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Watercolor Texture Pack




Fourteen textures. Technically they're all made of the same four textures (which are included in the pack; the originals are labled 'scan' and the other ones I've tweaked levels and rearranged to have some madness about them and some variety and to suit my own DEVIOUS purposes). But yeah. Basically, what you see is what you get, except bigger, and less cropped to show off. Hey, this is new, I've never put out a texture pack before... must be that NaNo moon. I just felt like abusing some paper and wasting some paint.

But the rules for textures are the same as the brushes.

YOU MUST GIVE ME YOUR FIRSTBO--no, please, please don't. Use'm, abuse'm; on site, off site, commercially, whatever have ye... they're for YOU!

THESE ARE UNRESTRICTED STOCK. My definition of unrestricted is actually unrestricted. You don't need to credit me (it's just nice if you do), you don't need to show me (but I do eventually get through the comments on my resources and fave what people do make with my stuff), you can use it off of DeviantArt (I encourage it; I know at least one person uses my brushes in her webcomic!), and you can use them commercially.

Please fav if you like them or might use them. Click one button. Not so hard! Don't distribute the textures on their own or claim you made them or I'm going to stop being so lenient about my 'stock rules'.
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