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Sat Aug 4, 2018, 11:34 AM
Helloooo everyone!!

As there are a ton of cool events everywhere atm i'm trying to finish my Lifestream training pic and go for some competition entries next - a lot of entries. Thankfully the deadlines are all far away and i will have a lot of time to do them all (hopefully all, you know me...).
One event is the 'Masters' CSIO 5* - OPEN , an Elite Jumping Event - i love elite events, all in for this and already registered for 2 classes^^ but i want to participate in the team class too. Anyone interested in joining a team with me? :3 (we need 3-4 Teammembers)
Either Austrian Team (but i don't know how much of Austrian Show Jumpers are in for this)
or a "Rainbow" Team with members from different countries! Don't be sad if i prefer my friends for this (when they want to participate xD), that doesn't mean i don't like you or your art!

I want (try^^) to participate in the Skeggas on the Beach event too! I will not "collab" for this but will pic some various charas from others to make an artwork! :3 so if you're entering this too then please inform me, so i know who i can pick for the picture (: will add a max of 2-3 horse-rider pairs

~RSI Elite Dressage Event~

Wed Jul 25, 2018, 1:35 PM
Dear participants,
thank you for voting, the Elite Dressage Event got the most points, it was a very close race though^^
If you feel familiar with this idea - yes, it's mainly from Tigra1988 's WS Elite Dressage Event *Extention*, i appreciated this so much so i wanted to host something like this again, hope you don't mind hun <3

RSI Elite Dressage Event

Basic Information and Setting

Show Type: Effort Based, One Class (Dressage)
Deadline: September 30 , 23:00 CET
- No Pre-Registration -

As i wasn't able to do my stable map or pics of my stable for inspiration, you're free to interprete the pictures by yourself without me being too strict about how it really looks like (in my mind) So here are some impressions of the stable:

The Elite Dressage Class will be held at 3pm (Summer) in one of the 2 Indoor Arenas of RSI, it's hot outside (approx. 28°C)  but some clouds are rolling by and hide the sun from time to time. The Top Windows (Red Dot) are opened and the sun can find her way all in the arena. Horse-Rider pair are coming from the left side which is barred by a pole, one RSI member opens it for the riders and their horses. Around the arena is water (light blue) in a small enclosure, in front of it are standing middle-high flowerpots. The dressage letters are standard, hanging on the wall of the arena. The chandeliers aren't switched on there's enough light from outside, but flowergarlands with different kind of flowers are hanging from chandelier to chandelier.

Visitors can watch the spectacle from this view (balcony-like), behind them is a restaurant where they can buy drinks and food, judges are under the visitor-balcony behind a glass window:

Tack and Outfit
Standard Dressage Tack with double bridle, can be variated  - Colors allowed: Black/Brown/Red ; White Saddle Pad with stable logo or country flag ; If leg wraps then white
Mane and Tail braided, Tail should include inbraided flowers
Black top hat, white breeches, white gloves - no whips allowed, long black dressage coat, knee height boots - spurs allowed,

Horse and Rider should show a higher dressage exercise (S class) - if you draw your horse showing a trot then extended or collected gaits only, please


-Tracing is allowed but five proper credits
- Fullbody Pictures are required, headshots or halfbody would be disqualified
- Background can be blurred, custom brushes and Texures allowed, no photo backgrounds allowed
- not allowed are also: pre-made linearts, commissions, re-used old images. Art has to be made for this event.
- All breeds welcome, unnatural + natural
- A horse can't enter twice, a stable can enter with a max. of 3 horses
- Horses have to be older than 6 Years
- Horses must be trained in dressage (1 Dressage Trainingpic required)
- Horse should be trained in a higher class of dressage as M

-To enter comment with your Artwork and add the following information in the description of your Entry:
°Name of Horse and Link to Reference
°Age of Horse
°Name of Rider
°Dressage Training Image to confirm your Horse is trained in Dressage
°Extra Image: Dressage Training
°Extra Image: Arrival
°Extra Image: Warm-Up
°Advertisement Proof when done
°Donation Yes/No (Points or Other)


Correct Tack and Outfit: 5 Points
Correct Setting/Background: 10 Points
Background shaded: simple 1-3 Points, Detailed 5 Points
Shading Hore/Rider: 15 Points (Flat color disqualified, Cell Shading max. 8 Points)
Composition: 10 Points
Effort (compared to own gallery): 30 Points
Creativity: 10 Points
Story min. 100 words: 3 Points
Advertisement (Poll/Journal/Status): 3 Points (only counts once)
Donating Points: 3 Points
Donating Imports/Drawings/Breeding Slots: 1 Point
(Donations no matter which only counts once - If you donated points you can't get the extra +1 when you offer an import too)
Leasing one of my Horses/Riders: 3 Points
Showing a lower exercise: -50 Points

Dressage Training Image (drawn for this show, so new): 5 Points
Arrival Image: 3 Points
Warm-Up Image (Outside Arena): 3 Points

TOTAL: 108 Points


First Place
100 Points from AMillionLights
100 Points from CalyArt
Custom Traaker Import from CalyArt
Fullbody w BG from AMillionLights

Second Place
70 Points from CalyArt
Halfbody w BG from AMillionLights

Third Place
20 Points from CalyArt
Headshot from AMillionLights


Judges Choice
100 Points from AMillionLights
10 Points from CalyArt
Heatshot Pagedoll from CalyArt
Headshot from AMillionLights

Horse/Rider Leasing

If you want to Lease a horse and/or rider please note me, first come first save
Please look up my gallery for pictures and references

Mark van Elsing: :bulletgreen:
Natalia Parker: :bulletgreen:
Alejandro Pareja: :bulletgreen:
Justine Anderson: :bulletgreen:

SWS Legacy's Conquistador: :bulletgreen:
SWS Icaro: :bulletgreen:
SWS Salvatore: :bulletgreen:
RSI Admirale do Royal: :bulletgreen:
SWS Nochera: :bulletgreen:

Other horses aren't available because they don't have any Dressage Training Images.


