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ME finally by CalydaRose ME finally :iconcalydarose:CalydaRose 0 2
Never End
I never meant to hurt you,
It never was my plan,
Don't think I would desert you
If this was in my hands
But sometimes life throws things at us that we cannot foresee
And that is what has happened here now between you and me
But I hope that you will understand
there's a place where we can still be friends
if by chance our paths do cross again
We will see some friendships never end.
So if we ever happen
To start to grow apart
And distance becomes more than
Just physically far
If we grow up and find ourselves changing from where we are,
then maybe we can go our ways and mutually depart
And I hope that we can understand
There's a place where we can still be friends,
And if by chance life helps our paths to cross again
You will see our friendship never changed.
So wipe the mark of sadness from my face
show me that your love will never change
And if my yesterday is a disgrace
Tell me that you still recall my name.
Oh tell me that you still recall my name.
:iconcalydarose:CalydaRose 1 2
Please just hear lend me your ear
How in the world did we end up here?
It's been 4 months much less a year
But it feels like more
with the sweat and tears
Used to be we were close and near
What's this growing distance I fear?
I wish all our problems were laid and clear
But I guess life is more like broken mirrors dear
I don't know what goes on inside your head
Even more confused after all the things you've said,
I won't guess, cuz all that stress from guessing
Would leave me tired and brain dead
It doesn't mean I haven't tried
But I won't lie when I say I
Have no idea how or why
We see some things from such different eyes.
Apparently the way we see has led to all this hostility
And I know most of the problem lies with me
Maybe this was never meant to be.
Never meant to be…
Never meant to be free and easy,
webs are concrete til the wind starts to get breezy.
:iconcalydarose:CalydaRose 0 2
Rockets in the Sky
Setting you Free
Part II
Rockets in the Sky
There was a time when you and I would talk free and easy
our relationship was built on trust, I'd always be there when you need me
despite our jokes being cheesy, And me being a "meanie",
We knew we had each other's backs, loyalty was no freebie.
Although I'd never admit it I admired you greatly
You were the closest thing to being the closest friend I needed so badly.
So it hurts even more right now as I look back
to realize the reason we ever went off track?
Was because of my own games, and thoughts in my own brain,
The shame that I did it again adds burden to my blame.
It may be that the friendship has broke beyond repair,
And after what I did I can only say its pretty fair,
It doesn't stop the hurt, and wonder "do you also care?"
"Do you also realize that our friendship has lost its special flair?"
I know that you've made a new life, you've gone your own way,
You moved on, you have new better friends that you've made
It's ironic that what
:iconcalydarose:CalydaRose 2 2
Setting you Free
You know I can't believe it how friendships are conceded,
"BFF's", BS, they guess, my words I'm forced to eat it.
How did I not see it? The red flags did I read it?
So selfish won't acknowledge our growing gap and I bleed it,
Good advice you think I heed it? "Psh," I think, "Now I don't need it".
But the conviction's in my diction, this friction is too heated.
The Golden Age is gone, and I didn't realize they were
The future is changed and past memories are moving like a blur
But honestly what do they do? Will they help me in getting through?
I doubt it cause now it's me alone and I don't have a clue.
Grave mistakes I've made, different people feeling betrayed,
I thought we were stronger than that only to be shocked and quite dismayed.
You left me feeling, hurting, and thinking "were we even friends?"
Looking back asking no one, "What did we even have in the end?"
Was it you? Was it me? Or was it never meant to be?
Was it all pretend or was it that we had all changed by the end?
So you
:iconcalydarose:CalydaRose 1 3
Silver Forest
In silver forest there is a trail, a long and lonely road,
Zombies often walk the place, and banshees call it home.
The trees are shadows that line the path, in darkness with no end,
The loneliness is only broken by the moon who's your only friend.
Many travelers come to see and walk this lonely, backward path,
The danger is not the ghouls or ghosts, or the forest's crimson wrath,
Rather it's the way the darkness calls, and draws you in a trance
And blinds your mind away from escape and captures you in its dance.
For many walk the silver road, to where we can only guess,
But many who find themselves walking it are often the most stressed.
And some say the silver path is just a place you find,
But still others say the silver forest is only a state of mind.
:iconcalydarose:CalydaRose 1 5
The First Encounter pt. 1
July 13, 2010
I was very excited. This was a once in a life-time opportunity, and not only would a report on this event make me a part of history, but it would launch inexplicably so many other opportunities not just for myself, but for the entire scientific field. It's the moment that many people can only dream of. That's why as I stepped into the room I was visibly shaking. I was nervous, but also anxious.
"Mr. Lee, are you all right?" a man asked me.
I turned to my right. There stood a balding man around his mid-thirties with thick-rimmed black glasses. His eyes were sharp, calculating, and cool. He was wearing a taupe colored wool suit which was ironic because his name was Mr. Woolsworth, the man in charge of the caretaking of this whole thing. Overall, Mr. Woolsworth had the appearance of a man who could be doing stock at Wall Street.
"Yes, yes I am," I said matter-of-factly.
"I am sure you're excited to see the specimen," he said.
"Of course. It's the sort of thing that a man wai
:iconcalydarose:CalydaRose 1 3
Spring Night by CalydaRose Spring Night :iconcalydarose:CalydaRose 0 6 Crane Crest Dragon by CalydaRose Crane Crest Dragon :iconcalydarose:CalydaRose 3 10 Heartstrings by CalydaRose Heartstrings :iconcalydarose:CalydaRose 4 3 Lovestruck by CalydaRose Lovestruck :iconcalydarose:CalydaRose 4 10
Just You
January 5, 2010
Here we sit, uncomfortably,
What would you have me believe?
So will you stay or will you leave?
I guess the choice is ours.
The sun will set, eventually,
Indigo eternity,
On endless sea, with you and me,
But will we choose the stars?

