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Tolkien Map Brushes image pack

By calthyechild
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Hit download for the full sized image. I didn't seperate each brush--they're stamped on there at their full size for you to use in any program you want. If you make a brush set for another program, upload it, CREDIT ME, and LET ME KNOW and I'll link to it from the original Photoshop CS2 set.… <--Photoshop CS2 there.

What you see on this picture is what you get--a set of Tolkienish map stamp brushes. Except not in brush form. That's up to you.

Brushes free for use commercially, privately, basically for anything you can think of EXCEPT claiming you did it, repackaging as a set, etc. Credits and link back nice but unnecessary. If you show me what you made, of course, I do fav in my 'stuff made out of my stuff' folder. :) is my current Fantasy Map Portfolio. It is 2019 at the time of adding, a decade later, so suffice to say I'm much better than these OG brushes I made and released.
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These are actually pretty good brushes, I've decided to use them for making a map based on my fantasy story: Story of Cartanoth. I've also used brushes from the more mountains brush pack as well. 
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When I first discovered mapping, I found your brushes. I uploaded my first publicly shared map I made with them today. Link
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I used your brushes to make a map for my fantasy novel. I want to publish it and I will cite your work with link back here. Much thanks and regards, Bob
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Excellent! Thank you! Now if I can just figure out how to make a map on my phone...
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Hah, I'm not sure you can make a map on your phone. I suppose if you had a decent stylus, a program that could load brushes, and a good smartphone you might? But I've got nothing for ya.
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Cool brush set! Thank you!
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Used a few of your brushes for my world map.  Love them!…
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LOL the skull is smiling xD

Cool brushes, very useful.
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Thanks for this pack of brushes. I've used for this old fantasy style map. [link]
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they look great
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Nice! I'll use them to make some decoration for a Tolkien-related reading event we'll have in Milan next November 17th. Of course I'll credit you.
Thanks a lot for sharing,

C.R. Shelidon
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I just want you to know that I'm using your brushes to make a map for my book, and some of the names are cracking me up. I think "ascarycitything" is my favorite. Thanks a lot for making these, they are GREAT and I'll definitely show you my work when I'm done!
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Haha, yeah, I get a bit sarcastic with the naming of the files in my packs sometimes. I guess I could just name them map1, map2, etc, but... but... IT'S A SCARYCITYTHING. (shrug)

Glad you like them!
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I used one of your brush on one of my... "work". XD
But I don't know how to send you a link to it so... but there isn't so many art on my account. It's on "Fëanor's oath 3", if you are interested.

Thank you for the brushes !!!
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Thanks a million for these gorgeous babies! :kiss:
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Used here [link] Thank you!!! :)
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omg! i totally see an "Isengard" brush there!!!! that is awesome.
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Yes, there is indeed an Isengard brush in there! Nice catch!
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thanks! lol ^^; i only noticed it cuz of my little.... 'k, huge LotR obsession....
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Another map update here. Hope you like.
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Used these brushes and your mountain brushes here. Thank you for posting these.
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You're welcome, and thanks for showing me!
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