Searching for Prizes and a JUDGER, if you're interessted in judging this show please note me, i would be happy <3
JUDGERS: CalyArt ; bumblebaee ; ???

I'm working on a Trainingpic for Don Brego, Reference Pic is from:

I finished the Lineart and made a quick Background, i'm now coloring the horse/rider pair. Again, not the most interesting thing in the world but i'm happy if you want to join :3


haha no, just joking : DD

DEAAAAR folks!!
First of all, heeeello my dears, all old and new ones!! we did nearly 1200 watchers and i'm not really sure if this is real xD i want to thank everyone for joining the Calyhome, hope you feel nice here! :3 i'll try to do some art now that you have something new to look at (and hopefully something to enjoy : D )

Neeeext, a short life update! I tried to answer all my open comments, some are slightly short, i'm sorry for that...but there were A LOT to answer. xD
As i already said, i try to make some art again in the next weeks/months, just need a new laptop to draw on but i look forward to buy one this weekend (:
I did my bachelor exam so i'm now a graduated Caly! It's official now, already had my graduation too! ^_^ And at the first of August i will start my new Job at the main blood donor center in vienna! I know, just 3 weeks left ._. ... but don't worry, i'm pretty sure there will be still enough time to draw

And last but not least, yesterday we got a new family member! He's called Sammy (barn name Nelson IV), now 4 months old and he's a little cuddly bengal cat. I love him already <3 It will move in another cat as friend for Sammy but not until the start of august.

Hope you enjoyed this little writing, thank you again for everything and hope to see you in the comment section or in notes! :3
Greets, Caly <3

Hey there my dears! It's a while ago since my hun Nightsrunner showed me a pic of SWS Galante and asked me if i uploaded this as coat for the black pearl on howrse.

Please if you see any art from my gallery on howrse then please report it!!! I was a howrse member but i stopped playing it 2 or 3 years ago! This is NOT me!!

And if the person who is stealing my art reading this then: Stop it. I mean, i'm honored that you like my art but it's not yours. Work hard on your own skills and improve, but don't steal others art to get positive feedback from others or just the goodies from howrse when the coat is going to be accepted.

Thank you and greetings,
yours Caly

-Urgently searching for sponsors!-

Mon Feb 5, 2018, 10:39 AM
Hey there guys!
Today i'm here to ask you for your support for an AWESOME, HUGE event which is comming up in April! It's also an invitation to register, please have a look at it -> FEI-Champions-League 

Casiro and myself are trying to get all last things done that we can host this event but we really need your help for that. This show will host 9 (!) different classes and you can imagine, we want that the winners get something for their hard work! but we can't carry that all on ourselves, so it would be awesome if you would be able to help us by sponsoring some prizes - points prefered, but we are also searching for horse group imports, designs, commission artworks (pagedolls,fullbody,headshot,...) tack designs etc.etc.
Ribbons, trophies ans things like that are already in progress!
Please write a comment or a note to me with your sponsoring and for which class/placing you want to donate (1-3. ,Judges Choice, Grand Champion,...) or donate the points on my site CalyArt

Thank you and i hope to see you at the event!
-Caly and Casiro 

~ Pagedoll Commissions CLOSED ~

Wed Jan 24, 2018, 11:00 AM
All Pagedolls resolution approx. 600x500
I will open 3 commission slots for every category. When i have done all of them the next slots will be open.

To order a Custom please send me a note with these informations:
Horse Name
Type of commission
 Prefered Pose (Fullbody only)

Portrait Pagedoll - 400 Points
currently no example
1) Aliyska SvLS Party by Myself (4)
2) IvoryHillStables Faelivrin IHS (5)
3) Hellgnoome SA001 SB's Remus (7)

Portrait Pagedoll with Frame - 500 Points
currently no example

Fullbody Pagedoll - 800 Points
~Bastille~ by CalyArt [PD COM] ~ Rhaegar~ by CalyArt
1) EmeraldTheWoof A257 EM's Rhaegar*****(with wings when possible) (1) DONE
2) XetsaPhoto… Foal (2)  DONE
3) Aliyska Ali Prize energische pose ( rear, spanishwalk,...) (3)
4) KittycatNita TPS The Smoky Guy (smh proud, spnaish walk, haute ecole move,...) Hair loose+long, tail braided (6)

RSI Autumn Halter Event - RESULTS

Sun Jan 14, 2018, 2:35 AM
AAAAND the judging is finished! ~ RSI Autumn Halter Event ~ CLOSED
My dear sister Kama-shi helped me as 2nd judger because my other lovelies hadn't the time due to important deadlines etc.

