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Woe is Magikarp

By camac
Testing out a couple of new tricks in Photoshop that I learned.

Pokemon is a fun game. Then you run into a fisherman or two who have 6 Magikarp. Why? Why do you even bother? The game is full of these idiots, its like everyother fisherman wants you to slaughter a whole family of Magikarp for him. Its not funny anymore Game Freak, please don't do that anymore.

Whats worse you can't leave until you beat each and every one of those god forsaken fish to death. No he wont get the idea after the first one, or the second, the asshole of a fisherman insists that you slowly kill and torture each and everyone of his helpless pokemon as they splash about in front of him in pain and agony.

"Please mister fisherman, just let me go on my way, I don't want to hurt your pokemon anymore! Oh god, look at all the blood and entrails... please... no more.. -sob-

I bet it has to do with that cooler they are always sitting on, it must be full of beer and all these assholes are so wasted they have no idea what they are putting these poor fish through.
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No durr. That is true, though.
stormpuma's avatar
Well technically, they're not dead... just fainted.
Vicreshay's avatar
THere's always that guy... I wish the VS seeker was a thing again so I could just grind my legendaries against him XD
Jakemax789's avatar
You would get like no EXP from them lol, grind against the elite four, that way u get money too!
Vicreshay's avatar
....... I know that... I was saying, just for the sake of being a maniac.
Swagikarp's avatar
Just remember:

That guy with the six Magikarp will one day be the guy with the six Gyarados
WindySilver's avatar
Yeah. It's so damn annoying to OHKO six Magikarps in a row. It's even more annoying if you can't make an OHKO. But still, six Magikarps? Feels like those fishermen are underestimating the trainers they challenge. -.-' They should get rid of those fragging Old rods and get better rods...
MANGAloveu's avatar
go figure!
god those fishermen are SO annoying with their magikarp!
crowkerus's avatar
I think that one fisherman with a team full of Magikarp is tradition...
Hermy-one's avatar
I always wondered if there was anyone that leveled Magikarp without knowing what it evolved into.
that was my sister when she first played… she then had it beat up me team :(
DragodrawAndNightTJ's avatar
i already battled around 15 trainers with the same team combination and i don't care about dem magikarp (cos i have a lv 65 empoleon and lv 29 lucario)
Paladinofgoodwill's avatar
I notice that you meat at least ONE of these guys in every pokemon game. Battled one last week who had nothing but magikarp XD
TheFlamingMushroom's avatar
edwart-exe's avatar
actualy :P if you beat a pokemon who's highest stat is speed (like magikarp) then your pokemon's speed will grow more
thats why there is always a trainer with 6 magikarp, so you can train fast pokemons
Commander-Jackson117's avatar
That's nice, kill all of his days catch and take his money...yea I can relate to that.
cozcon2000's avatar
And then there's the guys with like level 50 magikarp and you're just using you're level 5 riolu :D
thelakotanoid1's avatar
i feel bad for the magikarp :( he's my favorite, like how pikachu is 2 ash in the original anime.

i have a magikarp with me, although he knows tackle, i try not to hurt him

i love my magikarp and my magikarp loves me :iconmagikarpplz: nuff said
TechnoShadowBlood's avatar
I'm laughing my ass off more at the comments you've made more than the picture.. But yeah, my Diamond version had a shit ton of people like these..Wouldn't they after the 2nd Bidoof they sent out?
NeferSedjet's avatar
Magikarp is actually one of my favorites... I'd never use it to battle (aforementioned reasons), but I'd love to play with it in a huge pool and give it a nice home. <33
Hedoru-Katai's avatar
That Guy.... I remember him..... This is great.... XD
Panlong-Dragon's avatar
The Coolers are for Fish he killed to eat to stash away
star-electric's avatar
Tel me about it XD
FrostbredSoul's avatar
Ah Magikarp. The original Troll of the Pokemon universe.
Ever see a kid accidentally interrupt one as it's evolving?
It's like watching the German eleven year old having trouble with Unreal Tournament -- horrifying and hilarious all at the same time!
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