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Doctor 'Lem' - The Ninth

By Calyfern
Finally, after over a year sitting around doing nothing, the Doctor Who Lemmings Project is back on!

Next up on the list was Nine - and before anyone else gets confused (my sister was a little perplexed when she saw it earlier), that's the Auton arm that causes a heap of trouble in the episode Rose. Thanks to having upgraded to a new mac over the summer, I had enough power to be able to properly paint it this time instead of dodge and burn without sending the CPU insane. That, and dodge and burn does NOT work when you're shading a leather jacket. Fact.

This may be my sherbet-addled brain imagining things here, but I do believe I have succeeded in drawing a Lemming that looks like Christopher Eccleston. I wasn't even trying either.

Lemmings © Take That (I think)
Doctor Who © BBC
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Okay. Nine is absolutely my favorite Doctor, EVER, and this... This is one of the best tributes to him I've seen, ever. It's so HIM and absolutely squee-worthy. And I love that it's the Auton hand. It's great!

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Oh gods...the memories of that game! (shakes head)
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Hahah, that's great!