We really tried to just compare the effort and whole entry with the competitors gallery and not with the other competitors! As you already know, this was an efford - based event. Your point amount were counted as follows : ( Total Points judged by CalyArt + Total Points judged by Kama-shi ) divided by 2. 
If you want to know the detailed judging then here is the stash-document: Results RSI Autumn Halter
This document will be deleted in a few days or weeks!

Before we start with the Results I want to say a few words : THANK YOU SO MUCH for participating!!! We had 22 Participants and this is AMAZING! Every one of you did a really great job! EEH yeah that was all! : D <3


RSI Autumn halter - Remus - 1ST PLACE! by Hellgnoome 92 Points

Hellgnoome with REMUS 
Both Judger were amazed by the effort you put in this picture! The shading is gorgeous and the mood is

Yellow skies and golden gear by Catiza AND Go and Glow by Dozymare 91,5 Points

Catiza with LUMOS and Dozymare with BASTILLE
We looked at these two artworks and the first thing we recognized where the beautiful colors in the background!! It's like a BOMB of sunset colors, just amazing! Next we recognized the gorgeous shading - especially Bastille's shading is SO on fleek!
Point price will be split up for both of you.

One With The Fall - Autumn Halter - Smoky 3rd by KittycatNita90 Points

KittycatNita with SMOKY
You look at this picture and BAM BOOM AUTUMN HUH IMMA SO AWESOME!! We all know our beloved Kitty and this is 1:1 her! SUPERgorgeous artworks with a lot of detailes, amaaaaazing backgrounds and shading and so much love <3 You reached ALL points in ALL categories from BOTH judgers! but unfortunately you haven't got the "advertisment" points and this almost broke my heart in 1000 pieces... BUT nonetheless you reached third place with such a gorgeous entry!

PARTICIPATION ( In order of Points)
You had such gorgeous entries too and most of the time the points were SO close to each other!
Hellgnoome  Autumn Halter - Svadilfare by Hellgnoome89,5 Points
Dozymare + Infinite-Dog Stole the Show by Dozymare She's Pretty Lit - Autumn Halter Event by Infinite-Dog 88,5 Points
FeatherCandy  Autumn Halter Event - King by FeatherCandy(so gorgeous <3 ) 87,5
MimiMcg El Rey | Autumn Halter Event by Mimi-McG84 Points
GutCaballo 8 - RSI AHE - Do or Die Halter by GutCaballo(amazing artwork! loved the bg so much <3 ) 83 Points
IvoryHillStables .-. You were supposed to be handsome... .-. by IvoryHillStables82 Points
Rising-Star-Farm Impish Grin [Competition Entry] by Rising-Star-Farm77 Points
Rising-Star-Farm Tall and Small [Competition Entry] by Rising-Star-Farm Arrival of the Sassmasters [Competition Entry] by Rising-Star-Farm76 Points
sweet-like-the-storm Roman Flame - RSI Autumn Halter Event by sweet-like-the-storm75,5 Points
litrikmoray RSI Halter | Ferdinand I by litrikmoraygorgeous nonetheless <3 74,5 Points
Rising-Star-Farm Stepping Out [Competition Entry] by Rising-Star-Farm72,5 Points
Desimare - Aurora of Autumn - by Desimare70,5 Points
InkedLynx RSI Autumn Halter Event - Primrose by InkedLynx70 Points
Wookadile Julien Halter Contest Entry by Wookadile67 Points
AMousePotato RSI Halter Show | Max by AMousePotato61,5 Points
InkedLynx RSI Autumn Halter Event - Opal by InkedLynxYou used the same bg twice 59,5 Points

Congrats to all of you and thank you again for participating!
Prices will be sent out asap and here you can find the ribbons ->
  Show Ribbon - First Place by CalyArt Show Ribbon - Second Place by CalyArt Show Ribbon - Third Place by CalyArt Show Ribbon - Participation by CalyArt</b>

~ RSI Autumn Halter Event ~ CLOSED

Thu Oct 26, 2017, 7:34 AM

RSI Autumn Halter Event

Royal Stables de Iberica proudly presents their first Halter Event which is open for all Horse Breeds. This will be held at the RSI grounds and not at SWS - please keep that in mind!

Basic Information and Setting

Show type: Efford based, One Class (Halter)
 Deadline: 10. January 2018, 23:00 CET
Pre-Registration: not required

The competition will be held in one of the outdoor arenas of RSI. The trees which can be seen on one sides of the arena are slightly changing their green coats in wonderful autumn colored leaves in orange, red, ocre and brown. The sun will set in a few hours, but already gives the whole setting a yellowish/orangy light. Gas lanterns are spreading a great soft light and are placed on the small hedge which shows the border of the arena. (…)
Horses have to wear a halter.

Examle of the outdoor arena: (The entrance which is shown in the front of this pictures don't have to be shown for sure!)
Training with the Sensei by CalyArt
Please feel free to show the other sides of the arena - open to you.

:new: You are allowed to draw multiple horses per entry BUT then just one (which one you prefer - please tell me when you hand in your entry) horse is going to be judged!