Destiny was what I made it,
Choice was mine, but I delayed it,
Path was clear, but I debated,
But who I'm choosing
Wish I could, punch a dial,
Turn back time, to stay awhile,
Change the past, or gain some miles,
But who I'm choosing, is you
So will you?

Regretfully, you had to see,
Not the best side or part of me,
I offer my apologies
You caught me unprepared
You loved me, and I liked you,
But shining lights confused my view,
and though I grew, was in my youth,
To you it was unfair…

Destiny is what we make it,
Choice is ours, so don't delay it,
Fate is nice, but unrelated
So I'll be choosing,
Charity is real forever,
You and me, should be together,
Night will come, as sure as ever
But I'll be choosing, just you…

:iconcalydarose:CalydaRose 1 12
Ashes to Ashes
Steven Chao
Period 5 English 3
Ashes to Ashes
There I was. I stood in the midst of the worst scene I had ever seen in my life. Hundreds of people were huddled out in the streets with blankets. People were running around everywhere, screaming at the top of their lungs, and trying to find any shelter they could find. Looters were everywhere, banging up store windows, and toting small handguns. The sound of gunshots could be heard in the distance. The police were nowhere to be found and the street before me was total chaos. Other people were burning alive inside the apartments that were on fire. Good-natured people who tried to rescue them were shoved and ignored. The smell of smoke and something even more sinister was in the air. My skin was damp, blackened, and itchy. My hair must have been a mess and it smelled singed. I imagined I looked like a bum who had been living under a bridge all his life. I surveyed the skies. The sky had turned dark prematurely and gray clouds blocke
:iconcalydarose:CalydaRose 0 2
Skies over Adam Ondi Ahman by CalydaRose Skies over Adam Ondi Ahman :iconcalydarose:CalydaRose 2 4 Galactic Rose by CalydaRose Galactic Rose :iconcalydarose:CalydaRose 1 1 Midlands by CalydaRose Midlands :iconcalydarose:CalydaRose 1 1


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