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Well, time for the spoken of follow-up to the previous Pat Condell quote upload:…

As stated previously, in 2014 Pat posted a video called "A Society Of Cowards" to YouTube:…
In it he described how modern society has become so PC in regards to issues like Islamic terror and extremism it will self-censor itself just to avoid offense, even at the cost of people's lives, and why this is bad for everyone with refusing to tackle these important issues. Afterwards, he also described how "liberal" society likes to basically infantile/baby Muslims, which not only gives them more free reign but makes them less beholden to personal responsibility for their own actions.

Treating Islamists and Muslim criminals as problem children does nothing but EXACERBATE the problem of Islamism and stifles reform. Plus it is an insult to all the victims of Islamism. As well as it being an insult to the intelligence of rational people.

It is both stupid and cowardly and it needs to be denounced. Pat Condell is thoroughly correct in his breakdown and it needs to be shared, this valuable wisdom.
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Ah, yes, 'the soft bigotry of low expectations' is what springs onto my mind when I hear 'patronizing'...

Anyway, whenever I remember the Islamist attack, I show sympathy for the victims, and anger to the real culprits: the aformentioned radicalized Muslims, not saying "thoughts and prayers"/using slacktivism. What often irritates me is how many far-leftists are not just using hashtags and virtue-signalling whenever an Islamist attack occurs, but are also putting Islamists above criticism.

When will these people (again, referring to far-leftists, not rational liberals) realize that Islam is in need of a Reformation, just like Christianity!?
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That is exactly what it is.

Well said and every other religion has gone through reformation except Islam. Which is why I advocate for it.
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We (the western country peoples) become like the Eloy in the "Time machine", and resigned to be killed or exploited by the Morlocks. (sorry for the orthograph)

We have big mouth for somes things (booo! Trump bad! Poutine dictator! Human rights now! Refugees welcome or you're egoist! and so and so...)
But when peoples are confronted to the reality : the 3 littles monkeys who see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing.

Thanks to education and brainwashing.
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You are quite accurate, but the internet is here to remedy the situation.
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The fact that we have a generation willing to defend terrorists means that we need to double down on enforcing good morals. Nip this in the bud before ISIS takes over everywhere
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You know it and thank you for the feedback and fav.
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He is proof of logic prevailing over feelings.
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All who support him know it.
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This is why facts over feelings should be a thing.
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