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Redhead Sketch..

Quick digital painting from yesterday.
3 things about this painting I'm proud of:
1. I used no reference. 
2. I worked in color from the start instead of grayscale.
3. I didn't use lineart. This is the first digital painting I'm posting to the internet that didn't start from a sketch. The sketch is always trashed by the end of my paintings but I've always done a sketch to work over.
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Thanks so much my friend!
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So you finally picked a version you preferred? Your skills are awesome! I literally cant draw anything without references anymore just dont think my mind works that way anymore. Awesome stuff.
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Yeah.. ^^;

Thank you so much! I don't think there's anything wrong with using references! It's just one of my personal goals to be able to draw nice stuff without them. I have a long way to go.. but I'll keep practicing and we will see.
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Oh no, I dont think there is anything wrong with references either but it makes it difficult for me to do anything original. Good stuff again!
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Envious! I wish I could draw all painterly without lineart but it just doesnt happen for me :( 
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In fact, here's what my digital painting skills were like in 2011..…
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Keep practicing. Like I said this is the first I'm posting a painting not started with a sketch to the Internet.. However, I've tried to do hundreds of these and trashed them because they were so terrible. Two years ago I couldn't paint anything that didn't have lineart in the finished drawing. I really believe that anything can be learned with practice and dedication. Your work looks nice.. Keep it up!
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 I have to admit I eye roll at some of the art I thought was alright a couple years ago when I compare it to now and I'm sure a couple of years in the future I will look back at what Ive done now and think wtf is that, heh. 

Thankyou for the inspiration ^^ I will keep on trying! You've improved so much yourself in three years!
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I agree. It's a great feeling to see how much improvement you've made. 

Sure thing! Good luck to you! And thank you!
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