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It´s not easy being green...
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This is now my favorite picture on the internet. Thank you for the best laugh I've had in a long time.
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Wonderful! It inspired us over at Makes Me Wanna Write - makes-me-wanna-write.blogspot.… - enjoy! We fully credited you for the art, of course! :D
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love Gustavo!!!!!!!
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Kermit Errant ~or~ Hermit Kermit
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Posted on Imgur today (
Brought me to your Gallery.
I love this piece, very much.
Thank you!
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recojonudo este.
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That is one badass Kermit!
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Kermit meets Monty Python! Love your approach to characters.

Alberto, I have a children's book project (agent DC Jacobson, publisher Baker Books that is bible based. The project scope is 8 children's books and a children's bible. All books are currently under contract and set for publication, the first 4 (released as a box set and as single books) by spring of 2016. I have a project overview and financial arrangements I can send you from the publisher if you are interested. The intention is for the same artist to do all the books over a 3 year period. This may not be up your alley but I thought I would try. Maybe you know someone who might be interested in this project. The intent is to have the same artist do all 9 projects over a 3 year period. I can be contacted at

Sorry for using this medium but I saw no other way of reaching you.
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Hi! Thanks for the compliment and for considering me for your project! Sadly my job keeps me quite busy so I am not accepting any freelance work at the moment,sorry.
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This is a very cool and unique presentation of Kermit.  
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He looks like he's seen some truly hard times.
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Mr. Kermit himself must go on his daring medieval adventure to possiblly rescue his beloved Miss Piggy. :)
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so cool i have to tweet it :D
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:iconmisspiggyplz: :iconsaysplz: Kermy is fighting for the British now?!? How DARE he.
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This shows emotion. A great piece.
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Just brilliant!
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LOL this concept is great, and the execution is beautiful.
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This is probably the greatest thing I've ever seen. Haha
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This made me think of MP & The Holy Grail the second I saw it. Mostly cause of the medieval British warrior-ware. Could you imagine The Muppets & The Holy Grail? That'd be hilarious.
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so cool in so many ways that..I'll just say: perfect!
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