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Doctor 'Lem' - The Fourth

By Calyfern
Excuse the incredibly bad pun, there wasn't an alternative.

Over on the Doctor Who LJ comm a while back we were on about people and things from Doctor Who making appearances in other shows/games, and my sister *AngelBless reminded me of the TARDIS cameo in Lemmings 2: The Tribes - see [link]

Well I just couldn't resist crossing the two, and drew a Lemming version of the Fourth Doctor (was originally going to be Ten, but thought I'd better show some love for Classic Who) munching on some jellybabies, obviously. Funnily enough, when telling ~RockyFS about this he mentioned that Tom Baker does look like a Lemming, and I have to admit he has a point.

Had a bit of a dilemma over which category to put it in, but Angel said put in TV because people will recognise it more as Doctor Who than Lemmings (I'm half-expecting that to be proved wrong).

May draw the rest of the Doctors as Lemmings, depending on Uni (and how much time I need to kill, which looks like a lot at the moment).

Lemmings © Take That (I think)
Doctor Who © BBC
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OH MY GOD!!!! That was a TARDIS in lemmings. This is an amazing picture. 10/10 Stars
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No problem. I love both Doctor Who and Lemmings, so to see them together was the best 21st Birthday Present EVER!
Calyfern's avatar
Well then, Happy Birthday! :D
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I really like your Fourth Doctor Lemming :)
Have your thought about doing all the Doctors?
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Thanks. :) I've already done sketches for (almost) all of the Doctors, I'm just waiting for when I've finished with Uni now.
Vlad-IV-Calugarul's avatar
That's great :)
I'll be sure to keep an eye on your page.
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This is great! I LOVE Lemmings! So cute with its little scarf :)
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I love the DR Who lemming!
SkyBlueFox's avatar
Okay, that's pretty cool.
Herebellama's avatar
Very very cute XD
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Wonderful! I really hope you do the other 9 doctors too :)
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Did a search, and Lemmings was developed by DMA Design and published by Psygnosis.
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I know they were the original copyright holders (I have most of the original games so the developer intro is practically burned into my memory), but I think it's changed hands for the more recent games since Psygnosis disbanded and DMA Design became more interested in destructive sandbox gaming (learning that they're the same guys who now make GTA was certainly a surprise).
Fox-Dragon's avatar
I think I had a few of the games for the Atari 10-something...
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Such a great idea. Came across this on LJ, but I had to come over here and give you a fave for it.
Great job. Much love for the hat and for the bag of jelly-beans :D
RockyFS's avatar
That has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen.
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