial revenue, I'm going to be absurdly PISSED at RT for the rest of my life!
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Amen on that, they are guilty of fraud.
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Indeed.  I personally blame RT for KOTM's rough start at the box office.
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I second that. KOTM was a goddamn masterpiece made by a Godzilla fan for Godzilla fans. 
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and now they're giving Godzilla KOTM a bad score even tho it's gonna be one of the greatest movie of all time!! >:/
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Not surprised by this. LOL

BTW, they are now deleting reviews they don't like. They are censor-happy.
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This site has passed its expiration date
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And apparently before we even knew it.....
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I used to visit the site to see if the reviews (both by critics and audiences) are true or or not, back when I still had some support for reviewers. Now I no longer go to RT for the reviews.

Why? Because of the fact that I'm becoming more and more aware of cynicism surrounding the "online-reviewers" community, and I'd rather watch channels like Dead Meat (…), CinemaWins (…), and other positivity-spreading channels, because of the aformentioned reasons of wanting to feel more optimistic and let my former grudges go.

What makes my blood boil is how many SJWs and those who support mass censorship use the word "trolls" to describe people who have different opinions, without understanding of what the trolls' intentions are: an obstacle. That's it.

Remember when I said on now I rely on to watch movies? That's because I am too sensitive to noises and aware of shitty behavior of movie-goers.

You do have a point, my man.
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I understand. You speak truth here, and yes, SJWs and the like are stuck in 2008 on the subject of "trolls."

Hope you enjoyed this. ^^
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The tomato is the equivalent of the Earth. The center part (the inside) is the equivalent of magma. Heh. Sorry. That was a bad attempt at a joke.
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Hey, it is better than the state of their site right now. ^^
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I know. I just felt like making that joke.
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