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Wow, three such memes in three days? Must be making up for lost time. LOL

Seriously though, time for another news media outlet to be put on the chopping block for riffing, this time being CBS News, or as I like to call them NYT 2.0:…

CBS has become about as infamous as them for promoting things such as the suppression of Free Speech via lies and twisting on a recent show of 60 MINUTES:…

There are the times they fell for 4Chan's epic TROLLING prank strategy TWICE:

Now they have a history of spreading false narratives over the years, especially in recent times, like covering for Jihad terrorism too:

And now about three days ago CBS released a really shitty and idiotic documentary blaming VIDEO GAMERS AND 4CHAN TROLLS for everything wrong with society, as if that is totally realistic........ Facepalm Facepalm Facepalm Facepalm Facepalm Facepalm Facepalm 

Here it is with apt commentary by MR.…

If one wants to see the original documentary upload, here it is, but only worth it to see CBS get REKT gloriously in the comment section, unless they decide to disable that:…

These people never learn, the link between video games and "extremism" has been well debunked by experts such as Penn And Teller time and time again and yet they are still pushing this proto-conspiracy theory level idiocy.

And of course there is them feeding 4Chan AGAIN, it is like they are a glutton for punishment. Plus it also shows that these people are stuck in the days before the internet became mainstream. One can just hear the champagne corks popping over at 4Chan while they celebrate victory over these complete dimwits for a THIRD time in a row. The media make it so easy for them.

The very moment any journalist and their organization say TROLLS are a threat, their credibility is GONE.
I have said this a number of times before but it bears repeating because dumbasses like CBS just don't seem to get the picture: Can't believe I have to say this in 2020, but these screwheads admit these people are TROLLS and you are giving them ATTENTION in your articles and other media. The one thing an individual on the internet with common sense would NEVER DO. If they are indeed TROLLS then the so comments are done so to get an ANGRY NEGATIVE REACTION OUT OF YOU! And by this article and more, they succeeded with flying colors.

Calling trolls names and writing news articles will only increase it happening, you may as well have a big neon sign on your social media accounts saying "TROLL ME HARDER" emblazoned on it. And just because I am feeling a little nostalgic again, I bet the people at the NYT watched the 2011 ABC family travesty Cyberbu//y and got their internet knowledge from there:…

Well, on another side at least they are honest about how out of touch and desperate they are.
Plus, it gives the internet more content to abuse. LOL

They are a perfect example of everything wrong with modern "journalism" these days. They are not interested in real journalism, but rather screeching faux activism.

For this, they deserve to be mocked, like so here, as their nonsense business collapses.

And they wonder why the old media is being replaced by the internet........
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They went to the "National Enquier" school of journalism. Frightning.

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As well as CNN too. This is why they are a laughingstock now and well deserved too.

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CBS should have their journalism license revoked, and instead be forced to air reruns of 'Ninja Turtles', 'Saturday Supercade', and 'Garfield & Friends'.

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Seconded in full, dude. Would serve them right. Same for other outlets too.
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Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite are turning over in Their Graves
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Edward R. Murrow maybe. Walter Cronkite went over to the dark side back in the 1960s and was a full-fledged member of the liberal elite by the time he died. I heard him verbally attack Ronald Reagan and praise Jimmy Carter before he died.

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"Can't believe I have to say this in 2019."
Wrong year buddy.
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Whoa, I mistyped. XD

Fixed and thanks for pointing that out. BTW, hope you enjoyed the upload, dude.
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To be quite frank here; I think if they said anything "honest" they would be yelling at the camera: "WE WANT MONEY!!!!!!"  Also, fuck Comcast.
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Seconded on all, CloutGang.
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And that is being nice. ;P
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I am wondering why they are picking on the intorovert's?
I mean I get it incel's are giving them a bad name
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They are desperate and losing, media outlets like this. So they go after those smaller than them. The bastards........
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Sad thing is I remeber when they debunked Micheal Moore and George Soros
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Those days are seemingly gone forever now............
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It is a testament to the ever-continuing death of mainstream journalism.
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Think Soros had a hand in it?
thormemeson's avatar
He has the money to buy anything he wants but I honestly doubt he had a hand in Coronoa
Terrarian-Warrior's avatar
I meant CBS's downfall.

As for the Corona... I know Soros didn't have a hand in THAT.
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Soros has been trying to destroy America since before Clinton became President, Bill I mean. I wouldn't be surprised at anything he did.

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