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This has to be one of my favorite piece on deviant art. like the style of the drawing, it has the mix style of manga and american comic...

by edleen

Its a very nice piece, but the picture looked like that it had way too much photoshoppy work on it. for example, there seems to be a li...



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My Hero Academia: Alternate AU


Early morning usual stuff happens, Kacchan a dick to Deku and someone yell out something about if you are nicer, thing would be different. Giant portal came into the class and Izuku and Ochaco fallen into it. Intro detail will come in later

Deku and Uraka fallen into the vortex, don’t know what to do they hold each other hand and held each other close. The vortex took them up the to sky over to their city. Both panic for their certain this was a trap from the villain to kill off the young hero. Ochaco took the chance to activate her quirk before impact the ground. In good time she was able to land them both to safety in front of the school. “Are you ok” Izuku asked. “Yea I should be fine, ugh, but a little sick.” Realizing how close she, slowly pushed him away. Wondering what had happened it looked like no one else was able to fall in the portal but them. “Geeze I hope everyone else is ok.” As Izuku looked at classroom door. “yea, we should let them know we just landed out front. What? Wait ta minute?” Ochaco looked at the clock “does that clock say it only 8:20”
“Did we go back in time?” Izuku nervous reacted to the situation their in and go into a muttering of who has this kind of power, all for one, a new person, a hero or villain. “heh, look like your muttering again buddy” that response as well as a pat on the shoulder took izuku out of that phase “oh sorry, I guess I’m doing it again… KA CHAN!!” Izuku never expected Katsuki Bakugo to even talk to him, let alone give the meek Izuku a pleasant smile.

“You know bro, all that thinking gonna get yourself an aneurism these day” Jokingly Kachan said. Izuku and Ochaco jaws almost left their skulls. Bakugo behavior was nothing like his dark demeanor he always display. What weirder to them is that Bakugo doesn’t even display his piss off face to Izuku but a calm smiling, pleasant affection toward him. “Hey is everything ok, I didn’t expect you guy to show up till later. You gotta tell me how was your trip was.” Said Bakugo. “Trip!!!” Izuku mind is overloaded thousands of question. Who is this guy? When did he call me bro? This has to be some prank from 1-B? or a next plans from a villain? The bell ring to let every one know class is about to start. “Well it looks like time for the daily grind, Ill see you two in class. Lets hope mr sunshine will go easy on us. Later you two.” Bakugo walk to UA door. Izuku and Ochaco looks at each other, in shock, awe, and every unpleasant emotion they can think of wonder what the hell happened. “did that happened earlier with you.” Ochaco ask Izuku. “something like that never happened to me in 13 years.” They both walked to the school entrance.

As bizarre as the morning was for them, thing were different as they walked to the school, some people looked different than they were before. Even with zany style the students have, no sign of dejavu was being recalled. “Their something off here, I barely recognized some people here.” Ochaco said. “Yea, it like we didn’t just go back in time, but it seem like they messed around with other times as well.” Izuku look arounds. “Wonder who this time quirk guy is and how do we stop him?” Ochaco trys to bring the upside of this “We don’t know if it is a villain, or someone who trying to control it. Let talk to Mr. Aizawa, about this?”
“Yea may be your right, maybe he has a plan for it” said Izuku. They entered into Class 1-A, and stranger things are showing up in their classroom as well.

“Sup guys.” Izuku and Ochaco hair raised up to see their quick speedster friend Lida, with messy hair, unbutton shirt, slouching, have this feet on the desk. “how it hangin.” As if they needed another moment to turn white, more weird changed happened to the class of 1-A. Yuga Aoyama is not glimmering as usual, he was overweight, wearing glasses, reading American magazine. Mina is has a blue tone and smoother hair and was talking to a girl that was in Tsuyu seat, but instead it was some mouse girl. “hey Ochaco, sweak sweak, do you have yesterdays notes, mine got crumpled.” Ochaco sorta confused but is kinda at aw to see a cute meek mouse girl. “yea, here you go tsuyu” “tsuyu, whos that? Squeak, I’m Mausu” Ochaco pardon herself as for the confusion, but could not get over the utter cuteness of the white mouse girl. Ochaco took her seat, still sorta confuse of what is going on.

