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Just some musings I thought were appropriate for this group, and perhaps some people can relate <3
As a bit of back story, I'm coming from the position of someone who I suppose you could class as genderqueer/fluid (I consistently feel that I'm not trans*enough)
Now, I completely understand that cisgendered people may not quite understand the mind of someone who isn't. It is for that reason that I am mostly patient when people ask questions and come out with ideas that could be taken as quite offensive because I know they don't genuinely mean offense, they just don't understand.
But this one I have come across far too often, and every time it cuts just a little.
Scenario one:
Me: *Talking to some girl about me being confused for a boy, in a clearly cheerful tone*
Girl: Oooh! No no, you could never be taken as a boy!
Me: Um, no, I don't mean it in a bad way, I-
Girl: You don't look anything like one!
I know she meant no harm, but still, ow.
Scenario two:
Me: *Talking about my ever ind
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What color is the dawn?
I see only shades of grey.
Why is that song so popular?
I hear only faded noise.
What makes that movie so great?
I see moving pictures to waste time.
Time wasted in a body not mine.
The world - shades of grey, no color in my life.
Music is something that others enjoy.
I cannot enjoy anything, not really.
This flesh I am in leeches life from my senses
I'm sorry, it seems like I don't care.
I do, truly.
I just am trapped.
Trapped in this "womanly flesh."
It's not mine.  It's HER'S.
The woman the world sees.
Not Mine.  
Not male.
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Personal, meaningful and beautiful. My favourite work of other artists working with the same themes and issues as I am.



There are countless scary things to consider when transitioning. So many in fact it’s a really daunting task to even consider listing them all. In a way, it’s an impossible task too, because of the simple fact that each person will experience a very different set of hurdles when making the leaps towards becoming themselves.

Of course we will inevitably share common grievances as well, like coming out to friends and family, figuring out which bathroom to use or which box to tick, being subject to transphobia or fighting for help and support though GP’s and clinics. It’s probably the struggle against these hazards that unites us. They give us a common knowledge about what it is to be transgender and with common ground comes mutual support. That support leads to networks and groups all over the place which stand to bring trans people together. They help educate, support share and encourage. These support groups are absolutely priceless and many people would not have made it through without them. After all, together we are stronger.

At the end of the day though, that doesn’t mean that all transgender people are activists. We are not all the definitive answer to all questions relating to transgender issues. Nor do I think any of us would claim to be.

It’s scary being something different, because in a way you are made to represent that something whether you like it or not, and you want to be sure to be responsible and represent it positively. After all, we don’t transition magically knowing everything. We have to work hard to discover our knowledge about the world we are entering into. The only thing we can talk about with 100% clarity is ourselves and our own personal experience.

Before, I mentioned that all transgender people will go through very different struggles on their journey. One of my personal struggles was coming to an understanding that as a transgender person, I was
not obligated answer questions unless I wanted to. While some people are drawn to share their experience to help and guide others, others wish nothing more than to live their lives in private and they have every right to do that.

A transgender person is not obligated to know all there is to know about the community they are in. It’s okay as a trans person if you don’t know the estimated number of transgender people in the U.K., or the statistics of transphobic hate crime in the U.S. last year. If you don’t know, you can learn. If you don’t want to know, you don’t have to. The important thing is to be involved at a level that makes you comfortable.

like to answer questions, I like to feel that I’ve educated myself enough at this point to know what to say in response to the more difficult ones. However, I will always stress that I speak for myself. When I make art work about my transition, or answer questions about it I am talking about my own personal experience. I am not the Lorax of Transgender people. I do not speak for the trans. None of us can, really, but we can support those who try.

Ku Lorax.png

[Image “I am not the Lorax” by Saku Smith aka Creatore Magico.]

We speak for ourselves, and in each of us speaking for ourselves somewhere along the way common problems rise to the surface. Isn’t that how we know what support to give and what problems to take on in our support groups? Isn’t this how the real activists who chose to fight for our rights and speak on our behalf get their information?

We can’t all be Laverne Cox, and we don’t have to be unless we chose that path for ourselves. Some of us are Evanna Lynch choosing to support what we believe in but leave the fighting and friction to those with better weapons. Choice is so important, especially for transgender people, making choices outside the norm is what makes us.

I guess the thought I am circling around here is that no matter how much involvement you have with the LGBT community, you are doing enough. You don’t have a duty to fight, unless you want to. I’m not saying you shouldn’t fight, of course you should! There is still so much to fight for, but it’s not your duty. It’s your gift, if you chose to give it.

At least, that’s my personal opinion. I’m not the Lorax of trans people after all.


Thank you to drazzi for checking over this journal, and thank you once again to anyone reading and watching. I appreciate every single fave and comment.

As always, if anybody wants to talk to me about my experiences transitioning, please don't hesitate to send me a note. While I am not a therapist or councilor, I can certainly share my personal experiences with you.


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Saku Smith
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
I am a female to male (FtM) freelance artist, living in Liverpool, UK. While I already have a deviant account for art CreatoreMagico and one for photography bodycurious I felt the need to make a new account here for the type of work I want to share.

Cambiare Magico is a touch more personal. It is where I will be posting art themed around my life, my transition and sensitive matters that have deep meaning for me.

I hope to attain a record of my hardships and happiness along my journey with this work, and consequently share these things with others and learn in turn, about them.

I am happy to answer any questions anyone might have. For those of you who have followed me here from other accounts, thank you so much. For those who are new friends and creators of magic, I am very pleased to meet you.

Thank you to all those who visit my page and especially those who and take the time to comment on my work. Comments help artists to grow and stay motivated, and we are always grateful for every single one.


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beadymeeples Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello! I just found your account somehow.  Congrats on your one-year surgery anniversary!

I'm scouring the Internet for pictures to put in my Facebook group, Best Comebacks Against Anti-Queer Bigotry. Finding pics about trans issues is much harder than finding anti-homophobic stuff. I'll check your other account to see if you have the kind of pictures I'm looking for.

If you have Facebook, you can join my group if you want, and maybe contribute to it, because I like your art? :3…
cambiare-magico Featured By Owner May 24, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello there. I apologize for the lateness of my reply. Of course I'd be more than happy to look at your face book group and possibly contribute if my work fits in! I get a little nervous about where to post things in groups, so if you drop me a message to let me know if it's still wanted, that would be nice. (Saku Smith on Facebook.) The more groups like that out there which people can access, the better.

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment here. All the best!
beadymeeples Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry for the equally late reply. I'm not usually active on Deviant Art. Please join the Facebook group and add your art if you're still interested!
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