- Tracing is allowed - don't forget to give credits
- Fullbody Pictures are required, headshots or halfbody would be disqualified
- Extra Training Pictures are Open to you but they will not give you extra points
- Background can be blurred, custom brushes and Texures allowed, no photo backgrounds allowed
- not allowed are also: pre-made linearts, commissions, re-used old images. Art has to be made for this event.
- All breeds welcome, unnatural + natural
- You can enter with as many horses as you like
- A horse can't enter twice
- Min. age of the horse: None
- Riders are not required - you can draw them if you want but they will not give you extra points


Correct Tack: 10 Points
Correct Setting/Background:  20 Points
Shading: 20 Points
Composition: 15 Points
Effort: 15 Points
Creativity: 5 Points
Advertisment (Journal): 5 Points
Sponsoring: 5 Points

Total:  95 Points


First Place
200 Points
100 Points by Infinite-Dog
80 Points by litrikmoray
70 Points by KittycatNita 
Custom Horse Design by CalyArt
Custom PRE Horse Design by litrikmoray
1 Custom Design (Horse, Cat OR Dog) by KittycatNita 
1 Free Breeding Slot to any of sweet-like-the-storm 's horses
1 Free Import from Terravarian-Registry (Rising-Star-Farm)
1 Free :icondrengirhross: extraordinary custom import
1 Free Breeding Slot to ZS0203 SB's Shetani by Hellgnoome
1 Free Breeding Slot to X2091 Kastell's Discount by Dozymare
1 Free Breeding Slot to any of IvoryHillStables ' Horses
Mini Pixel from Catiza
Headshot from Mimi-McG

Second Place
100 Points
50 Points by KittycatNita 
20 Points by litrikmoray
1 Free Breeding Slot to any of sweet-like-the-storm 's horses
1 Free Breeding Slot to any of IvoryHillStables ' Horses
1 Free Import from Terravarian-Registry (Rising-Star-Farm)
1 Free :icondrengirhross: extra-rare custom import
Mini Pixel from Catiza

Third Place
50 Points
30 Points from KittycatNita 
1 Free Breeding Slot to any of sweet-like-the-storm 's horses
1 Free Breeding Slot to any of IvoryHillStables ' Horses
1 Free :icondrengirhross: rare custom import
Mini Pixel from Catiza

All Participants
1 Free Breeding Slot to any of sweet-like-the-storm 's horses

Good luck to all participants,
-Mark van Elsing and Alejandro Pareja

- Aurora of Autumn - by Desimare Roman Flame - RSI Autumn Halter Event by sweet-like-the-storm Stepping Out [Competition Entry] by Rising-Star-Farm Autumn Halter Event - King by FeatherCandy Autumn Halter - Svadilfare by Hellgnoome Tall and Small [Competition Entry] by Rising-Star-Farm Impish Grin [Competition Entry] by Rising-Star-Farm Stole the Show by Dozymare RSI Halter | Ferdinand I by litrikmoray RSI Autumn Halter Event - Primrose by InkedLynx Yellow skies and golden gear by Catiza She's Pretty Lit - Autumn Halter Event by Infinite-Dog One With The Fall - Autumn Halter - Smoky 3rd by KittycatNita RSI Autumn Halter Event - Opal by InkedLynx .-. You were supposed to be handsome... .-. by IvoryHillStables 8 - RSI AHE - Do or Die Halter by GutCaballo Arrival of the Sassmasters [Competition Entry] by Rising-Star-Farm RSI Autumn halter - Remus - 1ST PLACE! by Hellgnoome RSI Halter Show | Max by AMousePotato El Rey | Autumn Halter Event by Mimi-McG Julien Halter Contest Entry by Wookadile Go and Glow by Dozymare

!!!Thanks for 900 Watcher!!!

Sat May 20, 2017, 11:27 AM
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT 900 watcher THAAAANK you SOSOSO much guys, i'm so happy to see that so many of you like my art!!! <333  That's a huuuuge amount of people waaah that's so amazing! :heart: thank you to all watchers out there, thank you so much for supporting me <333

Now were very near for 1000 watchers, and  - no i don't forget you guys - for this i have a really great idea to thank you all!
Here is a list what i'm planning for this milestone! :3
First of all - i will not offer any commission drawings - hope you all understand that. Because of reasons mentioned in an earlier journal i don't do any commissions anymore. Also i will not take anything for points, for example for breeding slots or design sales. (But if you want to gift me some it's totally fine hehe :D But you really don't have to! )
Now i come to my second point! Here's a list of all "events" i want to start when the 1000 watcher-day has arrived:

1) 1000 watcher - 1000 point giveaway! (Nearly the last points i have xD ) I think this will a raffle you can participate in (: But do you guys want that the First place get all 1000 points or should i split it up? (something like 1st 500, 2nd 350, 3rd 150? )

2) Horse Designs as Free to claim AND raffles! (NO POINT SALES!) - but just for my watchers! I thought of doing approx. 20-30 designs that a lot of my watcher are able to get a design, and not just 5 or 10 of you have the chance to snatch one (:

3) I'm planning a "thing" for advent season (eph, YEAH now! xD ) and for that i want to do a raffle too! I said i will not do any commissions, but i don't say that i don't do gifts... ;) A few slots are closed for special people but there are 12 (!) slots free for some of my watchers!!! (:

4) HARPG Elite Dressage Event of SWS - please let me know if you are interessted in something like that! I can't give any prizes so i'm definitely searching for some sponsors (points, horse designs or commissions, horse breeds etc. ). But i will definitely making some ribbons for that (:

That's all for now! Thank you again guys, love you <3

-Time to say goodbye-

Fri May 5, 2017, 7:28 AM
Life is about welcoming- and saying goodbye, about coming - and leaving, and about changes, new things that are coming up and old things which shatter in 1000 little fragments. At this point I can say i struggled a lot with my decision, but i don't want to lie, it was decided in hours or maybe minutes. It breaked my heart, it destroyed so much and even more, it brought me to tears - but i will not regret it.
It happened something, which i don't want to describe more precisely, it was not the ONLY thing which brought me to this desicion, but it's the main reason. It showed me that the time has come, maybe i'm now too old or something changed my mind, but it seems that i'm not longer needed on Deviantart - especially HARPG. I  - for myself - want to focus on other things, maybe things which are now more important in my life.

