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Heliox GI

3D Studio Max 8
VRay Adv 1.47.02
Render time: 3hr 28min 44sec
GI (Indirect Illumination)
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very pretty!like caramel! but 3.5 hours rendering, why???
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Thought this would make a great start for a Kiteboard design.

Cyclone Kiteboards have aproached me to run a competition after seeing the results of the 2007 Cardboarding Competition

So thought you may like to enter the 2008 Cyclone Kiteboard Design Competition. Three kiteboards are up for grabs, each worth over US$800.

An entry must be a .jpg or .psd created with the entry template (include top and bottom) and use these logos or come up with something fresh and new.

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Oohhh, it's trippy
I really like your coloring
WiseWanderer's avatar
Awesomely awesome.
JvivienneC's avatar
this is reallly! cool
encodedlogic's avatar
3D at its best... it almost reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
cinnamon33's avatar
Just. Gorgeous. :clap:
zep3's avatar
awesome on my blog

FailingZen's avatar
extreamly nice effect there. almost hurts your eyes to follow the lines.. in a good way that is
Dekus's avatar
omg thats so awesome! Super shiny and glossy! ;( :thumbsu:
Beaconofdarkness's avatar
Hate to be repeating what everyone else had already said, but its a great perspective and even greater design! well done :D
Waymaster's avatar
Well. First I want to say that this one looks very nice. You have chosen the right colors and it's total nice modelled. I like it very much, so the fav is duty^^ !!
And keep up with your great work, Calzinger.
Mezzaninex's avatar
That is an amazing perspective on a cool figure. I especially like the mirrored ball, it's almost like an added surprise :)
mbroadway26's avatar
I like this design a lot. And the shade of orange.
Calzinger's avatar
Thanks, the colors are my favorite part of it. It's just so intense. I applied the same bloom effect that I add to my photos.
Zen-Akrua's avatar

You freaking did it again.

Now I'm grinning like an idiot.

Calzinger's avatar
I tried it a third time and failed. :| We'll see it tomorrow.
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