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Samus Aran for Sketch Dailies
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Definitely the most fun of all the Samus pieces I've seen so far.
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Love it. the lines are great. Nice curves on the legs. Great work!
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It looks good, but the scar arm cannon is on the wrong side.
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She looks so Disney!
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that reminds me of jinx
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That expression is so wonderful!
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Hehe... I think her ridiculously smug expression is the last thing you'd want to see if you were looking down the barrel of that cannon :D (Big Grin) 
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I love this. The style oddly reminds me of earthworm jim
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"Oi, Ridster! Check this out!"

"What are y-- HOLY SHI--"

And then she blew him up.
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Hate to be "that guy" but wrong arm... ;)
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LOL absolutely right! The problem of mirroring the image all the time.
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I was gonna say it too ^^;

Fortunately, Samus's design is otherwise symmetrical so it's as easy as flipping horizontally :3
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So much attitude. And so much life in your lines. Impressive!
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grande! adoro la anatomia y la cara es genial, aunque porque no es la clasica samus con una cara angelica! me gusta la expresion impertinente que tiene aqui:D
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Love those legs!
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Dude this is sickMetal Emote 
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This is really cool!
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