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Viridian - Map Commission by calthyechild Viridian - Map Commission by calthyechild
For commissions I usually will post a version that's one edit before the final. In this case, the city glyph is different. And check out that texture, from Em who makes Footloose. And also no-credit-required free-for-all textures here on DeviantArt, just like me (...I just can't remember her username)! So basically she's awesome and you should read her comic and then go steal her textures afterwards. And mine too, while you're at it. ^_^

This map is for a guy who made a steampunk world. It's post-war and this is basically the only surviving world, apparently. It sounded really freakin' awesome and once the book is published I will hopefully remember to link to it here.

If you want to use this map, DON'T, it was a commission, please steal my personal map work instead or commission me to make you something similar or check out my… Map Tutorial and make your own!

Anyway, I do in fact take map commissions at a reasonable price, I enjoy making them. If you're itching to get your own map from me just shoot me an email or a message.
shareyourworldwide Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014
This looks like a place I'd like to explore. Neat work on the detail drawings :)
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