A few months ago i noticed that i don't have so much time for my drawings anymore, also the fun when drawing something was gone. I want to draw because it's my hobby and I don't want to earn any profit out of it. And it's also a really important aspect to bring me down and get the stress and all that little struggles away.
This situation isn't given anymore.
When i think of drawing now i think of many things - but not fun. This is the 2nd main aspect why i have to say goodbye and includes the 1rst reason too.

Now to the real point, saying it flat out: I'll not be active here anymore, maybe forever. No events, no commissions. But don't be sad, i'll stay on harpg and will not quit drawing fully. Training Images, Daily Life Pics, Stable Stories, Stories with others, Equibreak pics, Collabs, Art Trades, all these things will stay on my account. What i want to say is, that i will just draw when i want to do it and when i'm in the mood, and not because i have to. This means i will eventually just upload a single picture in one month or even less.

I'm extremely sorry for the people out there which are affected by this...Hope you guys aren't angry and understand this decision...
Lucid-Dimensions : You can stroke my name from your awesome event AUSE, hope you are not disappointed, but i think people showed and said me very well that i shouldn't do more competition pictures. I hope the persons who wished that i get a penalty are now happy with my decision.

QuibbleCur  + Kumoulogy : I have to tell you that I won't do commissions anymore - from this minute on. I want to sorry 100 times...

I also want to say that all my horses will stay at my stables, maybe i'm breeding even more, can't tell you at this time^^  but all open breeding slots will now sold just by artworks and not longer for points - no matter which horse.
Also important is that i'm not longer admin of Barroco- Horses, i gave it to the co founders and downgraded me to a normal member.

Thank you for your understanding and i hope all of you will  watch my artworks nonetheless, even when they are going to be very rare.
Greetings to you from

Back to Business

Tue Apr 11, 2017, 3:01 AM
Hey guys!!!
Waaah I missed you so much, and I'm so sorry for my long absence....
I've moved to a new flat with my boyfriend, it's still not totally clean and completed but the most important things are done, we can now live here (Internet is on and FAAAAST guys, i'm so happy about this, it's crazy xDD )
But it wasn't just the moving thing which hold me back from Deviantart, university was TRULY killing me, everyday i had to be there from 8 o clock in the morning to late evening, and not to forget the bunch of exams i had ._. .....
BUT now i have 2 weeks easter holidays and 2 weeks left to do my 3 AUSE entries, so be prepared, they won't look that good xDDD
Not just because i haven't so much time left for them, I really have the slight feeling that i can't draw anymore, or...not beautiful enough *scared* But i'll come back to my old rythm somehow, or better said i will try it xD

Another thing to say: i cleaned my inbox a few minutes ago, i faved all what comes in my sight but i think i haven't seen everything so don't be sad if i overseen some beautiful art or didn't comment on it <3
I also want to thank all my new watchers, it's so amazing to see that i got 19 new ones without uploading new art, thank you so much <3

Sup, now i'm finished with my life update haha :D
-yours Caly <3

Simple Point Raffle!

Sun Feb 12, 2017, 11:13 AM
I don't think that i win, i've never won something xDD but i'll give it a try hehe ^^
<da:thumb id="657665701"/>

~Commissions - CLOSED~

Sun Feb 5, 2017, 2:09 PM
Here you see all commissions which you can order.
I will put some commission buttons on my site, but if you have something totally special with more than 1 character etc. you can send me a note too and i will create a commission button just for you with the arranged price :3

Write a note with the title "Commission Order" and fill this template out:
Type of Commission: (Portrait/Fullbody/Fullbody Horse-Rider)
Additional Character: (Yes/No - How much)
Other Additionals: (Detailed BG, Tack,...)
Horse reference or picture of the horse: ...

1. Wait for my answer, please. (Don't pay before)
2. Please pay at the "Give Points" Button on my site (You know which? the one with the present on ._. xD )
3. Be patient and wait. I maybe will have time to show some WIPs, but maybe not. Please don't write me messages every week when the commission will be finished. This would maybe cause a delay. Because i hate it. ._.

-I'm just doing HORSE Commissions.
-Payment should be done before i start.
-Commissions will be drawn in the order of which one ordered first. (Stay updated on my page (+Progress!))
-I'm a Student and i will move in a few weeks. It can always come to delays so please pe patient, i will do my ver best to finish your commission as quick as possible.
-No paybacks when you simply don't like the commission. You should be 100% sure when you want to commission me.
-No changes after you've orderered the commission.
-Natural Horses only: Wings and Horns are okay but please keep in mind that i can't draw wings very well! (But i will give my very best)
-I may ask you for extra points when i have to draw extreme mutations, wings and fancy colors/genobombs. The amount of this will be changeable.
-I AM ABLE TO REFUSE COMMISSIONS WHEN I DON'T FEEL COMFORTABLE ABOUT THEM. This means for example when the horse shows colors which i'm sure i can't draw satisfactorily, backgrounds I think i can't get right, etc.

