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Fish Have No Feelings

A possible postcard or poster for when my thesis animation is finished, btw, i haven't even started animating.
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80...This is great. I get a really interesting creepy feel this image and the painterly look is well done.
The title/text also adds alot ( I remember me and some friends talking about animal rights or something along those lines and the idea of 'fish not having feelings' came up, so the image has extra wight for me )

fantastic work :3
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Now if the animation looks as wonderful as this poster,'ll be just AWESOME :jawdrop: Wonderful job, your pictures are kind of sad, even the colorful ones, but your style is fantastic!
caltron's avatar
THANKS!! you can see some of it here on my reel, [link] i'm still trying to finish it.. maybe some day.
natsumi33's avatar
Amazing work!!! :wow: :heart:
Really, very various, maybe even random in a way but beautiful! You kind of remind me of the works of the Japanese studio "4 grades Celsius" (well, I mean 4 and the symbol for "grade Celsius"..but I can't find it on the keyboard :XD:.... but I guess this will help more:
I hope you'll finish it, it looks marvelous :heart:
caltron's avatar
I loooooove 4C! they've been such a huge inspiration to me, everything they do! I'm so flattered with the comparison, I'm definitely gonna finish this film, thanks!
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Kinda looks like Rukia from Bleach.
Uerba's avatar
Wow, this is amazing! Did you take graphic design in school?
ColdCity's avatar
let me know when you're done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ETC ETCETC!
Fuss-Budget's avatar
Intense and creepy... I like!!!
martinolli's avatar
pelicula..? el titulo esta rifado... saludos =)
Purple-Sun's avatar
It's great, i :heart: the lay out

cAtyviri's avatar
pretty awesome, and intense, the colors contrast pretty nice, i personaly love the black, white + red match.
lovely picture, hope your animations goes all right
slivers's avatar
Amazing. Absolutely bloody amazing. I wish I could see the finished product.
Bogamaz's avatar
gl man, my thesis almost killed me
Mikenestin's avatar
A subtle but moving blend of negative space and texture. It's going to be one hell of a thesis!
sexypancake's avatar
wow. that's really deep.
KFoster's avatar
This is awesome.
Pandora-intheSKY's avatar
Nirvana or coincidence?

caltron's avatar
yeah.. i fucking love nirvana. it's also inspired in one random drawing i did quite some time ago. funny I'd get the entire concept for my thesis from it.
mosskat's avatar
this is very awesome...
waltzinghippie's avatar
Whoa, this is intense! I love the colors, and the dramatic shading.
Pinflux's avatar
Ugh... so cool!!! :+fav:
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Isam, you're the man.

PS I don't even have my layouts done yet, animation feels very far away right now.
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yeah, i haven't done those either, but i have been working on an opening 3d background, just because i needed to figure out how i was going to go about it. and not have it fuck me over when it's too late.

i cant wait to see some progress from your thing!
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