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the lite cums from the darkness
from w/in myself
being filled
slowly but surely
by the lite of knowledge
from beyond our knowledge
of lite, darkness, and knowledge itself

let my eyes be red
let the lite be shed
let it be known
i'm smokin up the meds
actualy 2 seperate pieces. i jus thot they went well together.
© 2006 - 2021 calvincanibus
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cleoBEdeo's avatar
I really like this. The last four lines are my favourite. The last four of the first part, I mean. Good job.
calvincanibus's avatar
hey thanx for takin the time to read and reply. it's not often people giv bak. it seems everyone jus wants to recieve and not gin in return. keep an eye out. mor cumin soon.
cleoBEdeo's avatar
it's no problem. i like reading different styles to help experiment.