Portraits | Simple Background | Detailed Shading : 800 Points
More Characters: +1 Character 400 Points (50%)
+Tack: 100 Points (Black, White, Brown)
~Purity~ by CalyArt
(not the best example, sorry)

Fullbody Horse | Simple Background | Detailed Shading: 1800 Points
More Characters: +1 Character 900 Points (50%)
SWS Shakhin - SOLD by CalyArt SWS Quickfire by CalyArt
Detailed Background: + 500 Points
~All eyes on Luc~ GRAND CHAMPION by CalyArt

Fullbody Training Picture - With Rider and Tack | Detailed Background | Detailed Shading: 2800 Points
More Characters: +1 Character (This means Horse-Rider-Pair) 1400 Points (50%)
~AUSE Qualifier One - Dressage~ by CalyArt ~Dreamteam Comeback~ (Show Champion) by CalyArt ~AUSE Qualifier One - SJ~ by CalyArt

I think i have to say something about my current poll because i had a lot of feels the whole day long as i watched the outcome of this poll.

First of all, a big thank you to all of you who said that my art is worth a high price, this means you like my art and that i'm creating something people really like and that makes me very happy, i mean, VERY happy, i was amazed how much of you said that to me and i really want to thank you guys for that :heart:

On the other hand i was really near to tears as i saw that A LOT of people clicked on "800". I was so dissappointed, frustrated and really sad. I just put this option in because i thought ah come on, i'm not that bad! But some of you apparently think that i am. Because when you think that my art isn't worth spending over 1000 my art seems to be shitty, with low quality, altogether not good enough for a higher price. Also i don't ask how much points YOU have and what you can give or what others want for their commissions, it was just an objective question what you THINK my art is worth. And if you now say "Ah, 800 is enough for her" i feel hurted...

Just wanted to let that out because i was so shocked when i saw the results.
Most of you said 2000 Points and no worries, i will set the price around this. To all of you who don't want to pay "so much": i thought about several discount weeks where you can snatch a cheeper commission slot but i really have to think about this after these results.

Great, 2 times tagged with 2 different tagging...thingies... there.. ._. ya know what i mean!? :D
Lovely chelissima tagged me to get to know Jacky better! so will the real Jacky Miller please stand up, please stand...oh ok no eminem now, stay serious Caly! ._.

1. What's your characters FULL NAME?
Jackelyn Miller

2. Do they have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics?
There's not so much where Jacky behaves strange or do strange things, but the few she has are really nice tho! :D For example, funny is that she can't walk in high shoes and she dances like these wobbly air filled arm thingies thich you can see in front of car dealers sometimes!
(Fact: Really don't know how the name of these are in english, just know that the German word for these things is: Wackelarmiger Windhosenkamerad. Nice word ._. )
An absolute annoying habit of Jacky is, that she slurps all drinkable liquits extremely loud another one is that she's often talking to herself and sometimes she also laugh very loud when she do so. A bit scary if you aks me ._. (and Mark. )

3. While growing up, did they have any role models?
She came with a young age to SpiritWolf Stables, she lived nearby and starting with the age of 7 she always helped the people there and took some riding lessons. As she get to know Mark (he was 15 when they met the first time, he went to dressage competitions with the horses and trained them with the help of the old stable head (which has already died)) she always watched him at his training lessons and cheered for him at the events he drove to. From that time on till know Mark is Jacky's role model and also a big brother for her.

4. Who is their Favorite Horse/Pet/Animal?
One favourite horse of Jacky was her Traaker Mare Cashslash ( SWS Cashslash - SOLD )but the present stable owner sold her to a good new home <3
Jacky is totally in love with the Zlesdin 's , she has 2 absolute favourite horses, SWS Pashalyk and SWS Azazeel
and she did some great experiences and competitions with them.

5. Are they able to kill? (regrets or no regrets... scary characters o-o)
She can't REALLY kill but she killes with her eyes, and when she hates someone this person is literally dead for Jacky.

6. Who are their friends? Do they have a best friend?
All friends of Jacky are best friends of her, but she loves Mark van Elsing and Justine Anderson with all her heart.

7. Name three things they consider themselves to be very good at, and three things they consider themselves to be very bad at.

Good at:
-Show Jumping, this is was she loves most when she's riding and she's really good at it
-Lying, she's perfect in it. But she don't often do it.
-Maths and medicine

Bad at:
-Dressage riding and Classical Work, she definitely have to take some extra lessons with Mark or Justy

8. What is their favorite color?

9. Who is the most important person in their life, and why?
Again, I already explained it, Mark. (Maybe you should also know, her mother died when she was 5 and her father starts drinking then.)

10. Did this character have any changes when you first made them? Did you have any ideas of what you wanted them to be like before they became who they are today?
Woah that's a hard question! When I started to think and to draw all of my characters i don't really thought about it, the character of them all just came up during the years. I always think about how the character would behave in the story behind my pictures and so the final characters came up.

I tag:
- akaParis :Charles Graham
- litrikmoray :Benji Gray
- Casiro :Katy Morean Parker

New  EDIT: thank you so much Hellgnoome for tagging me again in this, he wants Le Mark!! :D

1. What's your characters FULL NAME?
Mark van Elsing

2. Do they have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics?
He is very shy in front of people he met new but when he get to know them he's a funny and open minded sweetheart.

