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SpiritWolf Stables - SWS Icaro and Mark van Elsing - Dressage with Starting Number 007 -  for Austria

SWS Icaro by CalyArt

Arrival Images

Arrival Images (max 3)

1/3 with 3 featured horses:
-_The Arrival_- by CalyArt +7.5 Points

2/3 with 3 featured horses:
_-New Friends at the NAT-_ by CalyArt+10 Points

Vet Inspection (max 1)
VetCheck from Icaro by CalyArt+8 Points

Extra Images

Previous Training
~Act like a model~ by CalyArt + 1 Point

Training For Trials (max 5)

DreamTeam by CalyArt+ 2 Points

On Site Training (max 3)

Warm Up (max 1)
Warm-up for the big show by CalyArt+3 Points

Show Experience

Participation (not judged yet)
Oo Sexy and I know it oO by CalyArt + 0.5 Points

Total Points Extra Images: 32 Points


Dressage - Starting Number 007
~ Let the sky fall ~ by CalyArt
Fullbody - 6 points
Detailed Shading - 9 points
Detailed Background - 9 points
Registration Number visible - 2 points 
Correct tack - 2 points
Story to come
(maybe I shoud add some sponsor banners, what to you think? would give extra points :3 )

Judges Scores - OPEN:
Judges will also give their score out of 200 for the entry 

Effort Compared To Your Gallery 0- 100
Attention to Surroundings (weather conditions correct buildings visible etc) 0-50
Pose ( have you chosen an unusual angle or is your horse doing some dramatic pose) 0 - 25
Creativity and flair - 0 - 25

Total Points Entry: 28

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Submitted on
January 15, 2015


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