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Nothing So Simple - Chapter 9

The cover for chapter nine of Between Places. I don't generally make a habit of doing "showing off mad art skillz" chapter covers that look nothing like the comic art... usually I go very minimalistic and lazy with my covers, in fact. This, though, looks like the comic art... if I polished it. So I figure it's okay, even if it doesn't go with the more minimalistic covers. I wanted to do a more complete, finished, polished painting since I haven't done one since After the Storm... which really has a lot in common with this picture, I think. >.>

So anyway. Saerin. Costume change. Considering I've drawn her in the same costume for most of her existence, that's kinda weird! But I like it... it fits her... and I wanted to give her a different outfit as it's a flashback.


Hope you guys like it. :)
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I adore the way you make your pictures look like... how do I say it. They look so professional, the lights are perfect, and you have such a personal style that I kinda envy you for that... in a good way :)
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This is incredible. Like, I have no words. The light is spectacular. The mountains are awesome. Saerin looks so sorrowful and alone. :( I just love it, so much.
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Man, thanks for always leaving awesome comments even when I like, never reply to anything. :D
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No probs! I've been missing in action for like years now anyway XD (ok, maybe not /years/....)
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i am truly love the way u doing the background
its realy fantastik
i would like to dp the same
people that u draw is perfect
but all u need just to be sure that u draw the right sketch base you will Reassure when u start to color and u will focus more.
so what am see here there some thing wrong with here position
i tihnk the neck is going down to the chest it shuld be above
and here Features need to fix
and i am not sure wich the thats she looking to because here lens is with defrent place
and also the eyes its looks near to each other it make me feel the face is big
u have perfect hand and eyes ur a talented
dont let some mestaiks Disable Hobby
its easy to find tutorials round for anatomy round here right ;)?

ty for howing us ur perfect artworks
see ya ^^
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Thanks! The sky, I admit, is the one part I felt a bit insecure about...
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Nice colors and textures. ^_^
How did ya make this? (what medium?)
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Photoshop CS2 and a tablet. Thanks!
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jelous :( maybe one day...
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Practice makes perfect. I've been updating a webcomic three times a week for two years. I couldn't have done it two years ago... I only can do stuff like this because I've been constantly pushing my art skills. :)
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I meant about the tablet and photoshop. ^_^
I'm not really a toonist/comic artist. It's not my calling (even if I do adore reading them).
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