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Doctor 'Lem' - The Tenth



I've set a new record here - the next Doctor Who Lemming and it's only been just over a week between them this time.

Due to the Tenth Doctor's regeneration on January 1st, Ten was the next Lemming on the list (the fact I've gone in numerical order is a coincidence). Once again, it's painted - and for reasons for which I can only plead insanity over, I decided it would be a brilliant idea to paint each individual pinstripe by hand. Next time I have an idea like that, you have my permission to shoot me.

You may notice that Ten!Lem has shoes on. This was mainly due to the converses being as synonymous with Ten as his suit. Of course, I couldn't play it straight, and left his shoelaces untied (makes sense, seeing as Lemmings haven't got any fingers). You can probably guess the likely outcome of that.

A funny thing happened when I first sketched this guy: I have attempted to draw Ten properly on a couple of occasions, but always came unstuck with the hair. With Ten!Lem, I got it spot on first time. I don't know whether to find this amusing or irritating.

Lemmings © Take That (I think)
Doctor Who © BBC
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