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Time for another short and still true quote, this time from up and coming political activist C.J. Pearson, who is rather new on the scene but has been making rounds, especially on YouTube:…

The quote comes from a Tweet he put out last November that went kind of viral there:…

Given the Far-Left/SJW's position (shared by Islamists, of course) of constantly blaming white people for everything (i.e…,…, &…, etc.), this seems very necessary to bring up, that saying you are against racism while constantly talking about "evil" white people and "whiteness" is. It is contradiction AND hypocrisy.

You should judge by actions and not bring skin color into it. It is as Batman says, "It is not who I am on the outside, but what I do that defines me."

It does not matter what side of the political aisle you are on, this should be common sense.
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THANK YOU! I deal with this ALL the damn time.

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You are welcome and I appreciate the feedback. ^^

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I agree with this 100%. White is a color as well, and yet Snowflakes turn a blind eye to that fact.

(I swear, if I find out who came up with these identity politics in the first place, I'll gain enough evidence to lock them up!)
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(Also, would it be accurate if we saw Snowflakes as living examples of this trope?:…)
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May I add when you're being racist you simply cannot hide behind "White people are privileged." Or "White people did it first."
"They made us slaves."
No that's not the way it works.
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Whatever happened to "women are not a minority"? If it's not bad to be a minority, then why is it such an insult to call women a minority? Why not call them an "honorary minority", since that's what pretty much everyone considers them anyway.
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A question, what does this have to do with the upload?
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Well, why is this person talking about minorities as if they're women? I thought we weren't supposed to care about minorities, and instead focus on how SJWs treat women as some lowly minority class, even though women make up roughly half the population.
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He is talking about hypocrisy on racism though you raise good points.
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Honestly, I really don't care about the race stuff - I just want to live in a world where men and women can live peacefully together in harmony, while minorities just... you know, be minorities.
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I can't stand identity politics myself, they are cancerous.
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Blach white Latino Asia and mix can be racist
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i dont hate white people i hate the ignorant people who are the racists 
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Good to hear, but remember you need PROOF of people being racist and not just hearsay. Use logic and reason.
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Everyone should live by these words.
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