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So, one little twist of fate solved a lot of problems at once! Let me tell you about it.

For the past few years, my friend and I have been tabling at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. I have always struggled to find a sustainable product to sell - I just don't have the portfolio that a lot of artists have. Even worse, I didn't have any new art for the show. My friend sells jewelry and I accepted that I'm here to talk to people, hang out with my friend and enjoy the show.  Then, m partner had to cancel a few weeks before the show date. "Ahhhhh! Nooooo!" I thought, especially as I only had enough inventory to fill half the table.

So, I decided I would do pet sketches at the table. I made a sign and made some ACEO sized samples and cut up a stack of cardstock. As my forte is birds and horses, I literally had a "how to draw animals" book out and tried drawing cats and dogs. I didn't think anyone would pay me money, LOL, but I ended up taking 19 commissions! Some are pencil crayon, some are marker. I finished five or six at the show and just finished the last one this morning. Apparently when time and money are on the line, I can draw dogs and cats pretty good. The lesson learned is to believe in yourself, as corny as that sounds.

You can see them on Instagram:, but I will also be sharing them here. Stay tuned!
Hi friends and watchers, I just wanted to write a new year's message and hope you had a great holiday season filled with the people, pets and things you love! I was busy in November and December with Christmas craft sales, making Christmas cards and adding new cutting files to my Etsy shop. I guess you can't be everywhere at once! I'm looking forward to another year at the comic expo, making new entries for the Calgary Stampedes Arts & Crafts show and maybe I'll get around to doing some art for myself!
Come see my friend Nicole and I in the Artist Alley, table N10 at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo! We'll have jewelry, prints, cards, magnets, stickers and whatever else we can come up with in the next nine days :-)

Comic Expo by calzephyr
Happy September! I will be super busy getting ready for the Etsy Made in Canada show on September 26. Usually my craft shows start in November, so moving production earlier took a lot of planning. If you are local, come out and say hi to me and 99 other vendors.

embedded_item1441286731327 by calzephyr
I'm a winner! My piece, Three by Three, won at the Calgary Stampede Arts & Crafts Showcase. It took second in the overall section (papercrafts and calligraphy) and first in its class.

Threebythree by calzephyr
I dropped off two entries for the Calgary Stampede Western Showcase Arts & Craft Show yesterday. I had planned to enter the auction, but the timing was all wrong. Maybe next year! I entered the card category and the feather themed papercraft category with a papercut. The earliest that I can find out how the pieces did is July 2. Although it is not the most exciting part of the Stampede, the art showcase and craft competition is unique and competitive for the entrants. Plus there is never a line up for the washrooms :D
Hi peeps,

It's hard to believe, but I'm just less than a week away from returning to the Artist Alley at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. Come see me and my friend Noela Jewelry at table N10. I will have prints, magnets, stickers, sketch cards and probably more!
Hi peeps, 2015 is going to be a busy year. I will once again be in the artist alley at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, and I've been working on updating a lot of my sales material. I realized the last time I made a brochure was in 2008. Oh man!

For starters I updated a few parts of my website (…) with sell sheets showing off my favourite and popular images. Next I will be updating the homepage pictures with rotate on every page refresh. Years ago I found this awesome piece of JavaScript that rotates every image at once and am glad that it's so handy. I also want to make a mobile version of my website since that's the reality of 2015. In 2008 I could only DREAM of having a smartphone.

I hope you all have a great year friends!
Hi peeps,

I have been hard at work showing my Zazzle shop some love! I have added more pictures (like my carousel horses) and more drawings (like certain pony shaped objects).

Just hop on over to They often have coupons, especially around Christmas time, so make up some cards or a special gift just the way you want it with my work.
The past twelve months have been a rollercoaster of working full time and school part time. I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for my BFA, although that's still a couple of years away. If you believe in something enough, you'll always find a way to get there.

My 3D modelling class really nailed me to the wall. It took a lot of time, and four months worth of Saturdays. Saturday classes look good on paper, can check out some of what I did in that class on LJ -…
School was out last month and then my husband and I took off for California! It was fun. SO MANY PHOTOGRAPHS! I found out I got an A in English and a B in my fibre arts class, which was nice. Now to reconnect with friends online and offline!
Whew, I can't believe my last journal post here was in 2010. Last fall was quite busy for me at art college. I took two classes that happened to be pretty intense and complete clunkers as well! I got a C in the drawing class and a B- in weaving. Weaving is surprisingly hard, and well, my drawing teacher was not a good mentor for me and I actually learned very little that was new.

This semester I have three classes and I hope they will go a lot better! Looking forward to the end of April when I can hopefully catch up with the peeps here!
I realize I haven't updated in forever! You know how people kind of drop out of online communities? That has been me for a little bit. Taking two classes at ACAD was really overwhelming on top of the mandatory orientation that I had to go to (boo!!). It has been quite the ride and I have learned so much about textiles! You can catch up on my school days at or
Hoping someone out there in DA land can help me! I noticed that the order of my gallery has reversed itself from oldest to newest - is there anyway to have it display newest to oldest? If anything, it's a reminder for me to clean up some old stuff!
I don't know why I didn't think of posting this here before, but I'm participating in my second ACEO Treasure Hunt! How it works is that you visit all the blogs in the treasure hunt and leave a comment on each one. If you complete the loop, you qualify to be entered into a drawing for an ACEO from each blog.

You can win your choice of photo ACEO from my Blogger art blog, so trot on over my art blog on Blogger and follow the treasure hunt around from me to five of my fellow ACEO artists. Have fun!
I'm taking a modern art history class in May and June at ACAD, so I'll be a little out of touch with my friends here, there and everywhere actually! I'm fearing May. Not only am I attending two conferences, I'm birdsitting for the later half, taking my mentee (I'm like a "Big Sister") to an anime festival and the year end mentoring party. I think there's also a long weekend in May somewhere, but it's just going to be a month where I have to take it a day at a time!
Just a note to say I'm participating in Thing a Day 2009! It's where you create a thing a day. I did this last year and it was really fun! The website is: and you can watch my progess on Flickr as well -…
No one claimed the 10,000th page view. Maybe they didn't realize the contest was on. Ah well...
Wow, I can't believe I'm almost up to 10,000 Page Views!

Time for a contest!

Here's how it works:

Be the 10,000th page view to my front page ( and win your choice of:

1) A custom ACEO (subject must not be sexual, gory or perverted)


2) Something under $10 from my Etsy or Art Fire shops.

To claim your prize, you must email me a screen cap that you are the 10,000th visitor. Send it to

The last time I had a page view contest, I had two if there is more than one claimant, I'll put names in a hat.

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