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Here comes another of Imam Tawhidi's words of wisdom.

Coming from a Twitter thread he posted recently touching on his journey to becoming a reformer in his newly released book, which I intend to get BTW:…

He raised a very important point, that Islamists (like their Far-Left/SJW defenders) can't stand humor because it wrecks their narrative by showing how ridiculous they are. Is it any wonder they get pissy at satirical articles, cartoons, etc.

Once again, he nails it with precision, and it was too insightful not to share.

Enjoy the wisdom of the Imam Of Peace, all.
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He is also the Imam of wisdom.
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I agree, and this can also be applied to any extremist, not just Islam. I don't know if I agree with taking one's sacred, religious beliefs and marring them in a effort to provoke can be considered part of this, though, and unfortunately, I feel that some non-Islamic peoples do consider it to be humorous rather than slander on the religion. I assume this was written in response to extremists going on suicide bombings when an image of Mohammed was not only depicted--which is considered the equivalent of burning a crucifix upside down while simultaneously having an orgy, cosplaying Jesus Christ, and praying to Satan, and posting the whole thing to Instagram, i.e. a very blasphemous and heretic action--but depicted in a way that defaces the Prophet and religion, such as Mohammed engaging in a defiling, sexual act, an image very obviously intended to provoke such extremism. There is a difference between discouraging suicide bombers "all in good taste" with humor from a past extremist and intentionally provoking with purposefully blasphemous publications concocted by someone who knows very little of the practice religious peoples that would otherwise not have strapped a bomb to their chest and walked into the office building of the publisher. There is a fine ethical line between humor and intentional provocation, and in such a case, people may not have died if someone just wasn't such an asshole.
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Thank you for the comment, but there are points to address.

Well, Islam creates the most extremism these days and no idea is beyond satire or criticism. If it can take that, then it is strong. If not, then it can't hold up. Simple as that. And it one disagrees with the satire or criticism, challenge it INTELLECTUALLY, the proper way one does in a true societal democracy. Blasphemy is not an excuse for violent retaliation, EVER. It is not about provoking, it never was. It is about scrutiny. All satire is critical in one way or another. If someone does intentionally incenses you with blasphemy of any such provocation, either ignore it, challenge it with logic and reason, or file a complaint. If someone resorts to killing another person over it, that is the killer's failure and he/she/they are lower than scum for doing so. Once again, as simple as that.
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Glad you like it and I thank you for the fav and comment. ^^
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