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So I was scrolling through Imam Tawhidi's Twitter feed about a day ago and I came across him highlighting an OP-ED on MerionWest by his good friend Ex-Muslim secular human rights activist Yasmine Mohammed who lives in Canada. To quote the article description: "Yasmine Mohammed, author of the upcoming memoir The Girl Who Would Not Submit,  is an Arab-Canadian college educator by day and a passionate human rights advocate by night. Her main focus is on women, especially women living in the Islamic world, who are subjected to Sharia law."

She authored an article called "Feminists of the West, Women Are Hurting in the Middle East" (…) which was a call to action to people fighting for REAL women's rights given there are millions and millions of women suffering under the tyranny of Sharia Law, which I have touched on before:

As Yasmine, who I have quite liked and supported for some time now, has pointed out, symbols of women's oppression like the hijab and burqa/niqab (which are forced on the majority of Muslim women in Conservative Muslim areas) are either ignored by the majority of modern feminists or even EMBRACED as a symbol of "female empowerment." (FACEPALM)

Even worse, they ignore the evil of Female Genital Mutilation (F.G.M.) which is not only domestic violence of the worst kind, but also the worst form of child abuse and yet there is silence from most modern feminists on the issue......

As Yasmine points out, it is time for real feminists and feminism to come down full force on the conservative Islamic world and especially in the Middle East which needs it the most.

For this message I salute Yasmine Mohammed and also Imam Tawhidi for spreading her words.
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I keep coming back to this to read this because it makes me feel good that someone is finally standing up for women's rights, if they want to not wear their hijab, for example. I mean, I understand that people have religious beliefs that they may/will follow, but if they would like to change their religion or just not follow it completely, then they should be able to do so without other judging/harming them.
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People like Yasmine here are true heroes for women's rights in this century. Well said too, Anika.
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I am not a femisit, I am a consertive male Republican.
I support what is being said here.
Left wing is all talk and no action. I support your actions to gain freedom and social equality. No one should punish a woman from wanting to show her face in public.
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I get you and this is why I work to spread messages like this as there are real people suffering and in need in places like the Middle East where there is true oppression of women and minorities.
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You understand, I am for equality.
That the "American Right wing", is not the same as the right-wing in Europe and Asian countries.
Republicans and conservatives were the ones who got the women in America to vote.
Conservatives are not for oppressing women, but uplifting them and bring them into equality.
We are men and women of action, not political expediency like the American left wing.
You are spot-on, anyway I can help, truly help, let me know..
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I miss first wave feminism
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And Second Wave too. They actually helped people in need. Yasmine here is a representation of what that was and needs to be spread.
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I liked feminism when it was about equality and women's rights, now feminism is all about hating men 😑😒
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Yep, and people like Yasmine give a reminder of what Feminism used to be and needs to return if real women in danger are to be saved.
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Hope you support Yasmine's message too.
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i do, i just can't believe there are female's who abuse this title and use it to harm men who have done nothing wrong. :(
i really hope her word is spread throughout the world!
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That is what I hope, for people like Yasmine to be supported to really help.
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This is the kind of stuff that needs to be in the news.
I hope more people learn about her message and that the hijab does not stand for beauty- it should not be praised. A hijab stands for submission almost to the point of slavery. 
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Amen, and they ignore it as these MSM, mostly "Liberal" ones, as it destroys the narrative.
Not only the hijab, but the burqa too. They are an insult to the modern age.
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SHE is the example that should TRULY be followed!
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Amen, and I am helping to spread her great work and message.
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Real Feminism; Not the main stream media & the NWO's Feminism. There's hope.
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True Feminism is when you stand up to real oppression in places like Saudi Arabia and Iran

Radical Feminism is when a Russian girl uses concentrated bleach and spill on men’s genitalia because they committed the sin of “manspreading”
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