I've not posted in HOW long?

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As if I needed any more proof that I have zero grasp of the passage of time, I apparently haven't written a journal here in nearly 2 years. *facepalms* In that time, I've graduated from Uni, had a job for six months and am now finding it next to impossible to get another (too old and/or over-qualified, apparently).

As I'm two years older and (hopefully) wiser, I figured it was now past the time to clean up the clutter I usually have in my journals and be a bit more to the point. I ought to tidy up my gallery too, now that I think about it.

There should also be another Doctor Who Lemming done by the end of November/beginning of December. One of my friends is a big fan of them and it's her birthday around that time, so I make a point of having a new one finished for then, if nothing else.

'Till next time,

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Looking forward to the new Doctor Lemming immensely