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Aspherical GI

3D Studio Max 8
VRay Adv 1.47.02
Render time: 2hr 50min 11sec

It's somewhere between a hit and a miss. I think I missed the balance between simplicity and complexity, but I think I hit on execution. What bothers me is how the reflection of the lights becomes very apparent on some of the flat surfaces, but there's no way to really get rid of that without remove the realism of the render.

Aspherical glass elements are put inside lenses to reduce the aberrations of the lens by "realigning" light if you will. Chromatic aberrations occur when white light splits among its different wavelengths due to the simple law of refraction. The Law of Refraction (aka Snell's Law, ignorant bastard) basically means that light bend when it passes through to materials of varying density. The index of refraction of a material is relative to its density: air has an index of refraction of 1 (n=1) whereas diamond has an index of refraction of 2.39 (n=2.39) because it's more dense than air. Now if light moves from a material of lower density to a material of higher density (ie. air to diamond) the light will bend towards the normal line whereas it will bend away from the normal line if it moves from a higher density to a lower density material. How does this create chromatic aberrations? Well as we all know, white light is made up of varying wavelengths of light. Light will bend dependent upon its wavelength which basically means that red will bend more or less than blue will. You end up seeing the whole spectrum, you know that old prism and light trick.

The same thing can happen as light passes through a lens. Take a picture of a naked tree. Go to 100% magnification and take a look at where the branches meet the sky. See blue/purple fringing? Those are chromatic aberrations! How do you fix that? Well you don't.
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sed's avatar
Superb Job.... :headbang:
This looks really cool, very nice!
skryingbreath's avatar
That is awesome, very cool concept
ButteflyVanquish's avatar
this is really cool!!!
eddyzor's avatar
now that's nice
Jeremified's avatar
Is that the real thing?! Dude, it's so lifelike!
Calzinger's avatar
Yep, and at the end of the day, just a computer render.
IlxlLurvelxlCy's avatar
It's a tad awkward with the base on which the 3-dimmensional object is on but there’s not much which could have been done. I think the refractions turned out great and all in all it’s an awesome creation. I can see what you mean with the flat surfaces.
Calzinger's avatar
Do you think it would've been better if the sphere was just on the floor?
aido727's avatar
lol a great deviation AND a refresher on grade 11 physics :P
Calzinger's avatar
Haha, thanks. What can I say? I'm a huge :nerd:
lehighost's avatar
That's sexy. Good work.
MysticTwilight82's avatar
hey, fave for meh.
I like it. And thanks for the lesson. I always understood why when you put a prism down it makes colors, but I was confused why if you put another down it would go back to white. Now I know. And I also see what you did in your piccy there. Neato. And correct me if I'm wrong, but is the top half of the sphere clear, while the bottom is green? or is it just me?
Calzinger's avatar
Hmm, I haven't tried putting up two prisms near each other. The light realigns itself? If I'm visualizing it properly, the spectrum would bend back together but would meet at a certain point (focal point) and then spread out again, similar to how you will get an inverted image if you hold a lens a certain distance from its focal point. That's why Aspherical lenses are curved so that they bend each wavelength of light the right amount such that the focal point where they meet again is where it should be.

As far as the sphere, I'm not sure I get you. The sphere is actually refracting and reflecting which is why the top part of the sphere has an inverted image whereas the bottom part of the sphere properly reflects the tiles.
MysticTwilight82's avatar
I'm confused....
At least that's what I remember, anyways. and you know more than me soooo... And I was just saying that the sphere looked like you had colored it two different tones, but...
I'm really confused. just ignore me, sorry. ^.^
Calzinger's avatar
Oh yeah, you're right. The sphere is two different tones for some anonymous reason. I think it has to do with how light refracts the color. I have a render going on right now that's lime, but there are tints of red everywhere.
MysticTwilight82's avatar
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And it just finished, nine hours later. I did some photoshop and I must admit, it throws this one in the toilet.
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Thanks for the comment and the :+devwatch:.
Windsong2006's avatar
I just learned more from you on light than I did in all my years of schooling. And I do like this render. The reflections being there add a kind of imperfectness that I like. It shakes it up a bit, I think.
Calzinger's avatar
Hmm, never really saw it that way. The reason why it bugs me is because it's so distinct and somewhat "free-floating". It doesn't feel like it belongs where it is, which should work against me since this render is supposed to look photorealistic. The reflections from the sphere are fine, it's just the flat ones that really show that the lights are just floating in nowhere.
Twofold-Division's avatar
...thanks for the lesson on light ;) I see what you mean about the reflections, but I would never have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it...the rest of it is completely fantastic. Looks sweet on the desktop =)
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