Izuku nervously analyze trying to not make a scene with the new surrounding. As he goes along, he witness more weird changes to everyone appearance. The one in Mashirano Ojiro seat look like a full fledge beast, “Hey Deku” in his snarling voice. “ahh oh hi?” said Izuku. Ojiro look at him in confusion. Izuku think to himself real smooth, you dummy. “and check mate” said Kaminari as he played chess with Kirishima. “He that no fair, you cant use your quirk to cheat in chess.” “oh my subdued friend if, I used any of my quirk on you, I would have finish this game in less than 3 moves. Not that I would every need it with you.” Said Kaminari. “Hey, sniff, don’t tell me that I’m stupid. That hurt my feeling.” Said Kirishima, who is tearing up and acting not “manly” persona. Koda was talking to everyone about his day, his family, it hobby, pretty much the most talkative person at the whole class. Sato was eating Veggies. Shoji looked like a white hair boy, with out all his tentacles, Izuku and Ochaco find it odd to see he was normal. Jiro look like she a less rockstar persona and was listening to classical music. She had microphone muff instead of earphone jacks on her ears. Hanta Sero didn’t have his tape arms but instead had finger that look like staplers as he staple document together. Tokoyami was also a bizarre spectacle to behold, as we see him lookine like a harpy with a human head. Shoto seem to be the only one person here that look normal out of everyone minus the hair swapped to the other side. It seem that his story was just a swap version or the original Shoto Todoroki. Izuku eyes are confused with what he is seeing so far, she didn’t even notice that Momo Yaoyorozu was in front of her. Before Izuku saw her and stopped himself from bumping into her, Momo grab his head and press it between her bosom. “Ahh deku, you animal” Ochaco was face shocked to see what happened “Deku, what are you doing?” “I didn’t do that on purpose” Said Izuku flustering in embarrassment. Momo lick her teeth as she she smiles “Oh baby Deku, if your lady not good for you, you can always lay your head on these fun bags. Maybe later you can taste some of my fruit later.” Izuku head was gonna scream louder than a tea pot if it wasn’t for Kachan separating them. “hey there succubus, hand off. I don’t want you to be the home wrecker to my buddy deku. Don’t want you making Ochaco jealeous” Everyone snicker and laugh as Ochaco face turn red. “Aww, mr fireshow, I was just playing around with Quirkless here. You know how hes aways stiff as a board. Unless you have something that might burst for me.” Every male in the class almost got a nosebleed out from that comment. Kachan is red in the face. “stop teasing everyone like that. Your giving us ladies bad name Momo” said the black hair ladie in front of Bakugo desk. “oh boy will want someone like me on them Toru.” Said Momo. Izuku shocked to see what Toru looked like, she resemble someone like Lana Condor. “quit being so vulger.” Toru replied. “oh alright maybe another time. Beside stud muffin gonna come into class right now.” The last but not least was Minoru Mineta, out of all of them was the most shocking to the both Izuku and Ochaco. He was not a 3’5”perv character were all aware of. He was a gorgeous looking Kpop star. Soft purple eyes, a beautiful smirk, every step he takes made all the girl melt in there seat and guys to become jealeous. “Sorry I’m late.” Mineta said. Momo was about to greet his with some hot vulgar, but Mineta just passed by her and took his seat. “Class is starting soon, shouldn’t we take out seats.” Asked Kaminari. “yea alright. (yawn) just do what you do.” Said Tenya Lida. How in the world is this guy still class president is beyond Izuku and Ochaco comprehension. The students are seated to their proper desk.

“What the fuck happen here?” thought Izuku Midoriya
Im currently making a comic about a superhero with Autism, I am currently on my fourth book right now and my last few writer crapped out.

so im looking for a new person to look up the plot and basically see what is right and wrong and what do i need to do to do to improve it or not.

im at the plot part at the moment, I want to check with someone first before i even go to script work.

comment here to then ill send you a note.


Calvin Nye
United States
Current Residence: Ventura California
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Personal Quote: "Never give up, Never surrender"
I made a few changed to the comic to buy section on my deviant art gallery, you can now buy a digital copy of ricky the fangirl killer and joe hero issue 1 buy clicking the buy comic section of each comic. It will send you to a dropbox of the digital file and you can download it from there.
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