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A follow-up to my last quote highlight of Douglas Murray:…

The quote in question is from one of his blog entries right here which is well worth a read:…

He is a well known Right-Wing political author and pundit. One of his strongest attributes to me is his criticism of militant Islam and anti-Islamism work and activism. Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, it cannot be denied Douglas speaks truth here. 

He is taking the same position that other critics of Islamism and anti-Jihad activists are in that this faux term of "Islamophobia" is nothing but a sham myth sued to silence criticism of conservative Islam, and this is an objective truth. Shielding Islam from criticism and the failure to support major figures for REFORM is cowardly and only empowers Islamic Extremism by making it look like their sociopathy is tolerated. That can not stand. There is nothing unreasonable in wanting to ERADICATE Sharia Law and making Islam modernize and anyone who does have a problem with that is only contributing to the problem via letting it go by unchecked.

Ex-Muslims and Even SENSIBLE Reformist Muslims agree with this position:

One more thing, being that Douglas is an openly gay man, he has even more reason for his criticism of fundamental/militant Islam:… &…
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“A word created by fascists, used by cowards, to manipulate morons”

I’ve gotta use that!  Priceless.
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Oh god... looking through this comment section made my blood boil. These Regressive Liberals are just so... dumb.

I remember saying this: "Not to mention that this bullshit word was actually coined by the Muslim Brotherhood (itself an Islamist organization) to stifle any kind of criticism against Islam's terrorist and anti-democratic doctrines."

In other words: I was correct about Muslim Brotherhood coining this sham myth of "Islamophobia".

Both Islamists and Far-Left White-Knights of Islamism need to be called out, severely.
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Yep, though IreneBeleserion kicked their asses, with a few others.

Well said, man. ^^
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and the comment section is on fire again 
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Oh well..... *shrugs*
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i brought marshmallows 
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I love the flame war.
Wow.  I am amazed just how you twist words any way you wish to justify racism.  And the notion of fascists coming up with this term is, at best, a misreading of history.  You are very foolish.
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You are welcome, Chaser. :)
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Love your memes, been using them to pwn SJW's
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Islam-is-not-a-race by IreneBelserion69  

 Islam isn't a race retard!

Also not everyone against Islam is Hilter fucktard.
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Anti facists are the real facists dontcha know?
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Hqdefault (1) by IreneBelserion69  
ANTIFA is here. by Zarvona
Considering "ANTIFAGS" are  pale faced crackers.
See the diff? No, I don't either. by Kajm  
Hate free speech  and attacks political opponents like the Nazis they're fighting

ANTIFA KKK Comparison by paradigm-shifting
And are being arrested by the same laws use to punish the KKK

Mature Content

THE ANSWER by EternalUniverse1

Yeah they are the fucking Facists, frankly the only ones who should be bashed is ANTIFAGS
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Well you thnk this would be the time the thrid parties rise/
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You could have 1,000 parties and it won't matter if everyone is locked into cult of personality group think.

There are many people who think that if we killed all of the politicians, banksters and various other criminals who run the world -- that everything would just magically turn into a paradise. This is just as delusional of thinking as Communism is. Because if we killed them all today, we'd just replace them with an entirely different set of psychopathic babysitters to worship in cults of personality group think. It would be the same shit, just different assholes.

Until people realize that all problems come from individuals giving their own power away and viewing themselves as a victim identity through a lens of collective stockholm syndrome, then what party or what system do you expect is going to save us all like some magical unicorn? No system will work with a mentally deranged population.

Did a Constitutional Republic work? Nope. Has Democracy worked? Nope. Communism? Nope. Socialism? Nope. Has any God-based religion made anything better? Nope. Has New Age Spirituality made anything better? Nope. Has Atheism saved everyone? Nope.

The list goes on and on.

You could literally invent a PERFECT SYSTEM and it becomes trash in two seconds when you allow fools to run it and use it.

We either choose to heal our emotional and mental illnesses and come out of denial, or we repeat history forever. Same old same old every single century forever and ever and ever.

Though at our current level of technology and awareness, I think the cycle ends in this lifetime. Either humanity does what needs doing, or humanity ends. Not by nuclear war or anything so dramatic. But just by individual people killing themselves in various ways. They've been doing it. They are doing it. They'll keep doing it.

If enough people choose to heal, then once everyone else kills themselves -- as long as there is enough of a population to maintain genetic diversity for species continuity -- then a better world will begin to be built. This is why I create memes like "let them die". I want that better world and I want it sooner rather than later. So if a self destructive purge needs to come first, then so be it. If that is what the rest of humanity wants, let them do it and the sooner the better.

I am confident that there will be more than enough of us left over for species continuity. 
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Sharia Law is religious fascism. So there you go.
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I mean Christianity encourages the same things, but you don't care cause "muh west" which literally doesn't mean anything besides "white people"
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