3. While growing up, did they have any role models?
He was his own role model so to say, his parents weren't really comfortable with his dream to become a professional rider and trainer, so he moved really early to SpiritWolf Stables and he didn't have a good relationship to his parents.
But he always had great Dressage and Classical Work riders as great idols for example Nuno Oliveira.

4. Who is their Favorite Horse/Pet/Animal?
OH that's very easy, Mark is in love with his lusitano gelding SWS Icaro - FEI but he also adore his Traaker stallion SWS Legacy's Conquistador very much. But actually he loves every horse he rides...or see ._.

5. Are they able to kill? (regrets or no regrets... scary characters o-o)
OH GOD never :´D he can't harm anything, he catches flies and spiders to bring them outside because he don't want to kill them^^ (Justy don't share this opinion at all haha, poor girl)

6. Who are their friends? Do they have a best friend?
Jacky is his "little sister" , he always want to keep an eye on her. Other Best Friends are Justine, Alejandro isn't his favourite mate but he don't show it when he don't like someone.
He met some great people out there on events, for example Katy Morean Parker (Casiro) and Shad Tepes (Nightsrunner) and he already totally love them.

7. Name three things they consider themselves to be very good at, and three things they consider themselves to be very bad at.

Good at:
-Dressage, Classical work, WE etc.
-Listening to people
-Keep his room and stable things in order

Bad at:
-Show Jumping
-Planning things
-Being emotional (very introvert man)

8. What is their favorite color?
Blue, light or dark doesn't matter.

9. Who is the most important person in their life, and why?
Jacky is his soulsister, to loose her would break his heart forever.

10. Did this character have any changes when you first made them? Did you have any ideas of what you wanted them to be like before they became who they are today?
When I started to think and to draw all of my characters i don't really thought about it, the character of them all just came up during the years. I always think about how the character would behave in the story behind my pictures and so the final characters came up.

FUN FACT: i identify myself totally with MARK and not with Jacky :D

NOWWWW the other questions, i got tagget by SofiesDrawings , CSStables , Zoubstance , annaaM AND Aliyska
Thanks guys. really ._. . xD

SofieS Drawings ' questions:
1. Do you play games/boardgames? If so which ones?
Not really i'm more the Computer and PS game player :D

2. What are your other interrests beside drawing?
Horses in general <3 , reading books, dancing (Latin dances are my favs :3 ), shopping, photography

3. Have you any advice for me(can be connected to the facts about me or something completly else)?
Don't eat things which are smelling bad ._.

4. When you draw what feeling do you have in general?
Most of the time it's totally calming down when i'm stressed and my fantasy breaks out :3

5. What about afterwards when your piece is done?
2 options: Either i'm totally pissed because i don't like the result or i'm so in love because it looks gorgeous :D

6. Can you concentrate on one piece for a long time period from start to finish in one day? If so hoooooowww?
Nope, neverrrrrrrrr xD i always work on like...500 artworks at the same time^^

7. Do you ever question life and why?
Yep, i watched an autopsy because of my study, it was totally interessting and i watched some afterwards too, but i had a total breakdown at the first one.

8. Have you ever had a crush on someone? If so how old were you?
Sure, i had crushes and i have them still :D

9. If you had a irl horse what breed, colour, personality etc would it be/have?
Breed: Andalusian or Lusitano
Color: that's not important, i like bays or blacks but the personality is more important. Calm and concentrated, simple to handle would be great :3
I like Stallions a lot but i don't think that i would be able to handle them well so a gelding would be my fav gender :3

10. If you could chance anything about yourself what would it be(Can be personality, looks etc)?
Yeah, there's a lot ._.
Personality: I don't want to be so shy in front of new people, i totally hate it. ._.
Look: My hair is shitty, it's extremely thin and breaks extremely easy, there's not one day where i'm not frustrated because of my hair. I also want to chance my gummy smile and my dark undereyes, they don't dissapear no matter how much make-up i'm putting on.

11. In what situation and where do you see yourself in in five years?
hopefully at work and still in relationship with my great boyfriend, maybe married.

12. Have you ever had a really strong connection with someone(Can be a best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend etc)?
yep with my boyfriend, it's like we're one person and not two ^^

13. Last but not least: What do you do when you are bored?
sleeping or eating ._________.

CSStables 's questions:
If money was no issue, what would you do with your life?
I wouldn't change a lot, maybe buying a house and a horse but i'm happy with my life as it is :3

What was your favorite toy as a child?
My plushie dog, i always went for walks with him, but it was a sitting plushie so his nose was totally scratched xD

You're tired and you want to stay home and relax, but one of your friends suddenly texts you to come join them and their other friends for drinks in the pub. What do you do?
I'm a lazy person, i would probably write that i haven't time and that i'm sorry ._. but maybe i would tell them that i'll come, it really depends on my mood too.

What book are you currently reading?
A game-based book from Darksiders, it's called "Die Kammer der Macht"

Do you think your astrological sign has any influence on how you are as a person?
absolutely not ._. don't think that it would have changed my life when i'm born a few weeks later.

Favorite animal? (Or animals)
Equines, Canines, Felines. :D

Favorite cryptid?
What is that.. .____.

Tea or Coffee?

Who was your first character? Are they still around?
Justine! :3

drawing, horses, photography, dancing,...

Name three guilty pleasures.
listening to K-pop, drinking cocktails, watching porn ._.

