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Step by Step: Chapter 2 page 4

EDIT: I would like to appologize to the people who tried to view this last night, all 93 of you, for whom this image did not work. I've reuploaded the image. It should work now.

Fresh from the archives of Between Places comes an entirely irrelevant update: a step by step of chapter two, page four. A few people have asked me what my technique is or how my comic is done or whatever, and though I don't have screenshots of the pages I actually like, here ya go.

A step by step.

The biggest flaw in this page is perspective, I think. Especially with that stupid oval, and the snow. The snow should've been differing in size more, and that was amended in the next couple pages.

Resource credits, for those who didn't read it or want it again...

Program: Photoshop CS2.
Tablet: Wacom Graphire4
Brushes: Some are mine, some are not, in this one I used someone's tree brush in the bushes as well as some of my own bushes (which will be uploaded soon), my grass brushset (can be found in the gallery right now!) and some Chinese symbol thingummer brush. I have a section in my favs full of awesome brushes. I do not necessarily use all these in the comic, only in general the ones that do not request credit back for use. Particularly, :iconhawksmont:, whose lovely NO CREDIT NECESSARY USE IN WHATEVER brushes are just SO FREAKING USEFUL IT ISN'T EVEN FUNNY. Yes. I'm crediting. I've made frequent use of his brushes. I use brushes for things that would otherwise take forever, such as the grass, and the rocks and the bushes. Trees I sometimes use brushes for, if it's a sillohette, but I usually paint those by hand.
Textures: I have some of my own texture resources, I have some a lovely friend gave me, and I get some from I search specifically for the ones that do not demand credit. I'm horribly lazy. I do comment on the ones I download, though, especially stock art. I do not use stock art. I use textures. Grounds? Bricks? Walls? Wood? Rugs? Probably used a texture. Gabriel's scarf? Painted by hand. Hair? Painted by hand. Clothing? Usually painted entirely by hand. But if it's something rocky or whatnot, I do frequently use textures to add depth. And paint a lot by hand too. Without textures, it'd increase my time from about 8 hours per page to about 24 hours per page, and I'd not be updating three times a week.

When I mention textures, these are used as brush textures, not overlay layers or whatever. As I am a painter, having a billion brushes is my friend, and the double brush option, and the texture brush option... ah yeah.

And also...

Swatches! I've downloaded a bazillion color swatches and keep them in my Photoshop swatches thing, as I hate the color picker, but I love swatches.

So, that's my technique. Opacity sensitivity, [ and ] to change the size of my brush, alt to pick up colors, medium flow, and BRUSH SETTINGS.

I would DIE without brush settings. I don't know how I painted without them. They make my life that much easier. Okay, okay, I loved OpenCanvas too, still do, it's better at many things... snrk... but I love Photoshop's brush settings.

And once more for good measure: this was a step by step for the creation of a page of Between Places, featuring Gabriel and Falahil and dialogue that'll make no sense unless you read the whole comic, I bet!

So you should check it out, if you liked this. I'm done spamming now, thanks.
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Very interesting method, I'll try to apply it :)
calthyechild's avatar
Thanks! It's a hard method to 'apply' as such. You use the tablet on opacity pressure sensitivity most of the time, base colors underneath the pencils, all the shading on layers above the pencils. By the time it's done you should have completely removed all trace of the pencils just by covering it with ';paint'.

Thanks for reading. :D
Sefardim's avatar
I want to improve a lineart-less style, so this helps me a lot :) Thanks for sharing :D
calthyechild's avatar
Oh, hey, you're welcome. I'll try to post more specifics sometime, maybe...
Sefardim's avatar
I'm thinking on doing a tutorial about my coloring style, how to make clothe's folding shades... what do you think?
calthyechild's avatar
Sure, tutorials are always fun to look at. I love step by steps on other people's art, seeing how they evolved it.
Sefardim's avatar
;) I'll take note of it!
Snowlyn's avatar
Nice tutorial =)
DeadWizard's avatar
Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Now I know alllll your secrets!!! o.o I thought it was a good tutorial, altho I got kinda lost in all the text.. oh well. I'm slow anyway XD wait...
calthyechild's avatar
Snrk. It's okay, I was just kind of rambling so that it would make sense. Maybe.
DeadWizard's avatar
Ha, I did get the jist of it all. It was just 3 in the morning... That might have contributed...
DeadWizard's avatar
Noooo dA is broken!!! :cry: Full view plz!!!!
calthyechild's avatar
Hit the 'download' button for fullview if DA isn't loading it.
DeadWizard's avatar
Nmd, it works now.
DeadWizard's avatar
I tried that too.
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