Name three biggest pet peeves.
My hair, my laptop, my weight

If you could instantly acquire mad skills at something, what would that something be?
really don't know... ._____.

Zoubstance 's questions:
If you had to move to another country, which country would you pick?
Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland or Japan

If you had to be one of your own characters for a day, who would you pick?
Jacky! :3

Pick a super power you would love to have
Do you know the game "Prototype"? these abilities are so cool

If you were an animal which animal would you most likely be? (not what you WISH you were xD )
I asked my boyfriend. His answer: A Sheep ._.

What's your favourite mythological creature?

Which countries have you visited?
Hungary, Germany, Czeck Republic, France

Tell us a strange childhood memory
Can't remember a good one atm...

If you could meet one historical figure, past or present, who would you choose?
nobody ._.

What calms you down?

What keeps you awake at night?
stupid thoughts

Which song tends to get on your mind the most?
That changes ^^

Favourite equestrian discipline?
Working Equitation and Dressage

What do you believe happens after you die?
Don't think that something will happen....

annaaM 's questions:
1. If you could keep a mystic or fantasy creature of any kind, what would it be?
A Dragon, a thunderbird or a bowtruckle :D

2. Is there any language you want to learn in the future?
Japanese. It's going to be hard...or better said...impossible

3. Talk about the weirdest dream you’ve ever had!
I have a LOT of weird dreams i can tell you about. Every night i'm dreaming some shitty things ...

4. If you HAD to get a tattoo, what would you get?
don't know but something small

5. Pick a song to listen to for the rest of your life
That would be torture ._.

6. Are you a cat or a dog person?
More dog than cats

7. What is the purpose of life? (be creative with this one)
i really don't think that there is a purpose, really. never thought this.

8. name three countries you want to travel to
Spain, Norway or Denmark and Japan

9. fight or flight?

10. List your top 5 inspirations for art.
Every art is an inspiration for me, i have to say. can't just choose 5....

11. What is your favourite community emoji on deviantart?
Let me hug you! 

12. Would you survive a week on an uninhabited island all by yourself?
I think i would probably die ._. i'm too dump to survive

13. Name your best feature, you beautiful human you <3
Asked my boyfriend again. His answer: Your boobs. (i think he tried to be funny ._. )

Aliyska 's questions
1. What cheers you up?
dancing, lovely people, spending time with my friends

2. Plane, train or car?

3. What fictional character do you wish you could meet?
Ezio from Assassins Creed

4. Do you ever talk to yourself? When and what do you say?
Sometimes I do, yeah xD for example when i'm drawing, i asked myself what songs i should hear or if this looks good. And yep i give myself answers. xD

5. What is the sound you love the most?
Popping Popcorn <3

6. What do you consider unforgivable?
I'm a very tolerant person, there aren't much things where i can't forgive

7. Who is your favorite mythological god/goddess?

8. What do you hope to achieve by 50?
buying a horse ._______.

9. What's one thing most people don't know about you?
that i have a crush on Death from Darksiders :D

10. Last thing you googled? Be honest >D
What a "cryptid" is. Really don't knew that xD

11. What is your favorite sport?
Horseback riding and dancing

12. Favorite movie?

13. Favorite food?
Noodles *_* AND AVOCADOS!! xD


sorry will not do my own questions and will not tag again ._. also i will not add the 13 facts, if someone want to know something just write me a note haha :D

SORRY GUYS, there are some rules which aren't fulfilled for every the voting was totally needless, so sorry >_<
Here are the rules, i didn't know that before, i was so dissapointed but i can totally understand that, just the best horses should compete at the olympics:
Horse must have competed and placed (1-3) in 2 previous shows
AND Horse must have at least 1 training image in your chosen discipline.

Well crap, because i don't competed at 2 shows with my horses except chacal and icaro.
Now i will register SWS Legacy's Conquistador for Show Jumping (need training image before) and SWS Icaro - FEIfor Dressage.


: i would LOVE to start also in the 3DE but i haven't any horses for that, i'm searching for 3DE horses (dark coat colors prefered) which i can lend for this show!! Just write me a note or comment, your horse is going to be drawn veeeery often then ^^ (3 Qualifier pictures, show images and when there's time extra images too!

Leased horse: SilvesterVitale 's Qora Oltin
yes, new semester is monday university will start again and this will be the hardest, so yeah great I'M SO HAPPY. NOT. ._. I hadn't much time the last months and now i will have even less time, i hope to finish my entries and make you all happy with some drawings, so don't worry, i won't end my time here on DA ^^
Other things that happened these short holidays of mine? Let me see, i got a second earlobe piercing 1 week ago and yesterday i had a minor operation, i had to say goodbye to one of my moles^^ (the wound hurts nonetheless ._. )

AND now the happy part, my current poll! I asked you guys what you want me to do next, most of you said "Lineage Foal Design Sales" and this is what i'm going to do now! :3 I hope to make some pretty foalies for you, they will be up for sale for approx. 300 points each. Or do you want some auctions?
For these who had chosen "commissions" i have also good news, i will open them as soon as possible (:
And for the Barroco lovers: i know you all wait for new things and i'm really sorry that you have to wait so long, but i promise i'll open customs soon again AND don't forget the monthly challenge! (: (thanks to chelissima for the great organisation of the group at the time <3 )

See ya,
Hey there! :3
This will be my Code Journal, if you want to join and the Journal is on Online, then don't be shy and have some fun at my streaming! :3

I hope to see you there! <3